Wrestler's Name: "The Future" Jason Dredd
Allignment: Heel
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 224 lbs
Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Entrance Music: "Bound for the Floor" by Local H
Finisher: Future Shock
Description of Finisher: Sleeping neckbreaker followed by a shooting star press...
- Hurricanrana
- Various Suplexes
- Superkick
- Moonsault
- Pheonix Splash
- Frog Splash
Ring Style: Technical/High Flyer
Looks: Well-built, pale skin, black hair in dread locks. Longish goatee, tattoos covering his entire body. In the ring, Dredd wears a pair of black Adidas wind pants, with a single crimson stripe down each side, along with black and silver New Balance 804's
History: Jason is the nephew of Snake Eyes, and has spent time in federations across the world. He has learned from every organization he's been in, meaning he is well versed in any manner of wrestling. His personal preference leans towards high-flying moves, of the luchadore style, and the ground-based technical attacks favored by Canadians, such as Benoit of the Harts. Other informtation will come out as the character develops.
Manager?: Yes
Manager's Description: Renee Morgan- five foot six, about a hundred and ten pounds. Attractive, but not show-stealingly so. Black hair, down to her waist, pale skin. Her eyes are grey, and she generally dresses in all black. Think of the average goth chick and you're there.