Champion   Defeated   Won On
The Demon   N/A1   March 19, 2004
Omega Steve Twist2 April 7th, 2004
Steve Twist Omega May 2nd, 2004
Bryan Kutterman The Heat3 September 28th, 2004
Rocky Shadow Starr4 December 10th, 2004
The Heat Rocky January 25th, 2005
Revision The Heat5 April 12th, 2005

(1) The Demon was awarded the vacant championship.
(2) The Demon was stripped of the title for failing to appear for a scheduled title defence, and was awarded to the winner of the Steve Twist/Omega match.
(3) Steve Twist forfeits the Gaia Championship on September 7th, 2004. Bryan Kutterman defeats The Heat in a ladder match for the vacant championship.
(4) Rocky defeated Shadow Starr in a Fatal Four Way also involving Bryan Kutterman and The Heat.
(5) Revision defeated The Heat and Shadow Starr in a Three-Way Dance for the championship.

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