Wrestler's Name: Herr Doctor Professor Konrad von Spassverderber
Allignment: Heel - Nazi Jackboot
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 250 lbs
Hometown: Dresden, Germany
Entrance Music: Star Wars Imperial March
Finisher: Rhineland Smash
Description of Finisher: Double German Suplex into a pin
-Legsweep faceslam
-Sleeper Hold
-German Suplex
Ring Style: Technical w/combinations of submission moves and top-rope power moves.
Looks: Slicked back, short blond hair, cold blue eyes, a hard, solid face, a small mustache, wire-rimmed monocle. He wears a gray suit, white shirt and red bow tie, sharp black shoes and a pocket watch, and uses fountain pen.
History: Konrad began life in the quiet hamlet of Dresden, Germany. He was an avid wrestler in his youth and did well in local and collegiate tournaments. He was a genius and his academic interest was history. He got his doctorate in history at the age of 22 and landed a professorship at the University at Bonn shortly after. He decided to continue wrestling as a past-time at Bonn and actually placed third at the German Nationals. Someone in the ICW happened to be there for other reasons, but found he liked the style of Konrad and gave him a lucrative offer. Deciding that he should engage in non-academic activities while still young, Konrad accepted and is now part of a tag team with the Union Ninja the Axis. He had a part-time position at the University of Illinois, Chicago while in the area. After winning the Championship and Tag Team titles, the later dubiously with Trevor Longley, he decided to return to teaching full time in Germany. Recently he had a press conference after meeting with GTW owner Tristan Crocker. Konrad has become more disciplined after his time in the motherland, and developed an interest in Nazi history.
Manager?: No
Manager's Description: N/A