The camera turns on as we see Riona Langly standing in front of an old Spanish cathedral... Her raven black hair is pulled back into a long braid, and for once, she's not wearing any wrestling merchandise. Instead, she's wearing a plain black t-shirt and a pair of dark-blue jeans over her usual pair of Reeboks. In her right hand is a bottle of Coke, and she's staring in wonderment at the building in front of her.

Riona: If there is one good thing about traveling Europe with PCW, it is that I get to see where Western civilization began it's history. I can stand back and just marvel at the accomplishments and achievements that our forefathers have created. I've seen the Greek temples to the Gods, standing tall and mighty to all those that enter them. I've seen great castles and fortresses to the kings and queens of the middle ages, acting as a visual aide to thier absolute power. I've seen the Tower of London, the most feared place in all of England, where those that attempt to use power foolhardedly will be punished severely. And then, I've seen the Coliseum, where the greatest battles known to mankind were fought in front of thousands of screaming fans. That, Evan Lancaster, is our history... And yet, it's still being written, because this week, history will be made once more.

Riona turns away from the cathedral with a small smirk on her face as she takes a sip of her coke.

Riona: It's really a shame Evan... I've been keeping an eye on you for a while now, mainly because I enjoy seeing someone that actually can proudly be known as a true technician. You hold that title with pride, honor, and single-handedly have made it one of the most respected titles in not just PCW, but in the world. And, had Nightmare had any sort of business sense, he would know that pitting Recoil against the Epitome of Perfection is something that he could make alot of money off of. However, Jonothan Wehali's strong suit isn't business, so he's decided to tear apart a potential money match and give it to the people for free tommorow night. And Evan, you can be as confident as you want, that doesn't matter... What matters is that you will be stepping into the ring with the Picture of Excellence, and I'm not going to promise... I'm going to guarentee that The Prodigy will be walking out of Spain as the new PCW Technician's Champion.

The Prodigy frowns a bit as she finishes off her Coke and tosses it into a nearby recycling bin.

Evan, don't blame me here... I didn't ask for a shot at the Technician's Championship, and frankly, it's not something that I desire too greatly. I don't need a big gold belt TELLING people I'm the best Technician around, because, frankly, I do that anyway. No Evan, if you want to blame anyone for the premature demise of your title reign, blame Jonothan Wehali. See, this takes me WAY back to when I was first negotiating to join PCW... It's kinda ironic really. See, my contract with High Impact Competition had been a short term deal, only 6 months before they would see me for renewal. And, during the time I was injured due to Jimmy Ultros' assult on me, I became friends with Jonothan through my tag team partner at the time, Jack Frost. Jonothan started to negotiate for me to join PCW once I was cleared to wrestle again, since HiC was starting to look more and more like the Titanic at the time. Now, this is where it gets fun. See, around the same time as he opened up negotiations with me, he came out and announced that he would be creating the PCW Technician's Championship. Now, this seems a little fishy, doesn't it? Jonothan's in negotiations with one of the greatest technical wrestlers alive, and he suddenly creates a championship JUST for technical wrestlers? My, he wouldn't be trying to bribe me into joining, now would he? No, Nightmare would never do such a thing for a former member of The Final Chapter... Oh well, what's done is done and a title that was born to be worn on my shoulder will finally come to me. It's just a shame that it's not what I truely want, and Jonothan knows that.

Once again, Riona sighs as she thinks about Anarchy in the UK...

Riona: Evan Lancaster, you're just a pawn in management's sick game of nepotism... We have Dr. Victor Montrose, our great commish, and what do you know? His son is the World Champion. Then we have Tyler Nicks, our new GM... and hey, isn't his best friend Nick Ledgerwood? All fucking politics, that's what this bullshit is. Management is playing games with us Evan... They're using the Technician's Championship to keep me away from the World Heavyweight Championship, and DESTINY. They know me... They know that despite that title on your shoulder not being the one I desire, I live to win, and I will not just throw the match to keep myself from being entangled in a division that will keep me from the top. I'm in a catch-22 Evan Lancaster, and it's a shame that you're the one who's being used as a sacrifice in thier little political bullshit game.

There's a hint of a bitter tone in her voice as she continues to rant about this match.

Riona: Evan Lancaster, I know you're wrestling twice tommorow night, and I give you all the credit in the world for wanting to be a double champion. But, you've got to remember that while you're facing Dumbface and Jestina, two raw talents, that you can't get injured. It's not fair to deny these Spanish fans, the ones that have paid good money and have been very hospitable to the PCW and it's stars... not that you would know that since you're not traveling with us. Anyway, these fans, the ones that have accepted me as a true athelete, unlike American fans that still expect me to strip for them and roll around pulling people's hair, they expect to see one of the best matches they have ever seen. I'm expecting that while victory for The Prodigy is assured, that this match will be something I haven't experienced in a long time. It will be fun... See, pounding on overweight gorillas like Warwolf, exchanging chairshots with Randall Moran, and absolutely demolishing Adriana Garcia... Those matches haven't been fun. They've almost been a chore... But you Evan... you wrestle like me. You're a Technician, and dueling with someone over a leglock or a front-face lock, that's what gives me joy out there. Anybody can hit another human being with a steel chair and get respect... Anyone can pound on a worthless example of a brawler and get respect... But few in this world can keep the audience entertained while battling over a chinlock, and you're one of those people Evan. This match, I'm looking forward to it despite all the bullshit politics backstage, and I hope you're at your best for it... Because I will be.

Riona turns back to the cathedral and looks at it again.

Riona: See this cathedral Evan? This giant structure built in reverence to the worship of God? To me, that's what technical wrestling is. Unfortunately, your title isn't the great building that I want to own. But, this week Evan Lancaster, you're still going to face The Prodigy, and The Prodigy doesn't lose. Blame management for throwing an immovable wall of talent in the way of your ball if you want, sacrificed to The Picture of Excellence, The Epitome of Perfection, all in the hopes of keeping me out of the World Heavyweight Championship picture. Two things they want... They want me to lose, and kill my momentum. Or, they want me to win and be shuffled out of what I truely desire. I told you Evan, I don't lose... So, you've now found yourself in the path of greatness... and in the eyes of this beholder, you have one option.

Riona begins to walk into the cathedral, and then stops and turns her head back to the camera.

Riona: MOVE.

The Prodigy turns back to the cathedral and walks inside as we Fade... To... Black...