Tokyo, Japan... In the background we see the towering Mt. Fuji, with a few clouds over it, but otherwise it seems like an absolutely beautiful day.  And it's known to the many people in the park outside of the tea house that we are currently visiting... And in this tea house is new PCW signee Riona Langly.  A veteran of ESW, CCW, and HiC, along with a stint in the BTWF, she is sitting in this small tea house with a smile on her face as the cameras approach her.  Her purple, black, and silver Brian Blade hockey jersey, black cargo jeans, and black Reeboks stand out incredibly with the other females in the buidling, who mainly are wearing traditional Japanese kimonos as they serve drinks to the patrons of the resturant.

Riona: It's nice seeing a new camera crew for once, it really is.  We're gonna have to keep it low though, because I respect this culture and it's heritage way too much to dishonor not only myself, but Premier Championship Wrestling by causing a commotion and getting me kicked out.

With a small smile on her face, Riona takes a sip of the tea in front of her and looks down at the letter next to her coaster.

Riona: I'm sure there are many questions concerning me and my auspicious arrival to PCW... mainly dealing with my attack on Randall Moran on Conspiracy this past week.  That's alright, because the fans that have seen me in ESW, CCW, and HiC know exactly WHY I attacked Randall Moran.  It's not because I hate him, that's for bloody sure.  No, it's not that really.  Randall's not a bad person, or someone I particualrly hate with a passion.  In fact, I felt that the references to Gollum were quite appropiate considering your situation.  No Randy, the reason I went and smacked a steel chair over your odd shaped head last week was simply becasue you have something I want.

Riona nods at the camera at the unspoken question, and takes another sip of her tea.

Riona: That's right Randy, I want that nice golden belt around your waist.  Sure, that's what every Johnny Come-Lately wants when they arrive in any fed, be it PCW, aWe, AJWF, pR:V, SSW, or any of the 10,000 other feds out there.  What makes me just THAT much different than the others that lay thier claims on the World Title is that I went out there last week on Conspiracy and did something about it.  Rather than just talking about how much I want and how much that belt is destined to be with me, I decided to get noticed by you Randy. So many wrestlers use the cliche of "making an impact" around here that I won't insult your intelligence, along with the intelligence of the people watching this little promo on thier TVs at home by telling you that. All I'm going to tell you Randall Moran is this... Don't worry about me right now. Yeah, a little odd, don't you think? But, you've got a Triple Threat at Dark Impact to worry about, not me. Honestly, in the long run, should either Jimmie or Warwolf actually defeat you then oh well, they'll be that person that has the dubious honor of losing the title to me down the road. I'm not stupid either... I'm not going to go and spend hours in the tape room watching just your matches Randy. That title will fall from your waist Randall Moran, and whether it be from you, James Montrose, or Warwolf, somebody's going to lose to me, and it will be declared by the wrestling websites around the nations as a complete and total surprise. A surprise it will be... to all of them, but not to me, and not to anyone that's been following me. Not to anyone who has ever witnessed Riona Langly wrestle... They'll just see it as the enevitable.

One of the waitresses walks by Riona's table, and refills her tea with a vacant smile on her face. As she walks away, Riona looks at her with a hint of disgust on her face.

Riona: Her... Women like her are exactly what holds the thought of me being World Champion in such a reviled and loathed position. Sure, women have been World Champion before, but it did nothing for them. As much as the sound of her name brings me the urge to vomit, I can't deny that Lisa Lorenzo was a gifted athelete and was worthy of her HiC World Championship. But, her reign, in the end, meant little. She won it, held it for a long time, and then dropped it to Dustin F'n Kelser. She wasn't elevated or thought of any higher because of her title... it was felt as though the World Title was something that would be taken off of her as soon as some "great" man did it. Catatonic? Don't make me fucking laugh... Alexis Sykes was fucking handed her title, and then dropped it to a man that I hold in the highest of regards, Jonothan Wehali. She proved absolutely fucking nothing as World Champ. The Huntress or Angela, unfortunately, I can't tell you about right now. Yeah yeah yeah, it makes me look like a fool when I reference people in one of these long winded promos of mine and don't know jack about them. Oh well, I've looked foolish before, it's nothing new... Hell, I went out and RAPPED back in CCW, so the shame that comes from not doing all my homework won't mean jack in the long run. It's not going to be remembered even by the time I end this speech... about as long as Alexis Sykes was really, but that's beside the point. The point is this... nobody really remembers a female World Champion. I had to research to just find title histories to see more than Lisa and Alexis... and I'm going to change that.

Riona frowns as she takes another sip of her tea...

Riona: Oh, like I said, everybody that shows up makes that SAME remark. That they're going to change history and be like no other superstar ever in the history of wrestling. That people will remember them... And yet, half those people are forgotten in 6 months. What makes me any different? Well, I'll refrain from tooting my own horn here, for once, and explain that the reason I won't be forgotten is that too much of my blood, my sweat, my tears, my pain, my sorrow, and my life has been spent on this business for nothing to have been remembered. Too much has been done to this point for me to have been remembered as 'just another girl.'

She takes another sip of her tea and narrows her eyes at one of the kimono-sporting women who is scurring around the tea-house.

Riona: Just another girl indeed... You people might be wondering why I'm in Japan instead of in Hawaii... And no, it doesn't have a fucking thing to do with Nick Ledgerwood. No, the only reason I've made the long, 10 plus hour flight over to Tokyo is because tonight, I've got a rematch with Kensuke Aiko. Thankfully for PCW, it's not a rematch of the semi-legendary Barbed Wire Rope Death Match we had some time ago... No, tonight we're fighting in an good ol' fashioned Stairway to Hell match. Heh... two ladder matches in one week, whodathunk it? Then again, Kensuke Aiko is different from Adriana Garcia in so many ways it is not even remotely funny. Kensuke is quite possibly my favorite opponent... I show no hate for her at all, despite our violent bloodbath matches. She and I are of the same ideals and the same spirit... We care about this business, despite the slings and arrows of oppression from the fans. Actually, she hasn't gotten it nearly as bad as I have... In Japan, most fans actually give a damn about women's wrestling. In America, most fans I've met are basically mini-Ultroses. They care only to see women as sex objects while they drink thier nasty ass beers and eat thier stale nachos. I would stay in Japan, where I'm appriciated a hell of a lot more, if I didn't realize that this fact could change. But, I've once again managed to digress from the point. The point is this... I like Kensuke Aiko, because she shares the same passion and devotion that I do. Adriana Garcia... nope, not the same.

Riona whistles for a waitress to come over so she could pay...

Riona: Adriana Garcia, even though I'm new to PCW doesn't mean I don't know of you exploits. You wrestle the lucha libre style of Mexico, which is pretty damn impressive because even I could never get that shit to work in my style. So, that's one small notch on my ladder of respect. Now, let's bring you down about 10 or so. First of all, you're nothing but a walking stereotype... "Oooh! Look at me, I'm a punk girl that flies around and does CA-RAZY stunts!" Get real, that stuff doesn't get people to even bat one glance at you. So what that you can fly around... It's not like people haven't seen a female high-flyer... Why do you think that I switched my focus and style? It's because top rope antics don't mean jack anymore... What means something is when you go down to Earth and actually wrestle someone. That means something. Hitting a moonsault and getting the pin on a 6'6", 285 man of muscle isn't nearly as impressive as making that same man tap out in the middle of the ring because they've had a rather nasty Painkiller.

Riona: Secondly, is that outside of your "INSANE BUMPS~!", you kickbox. Gee, doesn't THAT sound familiar. I've NEVER fought any other girl who flew around the ring and kicked things... NOT! I've already fought you before, and she was alot better at wrestling then... Oh, you might have met this girl, her name is Lisa fucking Lorenzo. Ugh, if you needed a way to piss me off, all you had to do was exist and wrestle the EXACT same style she does. But, at least Lisa has some dedication to the business, as much as I hate her for stealing away my glory. You Adriana, you just seem to do this because it's fun. NEWS FLASH! If you want to have fun, without actually caring about wrestling, then get the fuck out. PCW, not just me, doesn't need you around making a mockery of what people have bled for just so you can get a few cheap thrills.

Riona: Finally, there's the fact that you just got engaged to, of all people, your manager. Gee, that sure makes you look good. To me, all it makes you look like is a weak, emotionally attached girl who can't put aside her own feelings for someone to persue thier dreams. To truely make it somewhere in this business, you've got to understand that sacrifices have to be made. In my case, I made a sacrifice once, and it cost me my father's love. I lost the love of a father because this business means THAT much to me. This is my life Adriana Garcia, and the "sacrifices" you've made for this business don't mean jack compared to mine.

A waitress comes by and hands Riona a bill, and then scurries off...

Riona: So, Adriana, you and me face off at Dark Impact, in of all things, a TLC match. I don't know WHY this stipulation was made, but it doesn't matter, does it? You're going to want to fly around and have fun with all the high spots to jump off of. You're not going to care that I'm going to take your FIRST mistake in that ring and make it your last. And, without the DQ, that means if I want to, I could take one of the chairs at ringside, and make you realize that you lack the necessary focus and drive in wrestling. One quick chair-shot to the head, or a chair to the leg, or a chair to the gut, and you're going to feel pain. You'll feel what it's like to be truely alive... You'll feel my pain, my story, and understand that in the history of the world, you're nothing but a blip on the radar. A nothing in the see of emptyness... It'll happen, in the blink of an eye... And then you'll be staring at me as I climb rung by damn rung to whatever the hell we're going to be fighting over. Do I like the idea of a TLC match? Not really... they're nothing more than people flying around and hitting others with weapons. But, will I do anything to prove not only to Adriana Garcia, but to everyone that watches PCW, that Riona Langly is no housemaid in the kitchen making babies. No, Riona Langly will be PCW World Champion, and to those that don't believe it, fine. Just remember, it's all in the eye of the beholder after all...

Riona sighs, pulls out her VISA, and goes up to pay her bill as we Fade... To... Black...