We cut to a simple hotel room in Boston, Massachusettes. The room is painted a simple white, with a few small paintings on the walls. The one King bed is unkept, with a black suitcase next to it. On the room's couch is a telling sign of the room's occupant... The UWA International Championship. Then again, to figure out that this particular room was Riona Langly's, you would only have to look on the floor of the room, as prototypes for PCW merchandise line it, along with the usual series of tapes that she probably has spent all night studying. The distinctive sounds of someone brushing thier teeth could be heard from the sink area, and the reflection of Riona's black hair could be seen in the mirror. After a noticeable spit, Riona's voice could be heard.

Riona: You better not be filming yet... I wouldn't want you to end up like my last camera-person

The camera quickly cuts off at this, because they had heard that Riona's last camera crew was reassigned to work for Hell's Guardian, well, once he recovered from receiving the Unjust Sanctity at Anarchy in the UK. We cut to the same apartment at a later time, with Riona in center focus of the camera... her attire is different than usual, with a black shirt on with a giant star in the middle. We can't see her pants, but we can only assume it's her usual black cargo jeans and black and red Reeboks.

Riona: I just don't understand camera crews... I swear, they have to be the only people in the world to actually be on time for something. When I tell you guys to be here at 4:30, I don't expect you to be here until 4:45. But, I guess camera crews are just different nowadays... But, I didn't call you guys here just to complain about your timeliness. No, I called you here because apparantly, I'm booked for the upcoming AJWF card, to defend my newly won UWA International Championship against Donyell Carter.

Riona flashes a trademarked smirk as she thinks about what she is about to say.

Riona: Before I begin, I suppose I should explain myself to these new viewers in the American Justice Wrestling Federation, because if I don't, the fans that might actually cheer for me will just jeer me out of the building for being an invader. Then again, I'm pretty sure I'll get jeered anyway, just because that's what people like to do to me. It's either jeer me or ignore me... at least if the crowd hates me, they care enough about me TO hate me. But, I'm digressing from the point... and that point being that I am Riona Langly, and the AJWF is about to witness the Portait of Excellence on Friday night, when I face Donyell Carter for this title on my shoulder.

Taking a small moment to heft the title and shine it up slightly, Riona smiles.

Riona: Donyell, I had the opprotunity to witness your speech yesterday, through the miracle of closed circuit TV. I swear, if it hadn't have been so short, it would have been the perfect cure for insomnia. But, enough of the jokes about your "serious" nature, let's get the point, something I never am able to do. You talked about being at your best, both mentally and physically, for this match. Well, I got news for you Donyell... that's exactly what you're going to need to even keep up with The Prodigy. I'm not like one of your usual opponents... I'm not a human punching bag like Don Mega, a glorified gnat like Callista, or an attempt to create a human highlight reel like Lisa Lorenzo. Ask Athena, she'll tell you exactly the force of nature you are about to deal with on Friday night. This isn't something you'll find in AJWF... or in BWF, aWe, or hell, if I wasn't in it, PCW. No Donyell, you're going to meet this week the most unique wrestler you will ever face, and no matter how much you attempt to prepare for it, you are not going to be able to handle it, trust me right now.

Riona grins and points to a notebook on top of her bag... the camera zooms in, and it shows, with thier names crossed off "Adriana Garcia", "Randall Moran", "Warwolf", "The Huntress", "Desire"... and it shows that Donyell's name is next on that list.

Riona: Donyell Carter, look at those names... Every single name on that list has held championship... EVERY SINGLE ONE... In fact, I count 4 former World Champions on there. Do you even comprehend what you've been assigned to do? You've been assigned to represent the AJWF, and for the record, I have no qualms about saying that you were the perfect representative for them to pick. Anyway, you've been given the task of trying to defeat me, a wrestler that has gone undefeated since returning from the assult of a moron back in Feburary. In this task, you've built yourself up, even gone to the lengths of watching some of my past matches, which I give you your due for doing. But, if you had watched those tapes as long and as hard as your bravado seems to claim, you wouldn't be so happy to be facing me. Your nerve would have bottomed out from seeing the giant Warwolf lifted up and hit with the Bomb Dropper ReMix... your desire would have been snuffed out from seeing Randall Moran, 2 time PCW World Heavyweight Champion, lying face first in a pool of his own blood... and your fire would have been extinguished after watching me utterly decimate Adriana Garcia in HER match. Donyell, you're not ready, I can see it in your eyes... You can put up all the show of bravado you want, but yet it means nothing, because I see that small amount of doubt that is just dripping down your face like a bead of sweat. Remember, to quote someone you know very well, Real Eyes Realise Real Lies. And these real eyes... they see the real you. And the real you? He just is not ready for this kind of opprotunity...

Shaking her head at having to quote Lisa again, Riona takes a moment to breathe and drink a glass of water on the end-table before continuing.

Riona: Donyell, you wish to talk about being a technical genius... And that I only think I am what I claim to be: The greatest technician alive. Well, I'm going to deflate your little balloon of hope that you've built up... There is no trainer on this earth, and if you want to question me you can ask him yourself because I got his cell phone number, better than The Sayvior. None, end of story, you do not have to say a word about who trained you, because I ask you this? Did he hold over 15 different championships spanning 5 federations... in only 6 years of being pro? What, did I hear you say... NO? Well, that's good, you're learning. Brian Blade is the best technician I have ever met, and you know the scary thought? I saw him while I was traveling Europe with PCW, and after watching me against The Huntress in London, you know what he told me? Well, of course you don't, but I'm gonna let you in on this... He told me, "Riona... it's killing me even telling you this... but you're now even better than I am." Yep, as far as being a technician, the student has surpassed the master. And that Donyell, should make you VERY scared. But, go on, be delusional if you'd like... just think that I'll overlook someone because they're bigger and stronger than me. Go on, just go on thinking that I'll take you lightly... And then watch Carter, as it all comes crashing down on you Friday night.

Riona: Donyell Carter, the American Justice Wrestling Federation has put you in a tough spot... They've put you in the path of greatness. And in the eyes of this beholder, you have but one option...

Riona grins and looks away from the camera for a moment, taking another sip of her water... and then looks back at it with a glare that could melt mountains.

Riona: MOVE.

Riona stands up, with her title, and walks off to get ready for some press conference, as we Fade... To... Black...