Won 20-Jul-2002 by Justin Storm (defeated Nightcrawler and Brion Mace)

Won 25-Jun-2002 by Brion Mace (Defeated Nightcrawler and Titanium Eagle)

Won 26-May-2002 by Nightcrawler (Defeated Eric Bialas and Ash\Maddie in a Triple Threat)

Won 28-Mar-2002 by Ash\Maddie (Defeated Eric Bialas) Won 25-Feb-2002 by Eric Bialas (Defeated Blazae)

Won 8-Jan-2002 by Blazae (Forfieted by Mad Dog)

Won 25-Nov-2001 by Mad Dog (Defeated Blazae, Warlord, Justin Storm, and The Demon)

Won 5-Oct-2001 by Justin Storm (Beat Mad Dog)

Won 9-Sept-2001 by Mad Dog (Beat Justin Storm)

Won 18-Aug-2001 by Justin Storm (Beat Thomas Stonfan for vacant title)

GTW FOLDS 24-JAN-2001 to 17-AUG-2001

Won 23-Jan-2001 by Electrik (Defeated Soul Ken)

Won 16-Jan-2001 by Soul Ken (Won Battle Royal For title)

Won 04-Dec-2000 by Poi (Defeated Captain T)

Won 30-Sept-2000 by Captain T (defeated Mad Dog)

Won 25-Aug-2000 by Mad Dog (defeated Justin Storm)

Won 16-Jul-2000 by Justin Storm (defeated Cougar & Hazavu in a triangle match)

Won 09-Jul-2000 by "The Big Wheel" John Cougar (defeated Captain T)

Won 30-Jun-2000 by Captain T (defeated Havazu)

Won 23-Jun-2000 by Havazu (defeated Da Blood for vacant title)