The picture opens as we see Big Ben, looming over London in the distance... The weather is typical English fare... The skies are dark, and there's a bit of a chill in the air. Nothing to wear a parka over, but enough for someone to wear a jacket. And because she's so sensible, that's exactly what Riona Langly is doing as she sits at a tea house, enjoying the small cup of herbal goodness in front of her. Besides the simple black jacket, Riona is wearing a Prodigy 1 basketball jersey (available on PCWShopArena for only $19.99! Order NOWWWWWWW!), a black pair of loose jeans, and her usual Reeboks. She takes one look at the camera and sighs.

Riona: Before I talk about Anarchy in the UK, because I know people are dying to know what I feel about The Huntress, I've got to address Evan Lancaster's lack of manhood. See Evan, a real man wouldn't have had his partner at ringside... a real man wouldn't have had thier partner attack thier opponent with the ref down... a real man would have been man enough to go out there and fight thier own battles, even with the knowledge that your title reign was about to become a fleeting moment in history. But Evan, you did none of those things... and I guess that makes you less of a man than I am. Go ahead and enjoy your title reign Evan, because your actions last week proved to me one thing... In the eyes of this beholder, you're not worth the effort to win a belt you have eternally stained with your cowardess. No, why bother proving to the world that I'M better than you when I've got a date with fate on Sunday night.

Riona takes a small sip of her tea as she reaches down into her bag and pulls out a picture of The Huntress, Athena Onasis.

Riona: Athena, let's talk for a moment, heart to heart. See, this week, in front of some of the greatest wrestling fans in the world... Notice how I said wrestling fans, and not entertainment fans. These people treat me with respect when I'm out there... No bullshit "Show your Tits" or "BORING" chants from these people, because they appriciate wrestling... Anyway, this week Athena, the two of us meet to decide the who is rightfully the Number 1 Contender to the PCW World Heavyweight Championship. But Athena, it seems as though you have other reasons for wanting that status... You're not here to become World Champion, you're here to salvage your relationship with Jimmie Jamm Montrose... You're here to figure out why Tamara Christopher looks so much like you, and yes, even I admit that the resemblance is remarkable. But Athena, before you do all that, you might want to focus on me. I'm Riona Langly, I'm the Prodigy, and after Anarchy in the UK this Sunday, I will have my opprotunity to prove that I'm a better World Champion then you could EVER be.

Riona sighs a bit as she remembers what she was planning to say, and knowing her and her trips down memory lane, it's gonna be a long speech.

Riona: Athena, you have no idea how much it would have meant to me, up to the time of your arrival in PCW, to face you in the middle of the ring in a fair and honest match. As I was traveling the indies before I signed with ESW, wrestling in gyms and bingo halls in front of the fans that would always end up turning on me, I heard reports of a female wrestler named The Huntress winning the AJWF World Heavyweight Championship... Now, I didn't know anything about you or the events in your reign, all I knew is that a female wrestler had climbed the ladder of success and became recognized as the greatest wrestler in the World. It was something that kept me going, because, even without knowing you or what you were about, your status became a goal to me Athena. I wanted to prove that I could be the best in the industry too... Unlike with Lisa Lorenzo, I saw you as a woman that deserved the World Title. Then again, I didn't know you... I just knew what I wanted to know about you.

With a frown on her face, Riona takes another sip of tea to calm herself down before she were to make even more of a scene than she already was.

Riona: But Athena, the truth is always more painful than fiction... See, I had placed you on a platau that was created only to crumble when I read up on you a few weeks ago. See, I never wanted to know the real you... I wanted my fantasy... I wanted my strong woman who destroyed the gender barriers. And what did I discover as I saw you showed your face in PCW on Friday the 13th? I didn't see the champion I envisioned... No, I saw before me a weak-willed, wimpering little bitch who can't handle the fact that her boyfriend likes someone that looks just like her, that's who I saw. With that vision, all the trophies and medals your name had brought to mind all became rusted and worthless. You became just another girl in my eyes... and at that point, I finally decided to read up on you Athena. I knew that with you being here, and your status as a former World Champion still intact, that somebody in management would have the brilliant idea to put the two of us against each other. So, like with every other opponent I face, I decided to study them and thier habits... and after watching your reign as the standard bearer for the AJWF, I discovered that Lisa made a better World Champion than you. At least her title reign was only partially ruined by her devotion to someone else, and I got to see her ass get kicked by Thunderwolf, which was very cool, despite how much I loathe the man. But, you Athena... nothing... I saw a boring soap opera between someone stuck up his father's ass, a has-been with no right to be in the hunt for any title, much less the World Title, and you, a sad, pathetic little girl who was way over thier head when it came to holding a promotion on thier shoulders. You were no World Champion Athena... all you were was a fraud that was good at one thing: keeping the truth from reaching the eyes of the AJWF audience. Well, as Lisa would say, and I'll continue to say until she goes crazy, Real Eyes Realise Real Lies. And these Real Eyes Athena? They've seen who you really are... and this Sunday, I'll expose you for the illusionist you are, as I make my way to DESTINY.

With that, Riona takes the picture of The Huntress and tears it in half, tossing the parts over the balcony she's sitting on. She takes another sip of her tea, and then smiles slightly.

Riona: Speaking of DESTINY, I suppose I should talk about the PCW World Heavyweight Championship match this Sunday, and respond to the critics about what I said about this match in my last promotional video. First, let's talk about you Jimmie Jamm Montrose... I have to say Jimbo, that you were impressive defeating Ledge two weeks ago on Madness. Though, that doesn't mean for one bit that I'll stop talking about you as if you were a stuck-up daddy's boy who only got his title shot because his daddy was calling the shots in PCW. You have yet to prove to me since winning the title that you deserve it... Let's look at all your matches since June 28th, when you somehow lucked yourself into winning that 20 pounds of gold on your shoulders. First, you fought against Suicyde, who was a punk-ass little bitch with no talent, and his partner Victor Paradise, a sexist pig with no talent, in a tag match with your trophy girlfriend beside you. No sweat, notice how neither Suicyde or Victor is still in PCW? They just weren't up to snuff to even compete here... Next, you beat Ledge in a handicap match, where yours truely was sick with the flu... Big deal, two people beat one, doesn't prove anything. Then, you defeated Randall Moran. Now, should I be impressed that you defeated someone with as much status as Randall has? Nope, I did the same thing 3 weeks earlier, so let's try again to see if you've done anything impressive as champion... What's this? You and Tamara managed to defeat two rookies the same week I was making a fool of Warwolf? It's like you're not even trying to be impressive anymore... And then, suddenly, you manage to defeat Ledge fairly cleanly. I'm not going to make excuses for him, he can do that on his own... But seriously, you've impressed me once in the 2 months that the PCW World Heavyweight Championship has been sitting on your shoulder. Are you a paper champion? Absolutely... if Nick doesn't finish you off on Sunday, then after I dispose of your ex, I'll be the one to do the job Jimmie. You better pray that Ledge wins... because, you don't want to see what will happen when we face off in the middle of the ring.

Riona takes another sip of her tea and smiles...

Riona: Nick, I know you're still probably upset at my rather frank comments last week... But, in all your darkness and shattered reality, you failed to see where I was coming from. I'm not calling you a political bastard, far from it... I'm calling Tyler Nicks a political bastard. I'm calling Dr. Victor Montrose a political bastard. I'm calling Jimmie Jamm Montrose a lucky recipient of politics... You, I'm saying that backstage politics has favored you. Nothing more, nothing less... Nick, you know me. Sure, I may not be who you want me to be, but deep down inside, you should have known that outside of just a quick jab at your reputation for being a goofball, I would never verbally abuse you. I'm rooting for you Nick... Despite the fact that we all know where the title is going, I want to take it off of you, not Jimbo. With you, I'd expect a clean, fair match between two friends where I'd walk out the winner... With Jimbo, I'd expect for him to use every tactic to delay the inevitable. Just remember Nick, that should you win on Sunday, I'll be there... That night, it'll be to celebrate with you... And the next night? Well, I'll be there to persue the title you'll now have around your waist. Just because you're my friend doesn't mean that you're not in the path of DESTINY... It just means that I wouldn't go out of my way to destroy your career like I would with Jimbo.

Riona: The future is certain... This Sunday, Athena Onasis will be standing in the way of greatness. And in the eyes of this beholder, she has one option...

Taking one last sip of her tea, Riona grabs her bags and begins to pack her things, while staring directly at the camera.

Riona: MOVE.

With a look of focus on her face, Riona grabs her bag and leaves to pay for the tea, as we Fade... To... Black...