We cut to Buffalo, New York, where initially, all we see is a basement... However, knowing who lives in Buffalo, we know exactly who's house this has to be. It doesn't exactly shroud the mystery as we see walls dozens of shelves, all filled with black tape cases, along with pictures lining the top of those shelves of Riona Langly's career... There are about 13 shelves in total, with a space on each one for a picture... Some are highlights, such as when Riona won her first match, or a picture of her and Brian Blade. Others, however, are low-lights, like a bloody picture of her after being attacked by Jimmy Ultros, or being thrown out of the ring by Lisa Lorenzo in ESW. However, on the last shelf, there's a blank frame...

Riona: Take a picture, because that sight will not remain like that for very long.

We turn quickly and see the, for once, smiling face of Riona Langly. She's in a rather normal outfit for wearing around the house... a black tanktop and a blue pair of jeans, with her feet bare. Her hair is a little ruffled, as if, probably, she fell asleep on the beanbag chair that is in front of her TV, which as usual for Riona, is surrounded by VHS tapes and open tape cases.

Riona: I'm guessing that you're wondering why that particular frame is empty, right? I'll get to that later, but first, I've got to adress Ms. Laney Miller. Before anyone jumps to conclusions, I'm not going to whine or complain about losing. I'm not going to bitch about having another match halfway across the country against a man a foot taller than me. I'm not going to complain about being out of my element in the smaller aWe rings... No, because truely those reasons don't cover up the fact that for the first time since January of this year, Riona Langly was pinned. And for that fact Laney, I give you all the credit in the world. In fact, I give you more than just all the credit in the world... I'll give you a little reward. See, this Sunday at Collision Course, DESTINY awaits me as I not only face Ledge for the PCW World Championship, but also will face, after winning PCW's World Championship, either DeathSun or Duncan Aires to unify the two titles. Now, I know you would have watched this anyway... You're associated with those Self-Inflicted Drama Queens, and thus have to as a rule of induction hate my guts for hating Lisa Lorenzo. But, I'm gonna give you another reason to watch... See, I don't like leaving loose ends, and currently, losing to you is a loose end that I want to tie up. But, I also know that in your mind, you're thinking "Why should I bother? I've beaten her, something that Jacob Seldon never did..." Well, how about an incentive... like the Unified PCW/aWe Championship. That's right Laney, I put it on my honor as The Prodigy that WHEN I win at Collision Course, you've got a shot. But, too bad it's only a shot... I know you now Laney, and I know where I went wrong last week, and I know, not think, but know that there will be nothing to stop me from tying up that loose end called Laney Miller.

Riona grins a bit as she picks up her UWA International Championship, and hefts it onto her shoulder.

Riona: But, y'know what... That's for later, because there are more pressing matters to deal with than just another Drama Queen. This title on my shoulder, it means alot to me. It shows to the whole world that I am not just another female wrestler wanting to make it big, but that I have everything needed to take what's mine. When I was announced to be up for this title, it immediately became mine. Sure, Huntress and Desire had the same claim, but when it came down to proving who was right, thier ambitions of holding this title were flushed down the toilet, and I now hold this beautiful example and leather and gold... But, even though this championship is incredible, it pales in comparison to what lies in front of me. DeathSun, Duncan Aires, and yes, even you Nick... You've all found yourselves in a precarious position, because come Sunday, I will Take What's Mine.

Taking a small moment to heft the title on her shoulder and drop it on the beanbag chair at her feet, Riona walks over to the picture of her, a crimson mask covering her face after taking a brutal assult from Jimmy Ultros on March 4th, 2004.

Riona: This picture, right here, probably represents the lowest my career has ever fallen. For those that don't know, this picture was taken of me after I had been attacked by that rich pussy Jimmy Ultros and his brainless wonder Bruno Krong, and they put me through Hell. He brutalized me with a steel chair, put me through a car windshield, and was about to damn near kill me until my best friend and closest confidant Jack Frost, along with Timothy Murphy, an Irish friend of mine that I should check up on, were able to make it to my rescue. After that day, I spent 3 months sitting at home, awaiting a redemption that would never come. But, my now-dead issue with Jimmy Ultros, and it is dead because the greatest revenge I can get on him is to do what I am gonna do this Sunday, isn't what I'm pointing out this picture for. No, why I'm pointing out this picture is because on that date, March 4th, 2004, I entered into a friendship with one Nicolas Ledgerwood. Well, not on THAT day, since for a week I was stuck in a coma, but that was the day that sparked this tale. See, Nick saw the sheer absurdity of what Jimmy and Bruno were doing, and ended up on Jack's "team" of sorts against Ultros and Krong. That "team" eventually became the majority of Obituary, but that's for another day... See, this isn't about Jonothan, Jimmy, Bruno, Tim, Ryan, or even Jack... No, Nick, this is about you.

With a hint of sadness on her face, Riona plops down onto the beanbag at her feet, taking the UWA International Championship and absent-mindedly tapping it.

Riona: Nick, I want something to be very clear to you... You told me that you would do anything to keep your title, just so you could shove it in DeathSun's face. Well, I have news for you Nick... If you honestly expected me to keep our match clean, you're dead wrong. See, you told me that title around your waist means alot? Nick, to me, that title is the culmination of MY life. Everything I've worked for is leading up to what you hold, and as soon as you pinned Jimmie Jamm Montrose in London, I knew that the quest for the title had become a little less clear. See, if Montrose had somehow managed to defeat you, then when I fought him, I would have held nothing back. I would have done anything to win that belt, to be given that small piece of immortality. But, then the ref's hand hit the mat for a third time, and plans changed. Despite everything I've said before, I couldn't fuck with your head like I was gonna do to Jimmie's... I couldn't hurt you Nick. You're too close of a friend... BUT, that didn't mean I wanted that title any less. It just meant that I was gonna do things the fair way. That was, until you laid down the guantlet in your last promo. You're gonna do anything you can to keep your title Nick? Well, I'm gonna do anything I can to take it from you.

Sighing visibly, Riona looks at the picture of herself on the mat, bloody...

Riona: Nick, I know you love me... I know that I can't return those feelings, at least, not right now. I know that you care about your title, and your grudge with DeathSun. So, I don't expect you to hold back on Sunday... But, look me in the eyes as you watch this Nick. What do you see? Determination, with a hint of sadness. I saw you on TV, and what did I see? I saw eyes that are lost and confused... I saw that deep within your soul, there's a conflict between your heart and your brain, and for this moment, your brain is winning. But, I know the human soul, I've fucked with it enough to know how it works Nick... Once I step through those ropes on Sunday, try and think the same way. Those eyes of yours Nick, they're telling lies... and to quote Lisa Lorenzo, because I like to piss her off by quoting her so much, Real Eyes Realise Real Lies. My eyes have seen through you Nick... And I've seen that you're scared... so very scared. You don't want to lose this title, but your heart wants me to win. That's right, your heart wants me to bask in the glory of victory and the halls of the immortal, because you care for me. This match is a Shakespearean drama come to life, and the ending is in my head as I speak to you. See, when I win on Sunday, I know you... I know that once the three count has been given and I am the Undisputed Unified PCW/aWe World Champion, I know that you'll be there for me. And I'll be glad to have you there... Remember, regardless of what I'm going to do this Sunday, we are and will always be friends... and possibly more someday.

Riona: Duncan Aires, DeathSun? They don't matter... they're just footnotes on the aWe, a gasp of freedom before they get sacrificed to the alter of DESTINY. Whoever wins that match will fall, and fall hard, to Riona Langly... But Nick? You're different, and you know it... See that last picture frame, the empty one? That's reserved for this Sunday, as I hold both the aWe and PCW World Championships in the air, and hopefully you'll be right there next to me. Remember, it wasn't me that put you in the path of greatness, but it is me who's tell you that in the eyes of this beholder, you have one option:

Riona grins and looks away from the camera for a moment, taking a look at her UWA gold... and then looks back at it with a glare that could melt mountains.

Riona: MOVE.

Riona stands up, with her title, and walks off to get ready for the plane trip to Seattle, as we Fade... To... Black...