Open at a small teahouse in London, England. Because of the heavy rain outside, the place is fairly crowded. Her attire for the day is a PCW soccer jersey, a black pair of cargo jeans, and her usual Reeboks. She's sitting in the middle of the chaos of Englishmen, looking calm and collected with her cup of tea as everyone scrambles around her to find a place to sit. She sees the camera approach and looks up to it.

Riona: I'm surprised at your dedication... I mean, to try and make your way through that massive crowd all because I gave you a buzz saying I was only THINKING of speaking about things here in PCW. Am I really that popular, or is it because they're all scared to try and interview Suicyde? I'm sorry for bringing him up, because I think you were one of the cameramen he's attacked, but I give him credit for being so different to even catch my eye. It doesn't mean anything because he still doesn't know how to wrestle, but oh well. Anyway... take a seat. It'll keep one of these vultures from pilfering it for thier group.

The camera shakes quite a bit as the cameraman sits down, while Riona takes a sip of her tea.

Riona: I suppose you want to know, first of all, what exactly I did with Adriana Garcia when I came into possession of her contract at Dark Impact. Well, I decided to prove something... The millions of people that watched Dark Impact, be it live in Hawaii, or on Pay-Per View, they all saw the exact same thing. They saw that Adriana Garcia, a spotmonkey who thrives on "kicking and jumping off of high stuff" cannot actually defeat a wrestler. Everyone saw as she was absolutely outclassed as I made her my bitch. So, where is she? She's at the Cutting Edge Wrestling Academy West in Denver, Colorado being trained by the absolute best wrestler in the business, Brian Blade. For now, I've got her contract and will continue to hold it. Should she turn out to be utterly incapable of being able to wrestle to a level which would make her, well, good, I'll tear it up in front of national television and she will be fired from not only my services, but PCW as well.

With a grin at the camera, she reaches down into a bag next to her and pulls out a picture of Randall Moran.

Riona: Now, this week, in front of the great fans in Paris, France, I get the honor of facing the Number 1 Contender for the PCW World Championship, Randall Moran. Now, for some odd reason, this has been decided to be a falls count anywhere match. And for the record, it's not my idea to beat you in this kind of match. I would much rather face you in a one-on-one match and pin you in the middle of the ring. But, I'll take a hard earned victory over a former PCW World Champion any way I can.

Riona takes another sip of her tea and smiles.

Riona: Randall, as you may remember, I had been studying up on you for a good week, trying to figure out every one of your weaknesses in preparation for an eventual Riona Langly/Randall Moran main-event for the PCW World Championship. That was, of course, before you choked at Dark Impact and lost the PCW World Title to Jimmie Jamm Monstrose. Now, during PCW's European Tour, you'll get your rematch and an attempt to atone for your pathetic showing at Dark Impact. In the meanwhile, you'll get to face me, the Prodigy, and you're going to be in for a wild ride. Now, you've got alot to prove in this match Randy... You've got the opprotunity to prove to all of the PCW faithful that your pitiful excuse for a title defence at Dark Impact was just a fluke. You've got a chance to clip my career at the knees, killing all my momentum and leaving me in mid-card purgatory for a long time. You've got a chance, in Paris, France, to show Jimmie that his title reign is like Worwolf's... a blip on the radar of time, a speck of dust in the living room of eternity. But, I've seen enough out of you and your whole family to know that these chances won't be recognized. Randall, I'd advise you to study up... I'd recommend that you take the tape of my match with Adriana Garcia, and watch it over and over again, until the tape is unable to play, combing through it for that one chink in my armor that you can exploit. Because, if you don't Randy, this week isn't going to be a wrestling match. No, this week will make you just like Adriana... A dead bird with broken wings, unable to fly from the black abyss that will become of your career. And there will not be a phoenix like myself to raise you from the ashes of your demise.

With another sip of her tea, Riona puts the picture of Randall Moran away and pulls out a photo of Jimmie Jamm James Montrose.

Riona: Of course Randy, you'll still have your shot at the PCW World Championship, regardless of the pits of endless humiliation that I will send your career to next week. But, because if you can't even defeat me, then why should you have a chance at redeeming your lost PCW World Championship. So, I should start preparing for Jimmie Montrose... Well, he'll be thrilled that I've already begun to do that. Back in my hotel room is, as per the usual with me, a bookbag full of tapes... And every single one of these tapes is a match of yours. That's right, every one of them... Obsessive? Perhaps, but it's good to be prepared for the inevitable. Jimmie, I'm not going to tell you to be prepared for me, because I know that it won't matter right now... It doesn't matter who I defeat for the title, I don't have any personal bias on who loses the title. As such, then I'm gonna give you a bit of free advice. Put me in the back of your mind... Sounds weird, doesn't it? But, as it is right now Jimmie, I'm third in line for a PCW World Title shot behind Randy Moran and Ledge. Trying to focus on multiple opponents may work from Nick, but I can tell from your personality that it will not work for you. If you try and worry about all of us, then you're going to falter and that beautiful title will fall to someone else, and you'll be like Randy and Adriana... a broken bird.

Riona frowns as she takes another sip of her tea...

Riona: Though, you may deserve it after what you did in Ireland... Ledge, despite the fact that our relationship status is not what he wants, is still one of most respectable people I've ever met. And for you to go out there and attempt to turn the crowds, the same crowds that cheered him incessently just a few moments before as he went through 4 extremely talented individuals to earn himself a shot at the PCW World Championship in the UK in a few weeks. And yet you come out, your trophy girl on your arm, and proceed to accuse him of kidnapping and assult? Jimmie, do you actually pay attention to people, or are you deluded and insane like your sister? I'm not going to bother with the 10,000 ways in which your line of reasoning is bullshit, just to let you know that I know Nick Ledgerwood. I know him very well, and I know him enough to know that your spew of ransid accusations that are defiling his name is probably... change that... WILL piss him off. Then again, he doesn't need me to talk for him... He'll do that I'm sure. He'll tell you his side of the story, the truth, and that bile you're spewing at him will just fade away.

With another sip of her tea, Riona puts away the picture of James Montrose and pulls out a picture of Ledge.

Riona: Speaking of Ledge, I wanna set the record straight on our relationship, or lack thereof. Yes, I know that at HiC Ressurection he confessed to me, and I have yet to really talk about that yet. There's a good reason for that too... One reason is pretty simple, and that's because I don't know what to think about it. People that know me know that love and marriage is the last thing on my mind... ever. There's only two things I truely love... I love my family, even my father, who despite our dislike of each other while he was alive, I cannot dislike him posthumanly. I love my dog... Yeah, seems odd of me, doesn't it? But, I do... I have this big ol' doberman pincer at home that keeps me company when I end up bedridden with injuries, and that's usually after I go to Japan. However, out of all the things I love, the thing I love the most is wrestling. It's been my dream from the day that it happenend to have been on the TV, and it continues to be the number 1 focus in my life. And unlike others, it's not about the people that I've met or the places I've been that keeps me in it... It's the absolute and undeniable climax to this story. That end being when I stand ontop of the business, holding the PCW World Championship and knowing that every fucking sacrifice I've ever made was worth it. Every time that I've sat in a darkened hotel room until 5AM watching tapes. Every time I've been turned away by a promoter for being a girl in a man's world. Every time that I've been greeted with indifference or a "Show Your Tits" chant. The things that I've been through, you can't imagine... What you think I've been through is just a single drop in the bucket of truth. I don't care who I have to go through for it... Randall Moran, James Montrose, or even Nick Ledgerwood... All of my trials and tribulations will be worth it once that title is mine. You might not think it to be the truth, but then again, truth's all in the eye of the beholder.

Riona pulls out her VISA, much like she did in Japan, and goes up to pay her bill as we Fade... To... Black...