A beautiful mountain, with clouds formed below the peak, looms in the distance as we look upon Osaka, Japan. Next to this mountain, by way of a balcony, stands ACW Superstar Riona Langly. She's dressed, surprisingly if you know her, nicely. No, she's not in a dress, perish the thought, but for her, the long black suit jacket over the red blouse and black dress pants, with red flats on, is quite fancy. On her shoulder sits the PCW World's Heavyweight Championship, glistening in the sunlight, and around her forehead rests a bandage. Riona sighs as she looks out at the sky...

Riona: Y'know... It's funny how you can take a trip, one that you had no prior knowledge of taking, and people will immediately forget who you are. For example, I come here to Japan for 3 weeks, quite unscheduled mind you, and now everyone thinks Riona Langly is a pushover. Oh well, you live with it I suppose... Anyway, I bet you're all wondering where I've been the last few weeks. Well, I've been here, in Japan, celebrating the life of a close friend of mine, as well as a great wrestler, Kensuke Aiko. Now, for those of you that have followed my career, that name should sound familiar, as it was through a series of brutal and barbaric barbed-wire Death Matches; some of which contained levels of violence that would make Don Mega blush; that my reputation in Japan was jumpstarted. We went out there, in front of thousands of screaming fans, and mutilated each other, and for what you might ask? Respect... Every second of applause after we were finished meant the world to us, because it showed that these people cared and appriciated our sacrifice. I probably sacrificed 5 years of my life wrestling here in Japan, and if you told me when I started that I would lose those years wrestling here, I'd probably flick you off and still destroy myself for these fans. That's how much this business means to me... Anyway, a few weeks ago, I recieved a call saying that Kensuke Aiko had passed away here in Osaka. You have to understand that she was more than just a friend, but she, alot like Brian Blade, was a mentor for me in the time I spent wrestling over here... Though, still, I was surprised to have been one of the first people notified... Turns out, she had put me down on her list of people to be immediately notified.

Riona sighs as she looks down, almost ready to cry for her friend...

Riona: Now, many people around here dislike Viktor Samson, for various reasons. I don't care about him either way, but I don't like how at Collision Course, he came close to voiding the terms of the PCW/aWe merger, at the same time as he was denying his fans to a true unification match between the legitimate PCW and aWe World Champions. Regardless of that, and I will speak on this subject in a few moments, Viktor saved face in my book for allowing me the time off I needed to fly over here and celebrate the life of my friend. That's right, I said celebrate the life, not mourn the death, because she truely lived her life to the fullest. She wouldn't want me, or anyone else that knew her, to shed tears for her moving onto the next life. She would want us to remember her as we stepped into the ring and fought... She would want us to fight, and to win... Not just the match, but the attention and respect of the crowd.

With another sigh, and a sniffle, Riona continues, as she leans back against the guardrail.

Riona: And fight we did... As part of her will, she asked that some of her estate be used to book a small show, nothing worthy of the Tokyo Dome, just a small show for her friends in the business to wrestle at. Of course, since I was here, I immediately signed for it, and before Viktor gets mad, the proceeds went to charity and I did this show for free. However, I did more than just wrestle at this show... No, I not only wrestled, but I defended and retained the Premiere Championship Wrestling World's Heavyweight Championship. Now, I bet you're asking, "What gives me the authority to defend this title?" That's actually fairly simple really... As part of the terms of the PCW/aWe merger, Jonothan Wehali, known to most as Nightmare, laid down a clause in the contract that the right to book the PCW Championships would be given to Apex Wrestling Entertainment until the date of Collision Course, at which time aWe would be responcible to unify these championships with corresponding aWe Championships. If this clause was not met, then the full rights to book the cooresponding PCW Championships would be deferred to the last holder of the championship. Now, the situation that occured at Collision Course, with Lisa's petty attack on me and the Duncan Aires/DeathSun draw, couldn't have been avoided. However, Viktor Samson had a 12 hour window, starting from the beginning of Collision Course, to call for a temporary injunction of the deferrence of the rights of the PCW World's Heavyweight Championship to me. Since Viktor did not read the fine print of the contract, he did not claim this injunction clause, leaving him, and the ACW fans, with the disappointment that they no longer have the rights to the PCW World's Heavyweight Championship... I do. I have the right to claim where and when I can defend it, and there is nothing anyone can do about it... I've had Jack Frost look over the contract dozens of times, and it is iron-clad.

Riona's frown slowly turns into a really mean smirk, as she hefts the title on her shoulder a bit and shines the nameplate with Riona Langly on it.

Riona: Do I seem like a bitch to you? I'm sorry, but it's not MY fault that Jonothan did not want his titles to be lose in the sands of Eternity. Now, the $100,000 question is this: Will Riona Langly defend this title in America. And I reply to this question with another question: Why should I? American fans don't deserve to see this beautiful championship be defended when they have a history of treating it's champion like dirt. American fans have jeered me my entire career for not being a cheap slut, which to the drunken fans in the stands, is the perfect woman. I've always said that they're going to live to regret it, and finally, thier punishment has come for thier inebriated disrespect of my talent. With me in control of it's destiny, this championship, with the lineage of the American Justice Wrestling Federation and Premiere Championship Wrestling, will truely become a World's Heavyweight Championship, something you'd be hard-pressed to say about the ACW World Championship, as it's being fought over between a pair of Drama Queens. Speaking of the Drama Queen Explosion, I'll say congrats in advance to the winner for becoming the NEW aWe World Champion. That's right, I said aWe World Champion, because without this title and it's lineage behind it, no matter what Viktor says or what's etched into that belt, you don't have the legacy I hold on my shoulder.

Riona gives time to flick off the camera, with a smile on her face, and continues.

Riona: And that, finally, brings me to my match this week against Grigs Larr and Chris Chimaira for the ACW Tempest Championship. Actually, it's kinda funny, because last time I competed for this title, when it was the Technician's Championship in PCW, I was screwed out of it by that walking void of talent Over-rated Ethan Evans... In fact, people screwing me out of titles seems to be a bad recurring nightmare for my career. What is it about me that gives people that unsatiable urge to screw me out of championships? Anyway, the Tempest Championship carries alot of weight actually, with the lineage of the PCW Technician's Championship and aWe Trans-Atlantic Championship and the name of the HiC Tempest Championship. Of course, this would mean alot more if the PCW Tech Title was held by more people that Re:Coil, the Trans-Atlantic Championship wasn't ruined by Sloppy Joe, or that my only real memories of HiC were of being put in the hospital and out of the ring for 3 months by that walking suckbag Jimmy Ultros.

At the mere mention of his name, Riona hocks a loogie and spits upon the balcony.

Riona: For those of you that have the pleasure, and trust me, I mean it, of never hearing about Jimmy Ultros, I'm going to pop your bubble and tell you about him. Ultros was an incredibly rich, incredibly sucktacular, snob from New Jersey. His sexist ideals, which consisted of the usual "women need to be in the kitchen, barefoot and makin' babies", obviously clashed with my ideals quite violently. As retaliation for my first strike on him, which I'll never regret because it felt real good to smack that chair right into his face, he came out a few weeks later, with his giant stack of crap Bruno Krong, and attempted to not only end my career, by my life in front of thousands live, and millions watching worldwide. Though, it's funny because his beliefs brought about his downfall in HiC, and I sincerely hope he choked on a pretzel and died while watching me win this title at Collision Course. In fact, Jimmy Ultros was brought down because he was so fanatical about his beliefs. His assult on me, and he was very lucky to avoid charges on that, was so severe that he had nearly all of High Impact Competition, including Lisa Lorenzo, wanting his blood. Kinda reminds me of someone, doesn't it Grigs?

Riona smiles and reaches into her blouse, pulling out a cross necklace.

Riona: Grigs, before you try to crucify me with your words, hear me out. I know you won't, but oh well. Anyway, before I start thrashing you, let it be known that I have no problems with religion whatsoever. In fact, I'm a practicing Penecostal and send a cheque to my church in Buffalo every week for my tithe. No, my problem isn't with God Grigs, it's with you. See, I love the Lord, but I understand that religion serves no purpose inside the squared circle. No, if you really want to punish sinners with violence and pain, then become a prison guard and leave us alone. Anyway, you claim to be an expert on God's Word, and yet you conveniently forget that He said that He alone should be the deliverer of justice, not man. No, you know the Bible, and just forgot that so you could work it into your reasoning for destroying people in the ring... you're such a hypocrite it's not even funny.

With a small glare, she holds her cross.

Riona: You said that you were going to teach me a "women's place?" Try it and you'll find that YOUR place is under my foot as the ref counts three. You say you've been watching my career and yet you go off and contradict yourself by saying I'm weak-minded. I'm alot of things Grigs Larr, but weak-minded is not one of them. In fact, ask Warwolf, all 7 feet, 301 pounds of him, about how weak-minded I am. He said that before we met on August 13th, 2004, and where did he end up? On the floor, looking at the stars, courtesy of 2 Bomb Dropper ReMiXes. If I were you, Grigsy, I'd rewatch those tapes of me that you have. Watch them over and over, and see the greatest names of our business fall against The Prodigy. Grigs, I don't have to ask you if you think you're better than me, I already know that you do. All I have to say to you is this... Too many have made the mistake of underestimating The Prodigy... If you want to even have a chance at winning the ACW Tempest Championship, then I would suggest that you WAKE UP.

Riona lets go of her cross and reaches into her pocket. She struggles to pulls something out, muttering about new pants being too tight, and finally pulls out her cell phone.

Riona: That's right, I said for you to wake up, because if you honestly think that FearSeer's going to equalize my talent, you're smoking something really heavy. Just because he's a foot taller and about twice my weight doesn't mean jack in the long run. Yes, even with all the advantages he has on me, his lack of brains and talent will do him in, because against me, size doesn't mean Jack. I told you, no less than a minute ago, about poor Warwolf, who was bigger than FearSeer, and how he was unable to stop The Prodigy, so what makes you think FearSeer can? Is it his Magic Pillowcase of Scary? I mean, a lesser wrestler may be intimidated by you and you Fluffy Horror, but NOT ME! Ok, Ok, enough silliness... Honestly, one of 3 things will happen this Sunday FearSeer... you will either, A. Stay out of the match, which I doubt will happen; B. Try and interfere and get KOed by the BDR, which would be fun to see how much padding that pillowcase gives you; or C. Interfere in the match and piss off Jack. That's right, I said Jack... as in Jack Frost, my best friend and sometimes bodygaurd, who I called before the camera got here, and who will be at ringside, at my side once more. You might not know him, so let me scare you a little with these stats... 7 feet, 1 inch, so yeah, he's taller than you... 391 pounds of muscle, so he's bigger and stronger than you... and a former Mixed Martial Arts champion, so he knows many, many ways to deliver unto you some evil. He's been here, since the collapse of HiC, touring through Japan. I asked for, and got since my name carries some weight around here, time off for Jack so he could come back to America and relive the glory days by being at ringside for me. Trust me on this, you do not want to piss him off... In fact, ask Chris Chimaira, when you're not trying to kill him, about Jack Frost and the Nuclear Winter... You're not going to like it.

She mimics a bit of fear in her expression, and then grins...

Riona: Speaking of you Chris, I have to say that I'm kinda... sorta... touched by your display of respect for me... See, I hate to say it, and don't take it too personally, but I really don't like you that much. Oh, don't worry, I don't hate you either... in fact, I have absolutely no feelings towards you whatsoever. Sure, our paths have crossed a few times, and every time, I've come out of the match feeling nothing. No hatred, no joy, just... a void. I guess that's the way it is with some people in life Chris... They exlempify nothing. Regardless of that, you're still wrestling me on Sunday. Sure, I respect you for being a good, solid, if not a little unremarkable, wrestler. In fact, if it wasn't for the fact that American wrestler fans are getting thier just desserts for being total pricks to me throughout my career, you'd be a good contender for the PCW World's Heavyweight Championship. As it is, you'll have to suffer for the ignorance of the many.

She hefts the title off her shoulder and shows it to the camera with a huge smile on her face, before putting it back on.

Riona: See Chris, it's thier fault... The same people that sit in the stands and drink thier Budweisers are the cause of all our problems. They're the ones that have forced me to cut America out of the PCW World's Heavyweight Championship... They're the ones that have destroyed technical wrestling by showing nothing but discontempt and hatred for us, while cheering the talentless nutsacks that parade around pandering to them like the sheep that they are... Remember Chris, it's not your fault your name has been ignored in the annuls of wrestling history, it's thiers... Keep fighting them, because if everyone gives up, then technical wrestling is dead, just like your career would be. Now, I'm not saying you're gonna beat me this Sunday, but maybe, just maybe, your effort will raise your name from being more than just a footnote in the textbook of Chronos. Wake THEM up Chris...

Riona: Chris, I don't care that you and Grigs want to kill each other. Be bloody, barbaric, and horrific for all I care, becuase while you have your war, I'll become the ACW Tempest Champion, and add another championship to my shoulders... I didn't ask for this, but your war has been placed into the most dangerous place on Earth: The Path of Greatness. For your sake, I'd suggest you...

Riona stares at the camera, a twinkle in her eye as she stares, and then quickly walks off into her hotel room to prepare for her flight... She then turns and spares us one more moment, with a grin on her face...

Riona: MOVE.

Riona turns and begins to pack, showing us that she not only carries the PCW World's Championship everywhere she goes, but that she also carries the UWA International Championship (which creates a nightmare at security) as well. She closes her bag and walks into the bathroom as we Fa de... To... Black...