Champions   Defeated   Won On
Team Rap and Cat Connection
(Tiger and Shady)
FF and Drizzt Talon1 April 7th, 2004
FF and Drizzt Talon The Twins of Death2
(Xavier and Xcalibur)
June 9th, 2004
The Twins of Death FF and Drizzt Talon June 29th, 2004
Twilight Tokyo Rose and Jack Frost N/A3   July 20th, 2004
Irvine Kanyon and Seraph Twilight Tokyo Rose and Jack Frost August 31st, 2004
Iron and Apolo Irvine Kanyon and Seraph November 11th, 2004
Renegade Souljahz
(The Powerhouse & The Eliminator)
Iron and Apolo4 March 11th, 2005
H.A.L.O. [2]
(Ivine Kanyon & Seraph)
Renegade Souljahz5 May 17th, 2005
Legacy of Destruction
(Eclipse & DarkFyre)
H.A.L.O.6 June 14th, 2005

(1) Shady and TT defeated FF and Drizzt Talon inside a steel cage for the vacant titles.
(2) FF and Drizzt Talon won a Fatal Four Way involving Team Rap and Cat, The Twins of Death, and Pay 4 Pain (Victor "The King" Bidwell and Mr. Money)
(3) The championship is vacated on July 11th when the ToD leave BTWF... Twilight and Frost win the titles in a 12 person Tag Gauntlet also featuring Shadow Starr, Irvine Kanyon, Seraph, P4P, Hell's Guardian, Fox, Icy Ali, Mike Moore, and Dizturbed.
(4)The Renegade Souljahz win a Full Metal Mayhem ladder match also involving H.A.L.O (Irvine Kanyon & Seraph), Iron & Apolo, and Empty Promises (Austin Azure & Xunkai) to win the titles.
(5)H.A.L.O. teams with Ravena to defeat all 3 members of the Renegade Souljahz in a Dog Collar Match to win the titles.
(6)The Legacy of Destruction (Eclipse & DarkFyre) defeat H.A.L.O., Iron & Apolo, Nature (TT & Pohatu), Divine Pain (Matthias & The Godsend), and the Nozaki Twins in a 6-Pack Challenge for the championship.

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