Wrestler's Name: "Godly" Ken Davison
Allignment: Heel
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 219 lbs
Hometown: Boston, MA
Entrance Music: "Holier than Thou" by Metallica
Finisher: Fall from Grace
Description of Finisher: Headlock into a springboard straight back and hits an inverted DDT. (Can be done off ropes, safety rails, can even be done running up a wall)
-Bouncing Godplex (Atomic Drop into a Bridging Back Suplex)
-Baseball slide to the groin
-Drop toe hold to a Mexican Surfboard
-Rolling Dragon Godplex
-Dropkick to the groin
-Moonsault DDT (does the moonsault, grabs opponent on the way down)
-Snapmare to Jump Over Neck Whip
-Chairshot to the Ass
-Rude Awakening 2000 (sets opponent seated on top rope, facing away from the ring. GKD stands on 2nd rope and grabs the back of their head, swivels his hips, and delivers a hangman's neckbreaker. Note: For announcer's purposes- It is Rick Rude's old finisher, done on the 2nd rope instead of the middle of the ring.)
-Hands of God (Iron Claw & Stomach Claw applied simultaniously)
-Rocking Horse Submission (Give Camel Clutch, leaves arms on your knees, reach back and grab legs, adding more pressure on the back and leaving opponent suspended in the air.)
-Sunset Powerbomb to the Outside (When opponent is on the apron)
-Inverted Powerbomb onto the Turnbuckle
-Asai Moonsault
-Fallen Angel (Rocker Dropper, FameAsser)
-Front Layout Godplex (AKA Reverse Godplex)
-Tornado DDT
-Spinning Falcon Arrow
-Running Tiger Bomb
Finisher Setup: Wrath of God (Tilt-a-Whirl Inverted Powerbomb)
Ring Style: Lucha/Submision
Looks: Wears a black priest's robe with a yellow and black collar. When he gets in the ring, he is wearing yellow wrestling pants with black down the middle and white lightning bolts on the sides. His boots are black and have yellow ahnks on the sides.
History: Former gTw World Heavyweight Champion...
Manager?: No
Manager's Description: N/A