A lonely bar in Austin, Texas... There are many people around, all of them enjoying the company of the equally miserable around them. There's a businessman trying to flirt with bartender... he's been thrown out by his wife for the third time this week. The only reason they're together is the sex and money. Sitting next to him is a fat trucker... He's had about 10 beers too many, and looks to be incredibly smashed. If it were not for the businessman to catch him and break the fall, there would be no surviving his collaspe off the stool. I don't think he would care, being that he was laid off and knows nothing but trucking... In the corner is a girl, eyeing the businessman with a hungry look in her eye... Her clothes are practically painted on, and if one were to look, you could see faint scars from the incredible amount of surgery she's gone through to look as good as she does. However, no matter how beautiful she looks, there's a certain lack of a soul in her face... as if she's only living for the moment and wants more. However, these little dramas are not what our concern is... no, our concern is sitting in a booth, a small shot in front of her.

Our target is PCW World Heavyweight Champion and the UWA International Champion, "The Prodigy" Riona Langly... The shot seems to have been sitting there for some time, with the girl in question not really looking interested in drinking. Her forehead is bandaged a little heavily from the baseball bat shot to the head that Erika D'Laney gave her in FWC, and there are still bruises from her match and beatdown at Collision Course on her face. Overall, she's not exactly a Picture of Perfection.

Riona: I wasn't expecting you to see me like this, but I suppose I'll have to do this now before I head to San Antonio. I've got a few people to talk about, so let's start with the Drama Queens. First, we have Laney... and I'm honestly sick of constantly hearing about how I'm doing things I don't understand. Laney, why don't you do me a favor and just stay the fuck out of my business with Lisa? This started between me and her, and I don't give a fuck about your sub-dom relationship... All I care about when it comes to LoCo is getting the 1.. 2.. 3 on her. I don't care about anything else, and I don't give a fuck about you. I thought I would be nice and give you a title shot to satisfy that hole in my career that was a loss to you, but fuck it, I don't care about you enough to worry about it. You want to protect Lisa? From what I say... from what? I know I said back in HiC that I wished for her blood, but in reality, even now when she's ruined the greatest moment of my life, all I wish is for the humiliation that washed over me last week be dealt back to Lorenzo 10 fold. Laney, I'm asking you, you and the other Lorenzo-ites... just stay the fuck out of my business. I'm not going to cripple her, and I won't kill her. I just want to finally close that chapter on Lisa in my life and move on...

Riona chuckles softly, realizing how many times she's said that... and picks up her shot... only to but it back down.

Riona: Lisa, I'll give you credit... The way you Pearl Harbor'd me at Collision Course was a stroke of brilliance. You picked the perfect time to set me up for a beautiful letdown. I'm in the intermission of the Riona Langly Dominination Unification Tour 2004, and you take me out with the Picture of Perfection, leaving me unable to finish what I started by beating Ledge. If you were a moron, you could almost appriciate it. But, Lisa, I have to say that the whole 'challenge me while I'm down' thing? Way too corny... But, oh well, what's done is done and there's nothing I can do about it... except show up in FWC and respond. Oh, and since I know you're watching this right now, that icepack on your head will need to be taken off every few minutes or else the point of impact will be extremely numb and it'll REALLY hurt when it becomes active again. Anywho, Lisa, if you really want to know what I think of you, there's about 10,000 hours of footage out there about me hating your guts, so let's not repeat things, kay? Let's just say that I'll see you at this little shindig of yours, and that when it's all over, you're the one that's gonna be on the mat, looking up at the stars and dreaming of being with them in thier glory. Goodnight Lisa, sweet dreams, and tell whoever you're sleeping with tonight to be gentle, ok? OK.

Riona's lips curl into a small smile as she realizes how much she's probably gonna get it from the SiD for that little remark... Maybe it's time she placed a call. But, that's for later, as she takes another glance at the camera.

Riona: It's funny how much people seem to forget history these days, isn't it Randall? I mean, I saw you a night or so ago, and you were talking as though we've never met. But, let me enlighten you Moran... We fought on July 15th, we fought in YOUR kind of match... No-DQ, Falls Count Anywhere. And guess what Moran? I won... beat you fair and square with that bitch Lisa and Alexis Sykes looking on. So, 3 months later, what has changed so much that you would think that you even have a chance man? Is it the vague references about cards just littered in your promo? Hardly man, I'm a good poker player too... After all, the eyes of this beholder are stone cold in the face of adversity and all that jazz. Is the jail setting supposed to scare me? I spent a night or two in jail 3 years ago for, of all things, being too animated when I complained about not being paid for the night. Maybe Randall, it's the fact that I should be afraid of a new and improved Randall Moran, one who is all "serious" about his chances of winning one of the two titles around my waist. Bullshit man, just plain bullshit. You haven't the chance in hell of taking what's mine, and you fucking know it man. You're bullshitting the camera with your hardened expression, but I know better. I know what lurks beneath your eyes... And you know what that is? That's the simple fact that you do not give a shit about wrestling.

With a frown upon her face, Riona continues, almost looking ready to drink the shot.

Riona: Randall, despite all your claims to the ladder, I know you... remember, I spend hours and hours watching footage after all. And through that exterior beats the heart of a former champion who is out there every week because they have fun. Nothing more, nothing less. Seems resonable, after all, if you hate your job, then of course you're not going to be in it. But Randall, you take things to the next level man. You spend all your time hanging and lounging around, not taking any opponent seriously, because that would ruin your image. After all, why show an opponent that you're preparing for them when you can hang around and make vague jokes about my "desire" to screw you? Oh, and for the record, I'm not interested, so continue to have fun with Judy, ok? Anyway Randall, you show nothing that says you care, so why should I? Because I'm better than you, that's why.

Riona: You spent alot of time talking about destiny... I'm going to spare the audience a lecture on it, because if people really want to know what I think about it, there's about 50,000 tapes of footage spanning 4 federations with me talking about destiny and what it means to me. I'll just skip to the point... Randall, destiny is ever-changing, and in my case, unless the world were to change so drastically that hardened minds would crack, I'll never achieve it in my lifetime. There, I said it, are you happy? As much bravdo I've had in the past about the subject, and you've just gotten me to open up and reveal that Destiny will not happen for me to see it. So, why continue working towards that goal? Simply, because it's the right thing to do... I'm not trying to become a female martyr here, a beacon of hope and inspiration for all female wrestlers. No, I'm trying to, and achieving at, making my career mean something. If it goes down in the record books that Riona Langly broke down the remaining walls of sexual discrimination, then somewhere in the afterlife, I will smile. But, that's for a time when I won't be wrestling you... When I won't be wrestling anything except the pain and torment that'll eat away at my body until I fall into a deep sleep forever. And honestly, destiny is meant to evolve, so don't try and play that card on me. A year and a half ago, in ESW, I made it known to the world that it was my destiny to be the greatest Women's Champion of all time... A real wrestler as the champ, not some floozy or psychopath. And where did I end up? I ended up before you, PCW World's Heavyweight Champion, and you Randall, were one of the names that fell before me on my quest to hold this title.

With a small smirk, as she remembers crushing Randall's face into the steel chair to win the match, Riona continues.

Riona: Randy Moran, you've got the worst luck in the world. That's right, your luck just plain sucks, and you know why? Because, for the second time in 4 months, you've been placed on the worst spot your career could be... Yep, you've been put smack dab in the middle of the path of greatness... And in the eyes of this beholder, you have but one option...

Riona stares at the camera, smiling as she waits for her mental cue to finish the promo...

Riona: MOVE.

Riona stands up, grabs her ACW leather jacket and walks off... We focus in on the still full shot glass as we Fade... To... Black...