Wrestler's Name: Homicyde
Allignment: Neutral
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 258 lbs
Hometown: Pittsburg, PA
Entrance Music: "Children of the KoRn" by KoRn
Finisher: 187
Description of Finisher: Triple Powerbomb, with the last bomb being a Last Ride
-Autopsy (puts the opponent on the top rope, grabs him by the neck and chokeslams him to the ground)
-Sharp Karate Kick
-Murder Rate (Sharpshooter)
-Implant DDT
-Running Powerbomb
-Tree of Woe Running Dropkick
Ring Style: Powerful Martial Artist
Looks: Very lean bald black man, with a silver earring in each ear. Wears a black mesh sleeveless shirt with a black vest, and black, white, and red camo pants, with a huge pair of black buckled boots. On each hand he has his hands taped in black tape, and around his neck is a silver pendent.
History: Homicyde was trained extensivly for years to get away from the streets, Homicyde could not resist the urge. Now, he wrestles to satisfy the urge to kick major ass... met Brimstone in a mutual ass-kicking, and is quite possibly the one person to ever draw with him in a bar fight. Joined the GTW for insurance to keep Brimstone out of Mr. X's hands, an operation that failed. Now he's a Corporate Empires employee looking for respect...
Manager?: Yes
Manager's Description: Corporate Empires CEO Mr. X