Wrestler's Name: "King of Fighters" Enrique DeMarco
Allignment: Heel
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 265 lbs
Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico
Entrance Music: None
Finisher: The Last Request
Description of Finisher: Drapes opponent over his shoulder, like he is going to power slam him.. then he jumps and delives a stunner. Also known as Tommy Dreamer's Tommy Hawk
-Diamond Dust (looks like an inverted DDT, but he sits on the top turnbuckle.. then he flips forward and slams opponent's head onto the mat)
-Various Suplexes
-Many many many submission holds
Ring Style: High Impact
Looks: dark skin, and wetted down jet black hair. Taped Fists, Hunter Green suede-ish Martial Arts pants and black boots
History: Since the close of the GTW, many expected to see DeMarco appear in another Wrestling Promotion, but instead he began to train mind and body in his quest to represent the nation of Mexico in the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai (a shoot fighting tournament held every four yars) in Japan, which he won. He was then approached by the "famous" talent agent Santino Cardente, who took offers from many fields of sport and entertainment, eventually agreeing to a contract with the GTW.

Not the same Enrique who we saw before, he is now more focused on the "art" of fighting. No sign of ego, all business.

DeMarco NEVER makes a challenge, and is NOT a rule breaker. Any challenges made come from his manager. As the "King of Fighters"
Manager?: Yes
Manager's Description: Santino Cardente.. son of reputed mafioso John Cardente. This is the guy who is really the heel.. DeMarco is not a man who is mean or evil, he just fights. Cardente wants to see his man on top of the GTW, so he will match him up against anyone who stands in his way.