The camera turns on to see the Olympic Torch in Athens, Greece in the distance... Because we are standing on a mountaintop overlooking the classic city.  The sky for this day is absolutely clear and free, a gentle blue that invites calm and relaxing thoughts... Until one of the many planes passes overhead.  In the city below, faint sounds of traffic and construction could be heard, but overall it seemed like a peaceful relaxing day in the city down below.  On this mountain-top we see PCW Superstar Riona Langly, in a black pair of jeans, an OLD OLD Brian Blade UOWN Motocross jersey, and her usual Reeboks.  She takes a deep breath as she looks over the marvelous city.

Riona: In just a few days, this city will be alive with the spirit of competition... People from across the globe will be here to watch as athletes from thier contries vie to bring thier home countries honor and respect among the other nations of the world.  However, that is for Friday at the grand Olympic Stadium.  For us superstars in Premier Championship Wrestling, it is the same old story of dishonor and the lack of respect that we strive to achieve every week it seems.  But, enough of my musings, it seems that I've got an animal to tame this week, don't I?  

Riona takes a small step towards the city in front of her...

Riona: Warwolf, I want you to listen to me very closely.  I'll try and use small words just so you can understand me, but if I don't, then I'm sorry.  Do you see this marvel in front of me Wolfy?  It's amazing to just stare at how great it looks...  And I'm sure that the athletes crossing over the city in planes just like the one passing over my head right now are thinking the same things as I am.  They see the beauty of the city now... but, after Friday, for 99% of the athletes coming to Athens for the Summer Games, this city will suddenly become dark and scornful with the thousands of shattered hopes and lost dreams.  All that these people have worked for 4 years to obtain will be blown away like the sands of time.  And for the short time that the brightest torch in the world is burning bright above this city, it'll be the darkest place on Earth because of the crushed spirits of those that have come to compete.  And truely, Athens will become a City of Lost Dreams.

With a bit of a chuckle, Riona turns to the camera and takes a step away from the cliff...

Kinda reminds me of you Warwolf... For years it seems you have been howling at whoever could carry you to the top of the headlines in PCW... You've howled your anger at Randall Moran, Subtrafuge, Victor Montrose, Ledge, and now, our World Champion Jimmie Jamm Montrose.  You cry out for respect, whining that you should get your opprotunities.  But Warwolf, when are you going to grow the fuck up?  You've been given your chances at greatness before, and yet all you've done with those coutnless opprontunities is half-ass it and rely on what you know.  Now, I admit, what little you know is enough to pass by most people.  You know how to smash things with your big fists, and to throw people to the ground hard.  That's great for someone that wants to try out for the Olympic Games, but Warwolf, this is Premier Championship WRESTLING.  That means you actually have to know the difference between an armbar and a leglock, something you seem to be sorely missing inside that great head of yours.

Riona smirks as she realizes the next question people were going to ask.

Riona: Now, before you ask me, yes, I know that Warwolf was once PCW World Heavyweight Champion.  But, what did he really DO as World Champion?  I mean, all it seemed like he did was win the title by a fluke and then drop it right back to Randall Moran as soon as he got his rematch.  Most people say it was Randall's knowledge of Warwolf, since the beast is so predictable that even a toddler could figure out what he will do next.  I tend to think of a different reason... Warwolf, I've gone over the footage of your victory and subsequent title loss, and I noticed something while you were doing your usual routine of hollering and screaming during your inane entrance.  You were afraid... You were afraid Warwolf that because you now were the Premier Championship WRESTLING World Heavyweight Champion.  Yuo were afraid that because you now were the one that had to carry the banner of being a great WRESTLER.  You were terrified, Warwolf, of being shown up as fraud in front of thousands in the arena and millions worldwide.  You covered it up very nicely, I'll give you that.  If I wasn't looking for that slight bit of fear, then you might have fooled me if I was drunk one night.  But, you weren't that lucky Warwolf.  I caught onto your little deception, and you wanna know how?

Riona points to her eyes with a bit of a smile.

Riona: That's right Warwolf, your EYES.  They told me the entire story through a few moments of hesitation on your face... After all, Real Eyes Realize Real Lies as someone I despise would say.  And Warwolf, the truths I speak to you right now?  Look into MY eyes.  Do you see any hesitation as I tell you this?  No... Because it's the truth.  Warwolf, people like you, and I use the term people very lightly, are the past of this industry.  Back in the 80s, you could have been a 4 year World Champion because mindless power and brute strength meant everything.  People loved to see two roided-up monsters, much like yourself, just pound on each other.  But, you need to stop living in the past... This is 2004, and a 7 foot guy taking the juice doesn't cut it anymore... You've got to adapt, improvise, roll with the punches... And you're not going to be able to do that.  Even now, as I speak here, you're probably out working on increasing the size of your muscles instead of trying to learn to wrestle.  And that, Warwolf, will make your howl another one of the cries of anguish at thier defeat in this city over the next few weeks.

With her smirk continuing, Riona looks back out into the city.

Riona: Warwolf, it seems that after losing the PCW World Heavyweight Championship, your dream is to be once again respected and feared by others.  You attempt to intimidate people into giving you what you want, like Victor Montrose.  You attempt to extort fear from your opponents by showing them how big your muscles have gotten thanks to BALCO.  You attempt to get people to respect you by physical violence in the ring... Well Warwolf, that dream of you being respected... It will be like the great Tower of Babylon, and crumble.  Your dream is like those of the Babylonians... It is impossible.  You're nothing more than a fraud Warwolf, and this Friday, it will be my pleasure to expose your lies in front of the PCW fans that have put up with your antics for so long.  Warwolf, I cannot wait to hear your anguished howl join those of this city's tourists... It will create a perfect end to your career... In the eyes of this beholder.

Riona turns back around and walks past the cameraman to her Jeep... She steps into the car and drives off as we Fade... To... Black...