Wrestler's Name: "Silent but Violent" Bruce Cornell
Allignment: Heel
Height: 6'10"
Weight: 316 lbs
Hometown: Elmira, NY
Entrance Music: "Big Truck" by Coal Chamber
Finisher: Ground Zero Driver
Description of Finisher: DVD
- Big Boot
- Powerbomb
- Head Butt
- Uppercut
- Piledriver
Ring Style: Typical Big Man Brawler
Looks: Bald with the exception of one braid at the back of his head, red boxing shorts, taped wrists/hands and feet/ankles
History: Kicked out of boxing for being too violent, Stevie Graham and Xian Xavier recruited their long time friend to add a powerhouse to the sWo while in the WWO. Held the WWO championship once, for 22 hours, held the WWCW tag team championship with XXX, has an undying loyalty to Xavier, but doesn't like to get between XXX and Graham when they feud.....DOES NOT TALK UNLESS IT"S IN A FLASH....more often than not in the past, fed prez's have had him talk...he's SILENT but violent.
Manager?: Yes
Manager's Description: Brian O'Banion