Wrestler's Name: Blazae
Allignment: Neutral
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 200 lbs
Hometown: Miami, FL
Entrance Music: "God Bless the Dead" by 2-Pac
Finisher: Blazae Bomb
Description of Finisher: A diving powerbomb into a rolling pin
-Bear Hug Front Spinebuster
-Super kick
-Evenflow DDT
-Low Down
-Double Ankle Lock (w/Warlord)
Ring Style: Hardcore
Looks: A ghetto looking man, with various scars on his body, that somehow makes him resemble Booker T... and he dresses like a gangsta.
History: Former DJ from Miami and has been incarcerated for assault with a weapon, and on officers numerous times. Somehow managed to skate by with only a few months each time, due to some great lawyers.
Manager?: Yes
Manager's Description: Catzy