Wrestler's Name: Blacklight
Allignment: Neutral
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 235 lbs
Hometown: The Darkside
Entrance Music: "Ministry", the old, old, old UT theme
Finisher: Tombstone Piledriver
Description of Finisher: It's a Piledriver where the opponent is driven into the mat between his knees.
-Spin Kick
-Northen Lights Suplex
-Rolling Thunder
-2 Star Frog Splash (A frog splash... without the frog)
-Blacklightinator (Extended jumping back kick into chair, aka. VanDaminator)
Ring Style: Rob Van Dam style... need I say more...
Looks: Looks like a permently wasted RVD...you know, dark singlet, long hair, kick pads, boots, look of "huh" on his face 24-7...
History: Jobber who has had several gimmicks prior to this, and due to his excessive drug use, is pretty brain dead...has been using the Blacklight gimmick in both GTW and UOWN so much that he doesn't know any better anymore...
Manager?: No
Manager's Description: N/A