Wrestler's Name: Brimstone
Allignment: Heel
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 282 lbs
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Entrance Music: "Conflict" by Disturbed
Finisher: Brimstunner
Description of Finisher: Stone Cold Stunner (On special occasions, he does this from the top rope. Opponent is on the top rope, Brimstone is on the top rope. Grabs opponents head and jumps off the top rope landing in a Stunner.)
-Cradle Suplex
-Reverse Suplex
-Lou Thez Press w/ Punching
-Dragon Sleeper
-Mudhole Stomping
-Brainbuster DDT
-Kneeling Powerbomb
Ring Style: Sadistic
Looks: Light black man, muscular build, dredlocks, gotee. Wears black leather pants, plain solid black vest, black steel-toed boots. Carries a pretty long chain to the ring and has a pair of brass knuckles in his left side pants pocket.
History: Went around from bar to bar beating the crap out of people, and finally desided that if he was going to beat people up he'd get paid for it so he joined the UOWN. Arrived in the UOWN with a manager by the name of Mr. X, and in about a month and a half Brimstone got tired of X and kicked him to the curb. X was never seen or heard from again. Brimstone had a month and a half long feud with a guy by the name of Erebus which Brimstone ultimatly won in the end. In the time that Brimstone was feuding with Erebus he captured his 1st Hardcore title which he was very proud of and went around making blind challenges to anybody that would except. Finally after going threw Nate Essex, Samir Ali, and Guy Montang a true opponent came along by the name of Thomas Stonfan. Meeting Stonfan in the ring for the 1st time wouild not be the last for this sparked a feud that never really died, just got put aside after awhile, but anyway, these 2 hated each other passing the Hardcore title back and fourth for many months until Stonfan finally got the best of Brimstone in a cage match were Stonfan laid waste to Brimstone with a baseball bat. Brimstone held the Hardcore title on 3 seperate occasions. While Stonfan was busy defending the Hardcore title, instead of going after him, Brimstone wanted bigger gold, so he went for the Online title. He got 1 title shot which he was screwed out of by a guy named Alex Arrogance. Screwing Brimstone wasn't smart as Arrogance would learn later. But before Arrogance would learn Brimstone screwed him out of his Online title which didn't really make Arrogance that emotional. As a matter of fact Arrogance thanked Brimstone. Strange. But anyway, Brimstone then got a match against the International champion Devil. Brimstone got screwed by Devil's brother Deadopool, which Deadpool later paid for. Brimstone got a rematch for the International title and won. After all this Alex Arrogance came into the picture again. The 2 of them had an International title match in the last ever UOWN event. Brimstone won becoming the LAST ever International champion in the UOWN. Brimstone's body count for the UOWN, in no particular order: Electrik, Nate Essex, Samir Ali, Guy Montang, Erebus, Thomas Stonfan, Mr. X, Justin Sane, Heartless John (ended his career), Deadpool, Devil, Alex Arrogance, Blacklight, and I'm sure there's more but I can't think of any right now. In the mean time, Brimstone's GTW body count: who knows, could be you.
Manager?: No
Manager's Description: N/A