Real Name: Riona Evelyn Langly
Ring Name: "The Prodigy" Riona Langly
Date Of Birth: July 23, 1977
Current Residence: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Place Of Birth: Buffalo, New York


Height: 5'9"
Weight: 144 pounds
Build: Riona's recently slimmed down a bit, but her frame is still built in a gymnast's style; Slim, slender and well maintained.
Hair Color: Natural raven black hair and red bangs
Hair Style: Recently cut to be shoulder-length, but still free.
Eye Color: Previously was emerald green, but they were, to the surprise of many that knew her well enough, contact lenses.  She's had laser eye surgery during her time off, thus allowing for her natural light blue eyes to shine.
Skin Texture: Surprisingly tan for someone who spends a lot of time in the dark watching wrestling tapes.
Tattoos: A black and red yin-yang tattoo at the back of her neck.


Upper Body: A blue, shiny tanktop with a black net top overtop of it.
Lower Body: A pair of black leather pants with one leg cut off all the way to her thigh, where in fact, alot of the bottom half of that polls at her leg. On both sides of the pants there are silver and blue streaks going down the leg vertically.
Footwear: A pair of black and silver Reeboks.
Other: Black fingerless gloves; Black bracelet which hangs loose on her left wrist with silver studs around it; Silver chain around her neck with an inscription plate on the back from Brian Blade saying, "Remember, you're my Prodigy... Don't fuck up."

Out Of Ring Attire: Riona tends to be VERY casual in her dress style, opting for a t-shirt, jeans, and her classic Reeboks for most ocassions. However, you can often times also see her in a series of different hockey jerseys, including her own hockey jersey from PCW. Riona despises getting dressed up for special events, and has rarely been seen in a dress. She's never seen without her silver necklace, because of the inscription from Brian Blade on the back.


Alignment: Neutral
Entrance Music: "Possession" by OTEP

El Genero Entrance:
A soft pinging noise is heard throughout the arena as the house lights begin to flicker. The lights go out completely after a few moments as a slow guitar riff starts, punctuated by huge bass drum beats. A woman's voice comes over the speakers, speaking in a low tone.

Sing to me my muses...
Lost in the hot cyclops anarchy...
Possession, invention
Blood, blood...

Spirits, spirits...

Spirits, spirits come, come...

The drum beats get faster, and the woman's voice gets louder...

Where will these visions lead?
How far dare I go?
Where will this song take me?...

Silver sparks shower down from the entrance ramp and a woman slowly walks out into them. The woman's black dreadlocks, dyed red at the front, cover her face, but she suddenly tosses her head back and throws her arms out to the side in a crucifix position as silver fireworks shoot off from the ramp in front of her. Riona calmly steps out of the firework shower, an evil grin on her face as she walks down to the ring... She slides in and points out to the crowd, in hate or appriciation we don't know, and then begins to stretch in her corner...


Wrestling Style: Primarily a mat-based technician, Riona wrestles almost with a machine-like quality in the ring. Efficiently, Riona tends to always target a body part from the get go, usually the neck or leg, and attack it constantly. If she has to, Riona can fly and hit people with blunt objects, but perfers to play it her way in the ring.

Common Moves:
General: Spike DDT, Running Enziguri, Reverse Facelock Backbreaker, Tiger Suplex, Dragon Suplex, Reverse DDT, Low Leg Kicks, Knee Clip, Running Knee To The Head, European Uppercut, Corner Elbows to the Back, Back-to-Back Neckbreaker, Facebuster, Roundhouse Kick, Vertical Suplex Facebuster, Sunset Flip Powerbomb, Shining Wizard.

Submission: Boston Crab, Camel Clutch, Figure 4 Leg Lock, Leg Sissors Chicken Wing, Leg Sissors Full Nelson, Fujiwawa Armbar, Indian Deathlock, Elevated Surfboard, Chinlock Surfboard.

Aerial: Diving Elbow Drop, Guilloten Leg Drop, 2nd Rope Elbow Drop, Moonsault Frog Splash.

Signature Moves:
1. Bomb Dropper - Places the opponent into a front facelock and twists her body around to end up in the Ace Crusher position, where she pulls down on the head to send the opponent in a face first dive into the mat.
2. The Death Bed - Bow and Arrow Lock with the opponent's legs crossed.
3. Whiplash - Springboard Tornado DDT.
4. 5th Round Sleeper - Swinging Sleeper Drop.
5. Reality Check - Surprise Superkick right to the jaw. Usually used as a counter or a desperation move instead of something done for offensive purposes.
6. Cyclonic Skies - 180 Springboard Tornado Moonsault

Signature Setups:
1. Bomb Dropper - Usually it's a simple boot to the gut.  Since Riona doesn't do the silly arms out taunt while holding it, it's usually a quick and fluid motion.
2. The Death Bed - Something that gets the opponent face-down on the mat, usually a facebuster or the Whiplash.
3. Whiplash - Something to get the opponent groggy in the middle of the ring, such as a simple boot to the gut or a jawbreaker.
4. 5th Round Sleeper - Used a reverse to the opponent, often times when they make a mistaken clothesline.
5. Reality Check - No set-up, just a surprise move.
6. Cyclonic Skies - Used after the Whiplash.

1. Bomb Dropper ReMix - Riona grabs her opponent in a reverse front facelock. She then hooks her free arm under the opponent and lifts them at a 45 degree angle. To finish, she then drops the arm holding her opponent and swings it outward as she falls forward, taking the opponent with her as she falls onto her back with his opponent´s head cradled against her shoulder, much like the position for an Ace Crusher/Diamond Cutter, but at a sick angle. (Primary)
2. Painkiller - To begin, Riona gets her opponent prone on the mat, then takes their left arm and tucks it behind her own head. From there, he hooks her right arm over their back and around the front of their face, reaching out and linking her hands over the victim's face and cranking back. (Secondary)
3. Devolution - Riona doubles her opponent over, and then lifts them up for a piledriver. Langley steps over her opponent's arms, locking them behind the opponent with her legs. She then drops to a kneeling position, leaning back slightly, and drives her opponent's head, neck, and upper shoulders to the mat. (Last Resort)

Finisher Setups:
1. Bomb Dropper ReMix - Riona usually catches the person in the BDR after a mistake of thiers, such as a missed corner splash or clothesline. However, if she's dominating the match, her favorite way to get them into the move is to pull her opponent's hair, kick thier knees out from under them, and then lift them quickly.
2. Painkiller - Once again, like the BDR, the move is usually applied after a missed clotheline or punch.
3. Devolution - Any ol' boot to the gut to double over the opponent will get them into the position to be hit with the Devolution.


Friends & Enemies:
Current Allies: Jack Frost, Brian Blade, Ledge, Nightmare, Wild Chylde.
Current Enemies: Lisa Lorenzo, Jimmy Ultros, Protean, Laney Miller.
Debuted Nationally: May 2003 - ESW Supremacy
Current Federation: N/A
Previous Federations: ESW, CCW, HiC, PCW, BTWF, ACW.
Title History:
- PCW World Heavyweight Champion
- UWA International Champion
- ACW Tempest Champion
- BTWF NeoFighters Champion