*** Exterior: Parking lot. Cue in on a limo, that has just pulled in, and stopped. As the camera pulls in for a tighter shot, perhaps to see who might be getting out, it picks up the following conversation... ***

Voice 1 (male): Are you sure you want to go through with this? I mean, the last time...

Voice 2: (female) Are you kidding me? I want to go through with this more so now than ever. And if it will get you off your lazy ass, and get you back where you belong, then it is something I want more than anything else in the world.

Voice 1: Well, it is no secret I feel better than ever, but...

Voice 2: You let me worry about myself...and you will worry about yourself...OK?

Voice 1: OK...you win...for now....

***The screen goes to pictures of the current feuds looking to be settled tonight...pictures of Stonfan fight with Brimstone, Mad Dog assaulting Warlord and Blazae, Herr Commish holding back Eric Bialas, and of The Women's heated rivarlies; DeMarco breaks Dana's arm again and again...and then ends up in the Final Cut; Saxist and Triple X trade vicious saxophone shots...and Stevie Graham pins the World Champion Ice...leaving us with frozen words breaking infront of us...one after another!***






Grand Tour Wrestling Proudly Presents

In Association with: Evil INC.

***Fire works explode all over the arena as we pan through the huge audience for tonightís PPV extravaganza...where the stars of the GTW will go head to head for some of the most respected titles in the business...and to settle grudges that are long outstanding...***

Brian Papa: Welcome Everyone to Pay Per View!!!! This is the moment you have all been waiting for, as tonight, the GTW is live and ready for exciting wrestling action! Calling your matches is me, Brian Papa, and providing the color is none other than...

Tristan Crocker: Cut the crap Papa, they know why they are here, cuz itís time to get loud and time to drink beer, GTW is live on Pay Per View, and I know just as well as you, that they are here to see me, and here my ryhmes for...not so free...Tristan: Women, Women, Everywhere, whatís a man to do? Women, Women, Everywhere, Papa, you know itís true. From America to Zimbabwae, they always come my way, Cuz letís face it, I got the luck, and Papa, well, you just SUCK.

Papa: (irritated) TRISTAN!!!

Crocker: Crocker.

Papa: Well, now that you have put yourself over as the ladies man you could never hope to be with that gut...

Crocker: HEY!

Papa: Letís see some ladies who obviously WONíT be going home with you tonight...in our first match...the Womenís Battle Royale!!!

Ben Richmond: Thank you Brian. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are LIVE here in Boston, MA at the Fleetcenter for the GTW Pay Per View....ICESTORM!!! And...for our first match of the evening, we have a WOMENíS BATTLE ROYALE!!!! The only way to lose to fall over the top rope to the floor!!! And now...introducing, the first challenger...from "It donít matter" and wieghing "None of yoí damn business"...BIG BERTHA BROWN!!!!

*** The, uh, other Triple B in the business makes her way to the ring...and it looks like she has put on MORE wieght...if that was possible... ***

Crocker: DAMN!!! Look at BBB! She must be in the BEST shape of her career!

Papa: Er...that is, if by shape, you mean, the shape that she has taken from hijacking that twinkie truck...

Crocker: PAPA!!!!

Papa: Sorry...

Richmond: And the next opponent, making her way to the ring at this time...NICOLE WILSON!!!!

*** Nicole Wilson, former valet to Justin Storm and the Impact Players makes her way to the ring...and looks to be in actual great shape... ***

Papa: Now THERE is a lady in great shape...Nicole Wilson looks to be in the shape she was in when she first joined the ICW back in the day...

Crocker: Yeah...back when she was the fitness model known as...Ice...Could that be a sign? Is Womenís gold in her future?

Papa: Good question...

Crocker: Better Question...Do you think Ice knows that she used his name? And if so, does that turn him on? Do you think heíll dump Danielle for her? And if so, what are my chances with ms. Angel?

Papa: Iíd say, about One in a million.

Crocker: YES!!! I HAVE A CHANCE!!!!

Richmond: And the next challenger, making her way to the ring, The Valet of the GTW World Champion, Ice...Ms. Danielle Angel!!!!

*** The sexy Danielle Angel makes her way to the ring...to the cheers of the crowd! ***:

Papa: Well, the fans are certainly in love with Ms. Angel...and...HEY! What are you doing???

*** Crocker is holding up a HUGE sign that reads, "Hey Danielle, Dump Ice and go with me! ***

Papa: You are pathetic...

Richmond: Next, from Miami, FL, The Female Fighting Fury of CATZY!!!!

*** Fans are mixed on Catzyís entrance, but all must give it up for her guts. ***

Crocker: Now, there is a girl I wouldnít mind seeing more of...

Papa: Get your head out of your pants, Crock...

Richmond: And, from Denver, CO, valet of former GTW World Champion, Brian Blade...DANA DAVIS!!!!

*** "Brackish" by Kittie, Brian Blade's first ICW/GTW Entrance theme, loudly hits the speakers, and out walks Dana, in her new wrestling outfit of a blue and green camo women's tank-top, a pair of silver-blue leather pants, a pair of black boots and one fingerless silver-blue glove on her left hand. She walks out, shaking her head to the music and while the fans cheer her on, and then leaps over the top rope, into the ring***

Papa: Personally, if Danaís arm wasnít in a cast, sheíd be my favorite to win this whole thing!

Crocker: Yeah, how does she hope to compete like that?

Papa: You could ask the same thing of Bertha Brown...No?

Crocker: I guess...

Richmond: And finally...our MYSTERY OPPONENT!!! Making her return to the rings of GTW, and hailing from the mysterious..."DARKSIDE"...Ladies and Gentlemen....SHADOW!!!!!

Crocker: WHAT????

*** The fans are confused as the former OWNER of the GTW comes to the ring, dressed in a dark revealing bodysuit, leaving us no question that it is a woman, but wearing a DARK mask...well pertecting her identity. ***

Crocker: What is SHE doing here??? I bought the fed from her...and Iíll be damned if sheís gonna have it back!!!

Papa: Well, looks to me that she is here to wrestle...

Crocker: I donít like it Papa...this is a bad sign...last time Shadow was around, we closed our doors...remember?

Papa: Well, I donít think she had much to do with that...but anywho...here we go!!!


Papa: And this one starts...all the women in the ring very hesitant...and...HERE WE GO!!! Catzy locking up with Dana Davis early...and WHAM!!! Dana gets Catzy with a knee to the gut! Catzy is down, wind knocked out of her on that blow...as BAM!!! Nicole and Shadow seemingly on the same page with a double dropkick to Big Bertha!!!

Crocker: Yeah, but Bertha is in such great shape...she didnít even move!!!

Papa: Well, no denying that Berthaís wieght and size advantage make her an early favorite...but wait now...Dana going for a suplex on Catzy...canít quite get her up...and OH!!! Catzy reverses...and takes down Dana into an Fujiwara Armbar!!!

Crocker: The move that broke her arm!!!

Papa: Yes!!! And Catzy really has that move sinched in tight...Dana crying out in pain...if this was a submissions to win match, Catzy would of won, no doubt...but as it is...Dana is tapping, but that makes NO DIFFERENCE!!! But...OH!!! Danielle Angel makes the save for her friend Dana kicking Catzy off of her!!!

Crocker: Yeah, meanwhile, Nicole and Shadow are being thrown around by Bertha Brown!

Papa: Yes...Bertha just shrugging off the best attacks of the duo and then sending them off...and it would seem NOTHING will bring her down! Meanwhile, it would seem that Danielle has made a mistake attacking Catzy...who BAM! Kick to the gut...and OH MY!!! A spinning 3/4 turn neckbreaker!!!

Crocker: Looks like Justin Stormís move, the Raging Storm!!!

Papa: Also known to fans as the twist of fate...As it looks like that move has taken Danielle out of the picture! Catzy gets her up...and OH! Danielle thrown over the top rope...she hits the floor...and sheís done for the night!!!

Crocker: One down...

Papa: Yes...and it looks like we might have another!!! Nicole Wilson teetering on the top rope...hanging on for dear life...as Big Bertha Brown is trying to push her over...and OH!!! Dropkick to the knee of BBB by Shadow finally brings the big lady down!!! Meanwhile...Catzy has Dana Davis back up...OH! Dana, in desperation, rakes the face of Catzy!!! Catzy stumbles back but...BAM!!! OH! Dana just got floored by a dropkick by Shadow!!! Dana now in trouble...as Shadow twists her bad arm...and walks up the turnbuckles...WOW!!! Shadow walking along the top rope, showing GREAT balance...

Crocker: Eh...show off...Besides, these women should be showing us ONE thing right now...but I am not seeing it...

Papa: Watch it Crock...as WOW!!! Shadow leaps off the top rope...AND HURRICANRANAíS DANA OVER THE TOP TO THE FLOOR!!! WOW!!!!

Crocker: And she managed to stay on the apron as well...OK, that was impressive...but itís not what I am hoping to see...

Papa: I know what you are hoping to see...OH!!! Nicole and Catzy just got smashed by a double clothesline by Big Bertha Brown...Who doesnít see Shadow climbing up the top rope...and BAM!!! MISSILE DROPKICK!!!! Bertha stumbles into the ropes...AND FILES OVER THE TOP AS CATZY HAS PULLED IT DOWN!!!!

Crocker: NO!!! Bertha has been eliminated!!! She was my pick to win it all!!!

Papa: Well, now it is down to Shadow, Nicole, and Catzy...Nicole still grounded from that massive clothesline by Big Bertha, and Catzy and Shadow are both up...circling one another....And they tie up! Shadow comes away with the side headlock...but Catzy pushes her off! Shadow flies back from the ropes and BAM!!! Down she goes to the canvas with a nice Drop toe hold by Catzy!!!

Crocker: What...you mean they can wrestle??? They are more than just T&A???

Papa: I refuse to comment on that...as now Catzy goes to the ropes again...Shadow up and groggy...Catzy comes back...floatover...DDT!!! Shadow Spiked into the mat by that DDT! And Catzy...sheís going up!!! Sheís signalling...and BAM!!! She lands a MASSIVE MOONSAULT!!!

Crocker: WOW!!! Shadow is DONE!!!!

Papa: I think you might be right...As Ctazy gets her up...goes to throw her over the top...BUT WAIT!!! SHADOW GRABS ON TO THE TOP ROPE!!! SHE DIDNíT HIT THE FLOOR!!!!

Crocker: I canít believe it!!!

Papa: Catzy in disbelief as well, going to rectify that problem...but OH!!! Sheís clotheslined from behind by Nicole!!! Catzy goes down hard...and Nicole picks her back up...and BAM!!! Body Slam by the former Fitness model!!! And now...SHE WANTS A MOONSAULT!!!!

Crocker: Can she even do that???

Papa: I donít know...but looks like she is going to try...but sheís waisting too mich time...as BAM!!! OH!!! Catzy from behind nails Nicole...and Nicole crotches herself on the top rope...

Crocker: Although, that must not suck as much as it does for guys...

Papa: Er...true...I suppose...But now Catzy is turning Nicole out towards the audience...and OH MY GOD!!!! SHE JUST DID THE CATARANA TO THE FLOOR ON NICOLE!!!! NICOLE SENT FLYING TO THE FLOOR!!!

Crocker: Yes...and Cazty manages to land on the apron!!! Amazing!!!

Papa: I cannot believe the falls these women are taking...but so far, none of the eliminated women have left ringside...they ALL want to know who is the top female here in the GTW!

Crocker: Yeah...they wanna know who to take out, that is the thing...

Papa: Maybe so...as now Catzy gets back into the ring...and BAM!!! OH!!! Shadow right there, nailing Catzy with a heavy right!!! Catzy knocked back to the corner...and WHOOO!!!!! HUGE CHOP!!!

Crocker: AHHH! Stop that!!! Is she trying to ruin that perfect set of breasts???

Papa: Oh please...

Crocker: REALLY!!!

Papa: Be thankful...the attack has stopped, as now Shadow is setting Catzy on top...and sheís going to go for a Hurricanrana her herself from the top...here she goes....NO!!!! Catzy holds on...and BAM!!!! SUPERPOWERBOMB REVERSAL!!!!! BOTH WOMEN ARE DOWN!!!!!

Crocker: Címon!!! Get up, and start....like...ripping each otherís clothes off!!! Thatís what I wanna see!!!

Papa: Calm down there, Crock...Catzy starting to get back up...and it looks like she only has one thing on her mind...wait...what the...OH NO!!!! HERE COMES THAT DAMN CLOWN!!!

Crocker: Oh, you mean Maddie?

Papa: Heís coming to the ring...getting the rest of ladies to back off with his tank of nitrous....Laughing gas, folks...thatís what heís got...and heís up on the apron now, taunting Catzy!!! Catzy not amused...she rushes him...and OH!!! Maddies ducks...and shoves that gas right in her face!!! Ctazy now laughing uncontrolably...backed against the ropes...Shadow is up...sees this...charges in...WAIT!!! MADDIE PULLS DOWN THE ROPE...AND BOTH WOMEN GO CRASHING TO THE FLOOR!!!!

Crocker: Then....who is the winner???


Ben Richmond: Due to the fact that both women were elminated...this match has been considered a DRAW!!!!

Papa: Maddie now in the ring dancing like a fool...but both Shadow and Catzy are both upset...and you can tell they want to meet again to see who is best!!!

Crocker: True...and now all of the women turning to leave...WAIT!!!

Papa: WHAT THE...OH NO!!! Itís WILL LAVIN!!! And BAM!!! He just ran out from the back and clotheslined both Nicole and Big Bertha!!! Both women are down...and NO!!! Heís attacking Danielle and Dana!!! BAM!!! BIG RIGHT HAND Smashes Danielle in the face...and BAM!!! OH!!! He just bashed the cast of Dana with his fist!!! Dana down in obvious pain...and now...heís looking at Shadow!!!

Crocker: Iíd Run...

Papa: Lavin looking to go after her...But Here comes Catzy!!! Catzy charges in with a right...Lavin blocks and OH NO!!! He just sent her into the ring...WHERE MADDIE HAS AHOLD OF HER!!! Lavin still stalking after Shadow...He has her!!! Heís OH!!! Pounds her right in the chest...and LOOK! He wants to powerbomb her through our table!!!!

Crocker: Er...Iíd move...

Papa: Meanwhile...Maddie has Catzy in the ring...heís got her head...He goes to the ropes...OH MY GOD!!!! HE JUST HIT AN ACID DROP STYLE MANUVER...AND DROPPED INTO A CROSSFACE HOLD!!!!

Crocker: This is just wrong!!!!

Papa: Lavin alomst has Shadow up....BUT HERE COMES BRIAN BLADE AND ICE!!! Lavin throws Shadow aside...and rushes through the crowd to get away...but the damage has been done to poor Catzy!!! Blade and Ice helping their respective vaeltís off...as EMTís come out to help off Catzy, Bertha, and Nicole...Shadow, luckily, able to walk away on her own accord...but...wait...Maddie is STILL IN THE RING!!!

Crocker: Oh yeah...heís got a match tonight, donít he?

Papa: Umm...Crock?

Crocker: Yes?

Papa: Why did you agree to him having a match?

Crocker: I dunno. It sounded good on paper.


*** The confusing sounds of No Beat start to play...and the crowd is unsure how to react ***

Ben Richmond: This match is scheduled for one fall! Already in the ring, hailing from Amityville, weighing in at 204 pounds, Maddie the Clown!!!!

*** Maddie reaches over and swipes the mike from Richmond. ***


Maddie: Hehehe! I know that my last match was a disappointment to all who saw it...But I swear that tonight Iíll make it up to everyone. Now if youíll bring out the band of misfit losers Iím gonna kill, we can be on with it.

*** The Bluemenís music plays to cheers of the audience. ***

Maddie: Now coming to the ring, hailing from I donít care, and weighing in at...god knows what the blusers....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

***The Bluemen get into the ring as Red Rodneyís music plays to cheers, when about half way down the ramp, Rodney, not paying attention, trips on a t.v. cable and a loud snap is heard! ***

Papa: Oh god. (sighs and shakes head) I think he just broke his arm again. Canít this guy ever get a break?

Crocker: I think he just did Papa.

Papa: CROCK!!!

Maddie: Now that thereís only two of you idiots, I feel sorry for ya. But hey, dems da breaks, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!

*** Maddie throws the mike away and grabs the sledgehammer that he brought to the ring... ***


Papa: The match is on...and why in gods name does he feel itís necessary to bring a sledge hammer and a tank of laughing gas to the ringside area???

Crocker: Maybe heís just trying to beat a sense of humor into people. Hey! Heís offering The Kid a hand shake!

Papa: And The Kid is taking it! Itís not often you see a display of sportsmanship like that. The kid is accepting...GOOD LORD!!! He just broke The Kidís pinkie!

Crocker: Huh? How??? New joy buzzer perhaps?

Papa: I doubt it...The Kid is down, writhing in pain...Maddie is...jumping...Wait...OH MY GOD!!! He just broke his own pinkie!!! This guyís nuts!!!!

Crocker: The Kid just rolled out of the ring... I think he was crying!

Papa: That leaves only the Blue Monster to deal with Maddie, and quite frankly I dont think his odds look too good...meanwhile, both The Kid and Red Rodney are being attended to by the EMTís...Good Lord is this a mess!

Crocker: The Blue Monster just picked up the rubber chicken Maddie brought to the ring...both men are armed!!!

Papa: And the Monster ducks a shot from that sledge...and BAM!!! Clocked the clown with the chicken...and Maddie went down like a sack of potatoes!

Crocker: That must be a loaded rubber chicken!

Papa: Good, Maddie deserves anything he gets at this point. And Blue Monster continues to wail away at Maddie with the chicken!!!

Crocker: He should let up on that poor chicken...heís completely choking it!!!

Papa: Crock!!! Maddie rolls out of the ring and heís laughing! Blue Monster starts to slide out...BAM!!! Maddie caught him on the head with the sledge!!! Heís gotta be out!!!!

Crocker: Maddie dropped the sledge...and is going for the Laughing gas??

Papa: Heís got it and is heading towards the Monster... My God heís gassing him!!! The Monster is laughing hysterically!!!!

Crocker: Well after I hit myself with a hammer I usually need a good laugh too.

Papa: Youíve done that before?

Crocker: Erm...well...uh...Oh look!!! Maddie has the timekeepers chair!!!!

Papa: NO! I know whatís coming and the Monster does not deserve it.... no one does!!! Heís going to do that same move he did to Catzy last week!!!

Crocker: Well...he was just going to spend his entire career jobbing, so letís just call it a mercy killing? Heís got the chair set up...

Papa: Heís got Monster, theyíre both laughing hysterically...OH MY GOD!!!! He just T-boned Monster on the chair... And again!!!! Someone has to stop him!!!! My God!!! He did it a third time!!!!!

Crocker: Looks like he tired himself out....heís asking for a mike.

Maddie: Heheheheh that was fun...Too short though...hehehehehehe...

Papa: My God...I think Monster needs medical attention. The EMTís rolling the Monster out of the ring...and Maddie is still just sitting there...heís a manaic!!! Isnít there anyone who can stop this clown???

*** The lights go down...and the crowd is hushed...until they come back up and EREBUS IS IN THE RING!!!! ***

Papa: OH MY GOD!!!! ITíS EREBUS!!!!

Crocker: AHHH! What is he doing here?!?!?!?!?

Papa: I donít know...but Maddie sees this as another challenge!!! Maddie is up, grabbing the remains of the chair...and rushes towards Erebus!!! The black ninja ducks...OH!!! Spin Kick takes Maddie to the mat!!!!

Crocker: Is this a match???

Papa: I donít know...but we have a ref from the last match who didnít do anything...so why not???

Crocker: I guess...

Papa: Erebus gets Maddie back to his feet and...WHOO!!! Massive chop!!! And OH!!! Knee strike right to the gut!!! And BAM!!! Forearm to the face!!!! Maddie backed to the ropes...sent for the ride by Erebus...Who ducks down for a Back Body Drop....NO!!! Erebus telegraphing to soon...and BAM!!! Planted by a swinging DDT!!!!

Crocker: Hmm, Maddie, despite being a general homicidal idiot, does posses some in ring ability!!!

Papa: It would appear so...As Maddie now takes the upper hand, stomping away at Erebus...and OH! Places his knee right into the neck of Erebus!!!

Crocker: The Black Ninja has never faced an opponent so crazy...he maybe at a disadvantage!!!

Papa: That he might...But now heís being lifted up by Maddie and...BAM!!! Maddie suplexes him over with a butterfly suplex...but he holds on...again!!! and again!!! Triple Butterfly suplex...and now heís going up top!!!!

Crocker: I wonder what we will see next from this psycho clown!!!

Papa: Good question...Erebus looks to be out...Maddie goes up top...DIVING HEADBUTT....NO!!!! NO ONE IS HOME!!!! Maddie doesnít look to phased though...grabs the head of Erebus...Looking for a super bulldog off the top...NO!!!! WAIT!!!! Erebus holding Maddie up in that position...and OH MY GOD!!!! Sends him over the top rope!!!!

Crocker: Maddie crashing to the floor...and folks...heís still laughing!!!!

Papa: I donít believe this clown!!! That mat is more of a decoration than anything else...he really hit hard...but it doesnít seem to effect his mental state any!!!! Erebus climbs out of the ring, and rolls the mad clown back in...and....OH!!! Heís hooked in the BLACK DEATH!!!

Crocker: This is it!!! Maddie is done!!!

Papa: Yes...the ref carefully checking for a tap out...but...MADDIE IS STILL LAUGHING!!! Heís not tapping out at all!!! Itís...itís almost like he doesnít feel the pain!!!

Crocker: Well...what with that tank of laughing gas...he may of gassed himself earlier...he may not feel it!!!!

Papa: My god...I never seen anything like this...an opponent refusing to tap to the Black Death...not just refusing...but laughing in the face of it!!! Erebus is visably upset...but changes tactics...comes over to where that chair is...and OH MY GOD!!!! DRAGON SUPLEX ONTO THE CHAIR!!! HE HAS THE BRIDGE!!!



Ben Richmond: Your winner of the match, Erebus!!!!

Papa: Yes, he maybe the winner...but I think that we have just seen the birth of something here...a force so crazy, we may not be able to contain it!!!!