Wrestler's Name: Ice
Allignment: Face
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 275 lbs
Hometown: Fairbanks, Alaska
Entrance Music: "Dead Cell" by Papa Roach
Finisher: Sub Zero
Description of Finisher: X-Factor
-Deep Freeze (an X-Factor off the top rope)
-Icy Hot (a People's Elbow w/o the running)
-Arctic Chill (Superkick)
-Freezing Point (Buff Blockbuster)
-Ankle Lock
Ring Style: Technical Martial Artist
Looks: Ice is 23 years old with Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a muscular build. He wears a pair of silver cargo pants w/ black stripe down sides, no shirt, black boots, and black grappling gloves. Also, he wears silver sunglasses, a black trench coat, and a gold chain to the ring.
History: Worked in a casino for 2 years before being fired for taking some money. He then trained in an Alaskan Wrestling school for 3 years, then moved to the Mainland 48 for a while to train in a school in California. He managed to then become part of Corporate Empires, owned by the mysterious Mr. X. He left CE after a short time and moved back to Fairbanks. He is was contacted by Tristan Crocker and signed a gTw contract on it's reopening. He is obsessed with women but is currently dating the fair Danielle Angel.
Manager?: Danielle Angel
Manager's Description: Formerly Will Lavin's manager, who left TE after meeting the Frozen One.