We calmly cue into focus as we see an ordinary living room. Trinkets of every shape, size, and color seem to dot the room, as if it was a collector's hall more than just a living room. And then, as we look at one of the trinkets, we realize that we are in a collector's hall. The reason we know it's a trophy room as well as being a living room? Well, the fact that there's alot of fucking trophies lying about in the room. We also, thanks to a small bit of reasoning, know that this room must be in the Philadelphia home of Riona Langly. Why the Phily home and not the Buffalo one? Well, it's pretty simple actually. See, Riona's normal abode in Buffalo has a different type of trophy room. Thanks to all the space that that particular villa provides, Riona keeps her wrestling possessions and achievement awards there. Here, in Phily, she only really keeps her volleyball awards.

Anyway, we see that this particular room is fairly busy at the moment. At the foot of the stairs leading to the 2nd floor master bedroom, there's a suitcase that looks pretty damn full. On the couch is another bag that looks to have some fairly different clothes for Riona if the black pair of cut-offs hanging out of it is any indication. However, we're distracted from that particular detail from the soft pounding of feet coming downstairs. And, lo and behold, it is the lady of the household herself, Riona Langly. Wearing... ok, she's wearing her normal attire, which is, for those that don't pay attention: Riona Langly PCW Hockey Jersey, black cargo jeans, and her Reeboks that she has yet to really see any promotional money from. Maybe she should switch to Adidas...

Anyway, here's Riona now. Under her right arm is another, smaller bag and she's got a backpack on her shoulder. Judging by the looks of the bags, I'd say they were full of junk food and snacks, but what do I know, I'm just a narrator. Riona looks to the camera, and presumably Spike, and scowls for a moment.

::Riona:: Yeah, I'm sorry that you got called over in such short notice. Not really my fault. Didn't know Dustin was planning this little shindig, and I felt like I should give you something to do before I left.

Riona walks over to the sofa and drops the pair of bags onto it.

::Riona:: Before I go into Corey, I wanna address something to The Icon. Dude, think what you want about me being declared unable to compete, because it really doesn't matter. If you want to think that that one incident shows that men are better than women in all ways, then fine. If you want to just go ahead and say fuck it all and think about Murdock, that's your choice. I'm not happy about not wrestling you this week. I wanted to get into the ring and smash your pudgy little nose in for all the shit you were spewing last week, but it didn't happen. You talk about me not having any courage to compete against you with the effects of the Tabasco sauce? I don't call what I did cowardice, I call it smart. You're Johnny Lugo, the Number 1 Contender to the PHW World's Heavyweight Championship. You're really fucking good, and a win over you would have propelled me up both the rankings here at PHW but also in the eyes of the fans. So, this match was alot more important that you probably realized. I said it a few seconds ago, you're the Number 1 Contender. That means you're really, really damn good... or really fucking persistent, but that's neither here or there. Anyway, you've got talent, and to prove myself against you would have taken me at 100% I still could have won in the condition I was in, but it wouldn't have been impressive at all. This business is about attention, and I'd have gotten alot more from mauling you at 100% instead of just beating you at 75%. There, I've said it... You wanna get pissy about it, fine. I'll see you again down the line, and I'll show you why you should have been glad that I skipped out.

Taking a moment to breath, Riona swipes a few strands of her raven black hair out of her face and turns back to the camera.

::Riona:: Of course, I wouldn't of skipped out at all if it hadn't of been for Corey and WKMF.  So maybe I was a bit impulsive about my actions last week.  I probably shouldn't of gone and Pearl Harbor'd you in such a way, but for that moment, it felt damn good.  Even after you left me in an embarrassing little heap on the floor, I don't regret what I did.  Even though it cost me a chance to face off against the Number One Contender, it still gained me a little self-satisfaction in the fact that I made my point.  Remember, this business is all about attention.  A brilliant wrestler who does nothing of note outside the ring may never get the attention that they deserve.  While a Hollywood suckbag like yourself will get the focus of the world because you go out and fuck everyone up for your own enjoyment.  I did what I needed to in order to get your attention.  Challenging you didn't work, so I had to go off and just smack you upside the head with it for you to even notice me.  It worked, so I guess I shouldn't lament on the fact that I was probably a bit too angry and yelling when I smacked you with that can.  I can lament on why I did it though.

With a bit of a sigh, Riona shifts her position so she's leaning against the back of the couch.

::Riona:: See, I know I said that I was avenging Enika when I hit you.  And yes, that's the majority of the reason why your head met the can.  It really didn't come across very well how utterly and majorly pissed off I was when you did that.  I said it in my promos, and I took my frustration out on The Nymph, but honestly, if you watched me, you wouldn't have noticed it too much.  Now, I'm just gonna spew some venom out.  After all, I got nothing to hold back anymore.  I got what I wanted, which is you in that ring at Infamy.  So, here we go...

::Riona:: That can hit your face for a number of reasons.  As I said, the first was Enika and how you broke her nose.  I know you all celebrated and had one big happy fucking party over it.  I'll admit, she shouldn't have been in the ring in the first place.  That was her mistake, and she knows that by now.  I've talked to her enough about it... But, what WKMF did was a little excessive.  She's untrained and unprepared to take something like a Vern Michaels superkick.  Why would you honestly attack someone who can't fight back?  Does it make you feel like more of a big-shot to slap, or in that case, boot a girl in the face?  You want to take revenge out on Dustin for leaving Misty and following his heart, then attack him.  Don't attack Enika.  If you want to attack a girl close to Dustin, why not attack me?  I'm in his stable, I'm basically family since I'd with Adam, and it might make him take notice.  Plus, I could take it.  I'm not invincible, far from it.  I've had broken bones, I've bled buckets, I've been taken to more hospitals than I can remember.  Hell, I was nearly killed by Jimmy Ultros...

Suddenly, Riona gets a bad taste in her mouth and runs to the bathroom.  A few seconds she comes back out.

::Riona:: Sorry about that, every time I think of the man a little part of me wants to vomit uncontrollably.  Anyway, I've been beaten up before, so I could take it and it would make the same kind of impact.  But, you attacked my best friend.  Thus, you pissed me off... And then you went about 6 steps further than that.  In one night, you and WKMF attempted to retire, and in one case you did, 3 superstars that increased my pissed off righteous female avenger level to levels I hadn't of dreamed of.  First it was Silvio.  He's the hardcore champion, he can take it, right?  Sure, in a regular match, he could take that.  In a 1-on-1 affair, he could easily handle you.  Not in a 3-on-1 assault like you thought was necessary.  It's true that I don't know Silvio very well, but he is in Exit Music, and we look after our own.

::Riona:: Then, you went and did what you did to Iman Sain.  I can't claim to know the man at all, but honestly, that was fucking overkill.  You take away his livelihood, his source of income, and his career for what?  Seriously, what reason did you have to go so far overboard.  A piece of metal that says US Championship on it?  If you want that so badly, buy a replica online, I'll give you a few websites I know for some deals.  We Kill Mother Fuckers... real classy name to fit you three.

::Riona:: Then, you try and put a hole through Dustin's neck.  Seriously, you need some anger management, because this is absurd.  He left Misty for Enika, big fucking dealio.  Misty's life is ruined?  Who knows what would have happened?  Why delay what could have been the inevitable.  Dustin followed his heart, and if we're good people, that's all we ever should be trying to attain.  I followed my heart and it led me to wrestling.  I got told I'd never make it in the business, and here I am, wrestling on a national level against someone who has claimed numerous victims not named Lisa Seldon over the years.

After a few moments of thought, Riona suddenly realizes something.

::Riona:: Before you throw back in my face, BTW, that I've never beating Lisa either, I know that very well.  Then again, I never faced her one-on-one, so the point that you could have made against me is null and void.  Find something else to pick on me about, since you obviously don't know me at all.  You think that I care about getting men to pay for stuff?  I'm a very well off girl, with a boyfriend about as equally well off.  I don't need Adam to pay for anything of mine.  If he wants to, he can, oh well, I don't follow the same codes of proper behavior that Jack does.  And for the record, I was picked first in baseball alot.  I was captain of the volleyball team and got constantly barraged with requests to join the softball team.  Don't try and make the truth into an insult Corey, it just doesn't work...

A slight buzzing is heard from Riona's pocket.  She looks at the number and sighs.

::Riona::  And THAT would be Dustin calling to tell me that his driver should be coming in 5 minutes to take me to the airport, so let's finish this up, ok?  I'm gonna need your help in loading this shit up Spike.

A thumbs up is given by Riona's cameraman.

::Riona:: Corey, I know you don't take me seriously.  You're a big-shot former actor who's been in the business for a very long time, while I'm a neophyte with about 2 and a half years of professional experience.  It still doesn't change the fact that you've driven yourself into the Path of Greatness.  Nor does it remove the truth that in the eyes of this beholder, you've got one option...

Reaching over the couch, Riona slings her pack over her shoulder once more.

::Riona:: MOVE

With that, Riona grabs another bag and heads out the door, as we Fade... To... Black.