We turn on as we see the International Terminal at JFK Airport in New York, New York, with an red and white airplane taking off from the runway beyond the glass.  In the reflection, we see the faint image of Riona Langly, PCW superstar, Number 1 Contender to the PCW World Championship, and one of the 4 contenders for the UWA International Championship at Hardcore Harvest.  She's looking more than a little jet-lagged, from the small details we could see on her visage.  Her clothes are very messy from the long cross country flight, and her hair is flatter and duller than usual.

Riona: Stop staring at the planes and look at me damnit... I'm tired, jet-lagged to all Hell, and I just want to get this over so I can get back to my room and sleep before I wrestle tommorow night.  You can look at all the pretty planes later, got that?

The camera turns around very shakily, and the image of Riona just looks a little angrier in reality than as a reflection.

Riona: Hardcore Harvest... the first show of the Unified Wrestling Alliance, where 1 great federation and 3 mediocre ones converge upon Madison Square Garden to compete in front of fans of all 4 promotions.  Dreams will be crushed, and others will be fufilled.  Contracts will be signed, and others broken.  And above all else, Riona Langly will, as usual, defeat her opponents and leave her eternal mark on this event.  It's all DESTINY really... Much like I will soon become the PCW World Champion, the UWA International Championship will soon have a beautiful name-plate reading "Riona Langly."  I mean, where's the real competition in this match?  A never-was ego-freak, a midcarder in the shell of a main eventer, and a whiny little bitch who I've already beaten once this month.  It's as someone once said... Enivitable.

Riona: First, before I get into the real competition, let me talk about you Kerry.  See, I was unlucky enough to have the UWA send me your tape while I was in England for Anarchy, and seeing it nearly caused me to wreck my hotel room worse than the 1998 US Olympic Hockey Team.  I haven't heard such a blatent misogynist since... Jimmy Ultros.  I mean, your little Vegas adventure you described at the time made me think of a new painful manuever JUST for you, one that'll make the Devolution look like a bodyslam.  Then, after I cooled down and made poor little Athena submit in England, I went and researched you.  What did I find Kerry?  I found that you're not even worth the trouble... I mean, you're just about the most generic wrestler alive.  I've seen you in action in aWe, and all you are is a poser... That's right, you're a technical poser.  Your "talent" in wrestling extends as far as chinlocks and uppercuts...

Riona chuckles slightly as she remembers something, the passer-bys behind her occasionally mugging for the camera

Riona: Looking back at myself just a few days ago Kerry, I can't help but laugh.  I got myself worked up and ready to kill someone over what you said... But really, in the great ocean of eternity, you're not even a molecule.  I mean, promising to inflict pain and suffering upon the champion?  Promising to take thier existance and make it cease to be?  Promising redemption for years of standing in the shadows of others?  I said all of those things 6 months ago... To Lisa Lorenzo.  I hate repeating myself, but Kerry... You don't have an original bone in your body, and trust me when I say this... at Hardcore Harvest, you're going to become outclassed.  You're going to be exposed as a fraud, and I can't wait to see the look on your eyes when that truth hits you like the proverbial sack of bricks.  Remember, as that bitch Lisa used to say alot... Real Eyes Realise Real Lies, and these eyes?  They already know, not think, but know, that you're a failure waiting to happen.  You're not going to beat DeathSun, and you're sure as Hell not going to beat me or the other two sacks of crap in the ring.

The Prodigy sighs as she thinks about the state of aWe, which used to be so interesting, being brought down by someone so incredibly unoriginal and bland as Kerry Shock.

Riona: Then again Kerry, you're not the only unoriginal character in this match... Nope, you share that distinction with Desire.  Desire, I should have respect for you... I mean, you're another in the ranks of female World Champions.  In fact, you've won the 2 different World Titles, which brings you to a plateu higher than that of Lisa, Athena, or Alexis.  But, what do I see when I look into you?  I see another Adriana Garcia... I see someone so incredibly generic that I could plug another high-flying "extreme" girl, and really, I wouldn't even notice.  For that matter, I doubt that any of the fans would notice either...  I mean, honestly, do you think that a "CA-RAZY" punk-girl that flies around gets people to care?  No, they don't... which is why you've got to have some sense of balance.  I can fly around, don't get me wrong... I was trained by one of the greatest American high-fliers around.  But, I don't, because people notice me more for my technical abilities than they would if I jumped off of high stuff and kicked things... like a certain LoCo we know.

As usual, when mentioning her, Riona's eyes show a little bit of a focus... She wants to face Lisa someday, and it seems like Lorenzo doesn't have the same conviction.

Riona: Desire, let's cut to the chase here... You've won World Titles in 2 different promotions... That's great, I'm really happy for you.  But, let's see all the World Champions that I've taken down in my time employed by PCW?  Randall Moran, Warwolf, The Huntress... I'm on a path to DESTINY, and it seems like the suits in charge just want to keep throwing people with status in my way.  You Desire, you've got more status than those three combined, so it's gonna look great on my record when you tap out to the Painkiller.  That's right, I'm not gonna bother making you feel the BDR... It looks alot better if I make someone tap... and you're gonna tap, and tap, and tap, and tap... and then, you'll realize why I am The Prodigy, and I'm just better than you.

With a grin, Riona begins to tap her pant leg, fake tears coming down her face as she talks about Desire tapping out.

Riona: And lastly on the victim's list is our good friend Athena Onasis, otherwise known as The Huntress.  Now, I know she's still healing after the ungoldly thrashing I gave her in England, but honestly, what did she expect?  She went into Anarchy with a divided heart... she didn't care about the match with the kind of devotion that I did going into it.  No, what she cared about was shacking up with Jimmie Jamm Montrose.  Don't fucking deny it Athena, you damn well know it's true.  And now, you're suddenly refocused?  Bullshit... You're the same Athena Onasis that I defeated in England.  The same whiny, whimpering little bitch that didn't even have the decency to end the match correctly.  No Athena, you had to go and pass out on me...  You really are pathetic, blaming your problems on wrestling a submission match earlier in the week.  Bullshit, I wrestled 3 nights in a row, against the same opponent, in Texas Deathmatches.  I was sore, tired, and yet I went out there and competed with all my heart, fucking the consequences along the way.

The presence of the camera crew has caused a bit of a stir, along with Riona's rather loud swearing spree... but, it doesn't seem to bother the girl one bit, as she just continues, moving side-to-side in the circle created by the crowd.

Riona: Athena, you think that just because you're healed up that you can win against someone that made a fool of you?  You're fooling yourself Athena.  You were outclassed in England, and even if you're feeling better, the same will happen here.  You say you want the UWA International Championship?  You certainly don't show it... no, you show as much drive for this title as you did to become Number 1 Contender.  Athena, everyone's eyes tell a different story... In Kerry's eyes, I see nothing but a tube of hot air.  I see his aura of impressive-ness is just smoke and mirrors, and he's as much of a technical wrestler as Warwolf.  In Desire's eyes, I see enivitbiliy... She knows that her time is coming, and she's only now waiting for it.  Athena?  In your eyes, I see a lack of devotion... I see you out here only because you're being paid to do so.  Well, I told Adriana this before I kicked her ass at Dark Impact... If you don't want to be here, get the fuck out.  The people that give a shit about this life want to be around those that care.  They want to be around people that consistantly want to grow in thier abilities... They don't want to be around someone who seems stuck in a time-loop, never changing in thier style, and never adapting to the fact thier her little boytoy has found someone else.  Athena, you've got to learn 1 thing... you have to give up.  You have to know, not fear, know when it's time to leave this to those that live this business... And that time has come Athena.

Riona looks at her watch and points to it, mouthing the words "Tick Tock, Tick Tock" as she takes a small pause to collect her finishing thoughts.

Riona: 3 names, all with different abilities, strengths, weaknesses, careers... They are all different in the past, in the present, and in the future.  But, there is one thing that connects them all.  And that is that they have been all placed in the path of greatness... And in the eyes of THIS beholder, they have one option...

The girl motions to the crowd to split, and once they do, she walks off... before coming back to the camera with a smirk on her face.

Riona: MOVE.

Riona turns back around and walks through the hole in the quickly dispersing crowd, with the cameraman losing her in the small chaos... Thus, we Fade... To... Black...