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Congressional Long Title:


JESUS Christ USA, Renaming This Nation From United States Of America To:.


Renaming This Nation From United States Of America To: JESUS Christ USA.


Short Title: JESUS Christ USA Act.

8. Contents:

9. SUMMARY (New Name, New Branch, New Office),

10. Paperwork Reduction Act Information,

11. Main Body Of This ACT,

12. Addendum 1 (Charity),

13. Signers.



15. This law provides for the Righteous hence True guiding of and for We The People

16. of this nation exemplar to all nations,

17. that this not be a faithless nation of partial truths,

18. yet more importantly to recognize the Lord Of Grace JESUS Christ In Father Spirit And In Truth;

19. as enacted this is formal recognition by law of a higher grace Office over government

20. for to offer Christian guidance advice,

21. with the scope of being a point of reference concerning this advice,

22. [though unless modified by government]

23. this Grace Advice representing the Highest Purpose In JESUS Christ

24. (not to disclude other, rather "this" as at least an agreed minimum per Advice)

25. would be Advice from the Office

26. while the new Branch And Office would not be with any

27. counted as lower level powers such as to

28. form laws and guide such as Congress in Legislative Branch,

29. nor power to pass nor veto laws as Executive Branch,

30. nor power to monitor nor enforce laws as Judicial Branch;

31. so not in the sense of the former and ongoing Branches Of Government;

32. this Office of this New Branch

33. (Matthew 9.17)

34. would increase the value of this nation

35. and would function mainly with the Executive Branch to Help with Advice

36. concerning internal

37. though largely external various faiths and matters of other nations;

38. also pertinent though with additional concerns is Charity Responsibility of each and all

39. addressed in Addendum 1 as part of this ACT.

40. This ACT With Addendum 1 includes some website addresses,

41. but additional information, data, inferences, and such at any secular website addresses are not

42. part of this ACT nor Addendum 1 nor part of the goodly aspects of the Signed list(s) information;

43. and future information provided by others has not been checked in the legal sense by this website management.

44. This new Office necessarily must be over government and this nation and money and We The People

45. [the public]

46. and the functioning and greater aspects to most perfectly solve in the name of JESUS Christ,

47. but lest to be without the JESUS Christ Gift of government,

48. this new higher Branch is to Covenant to offer Advice

49. so to fulfill the law and government rather than about replacing;

50. although Paperwork Reduction, automating, improving systems, and such would continue to apply.

51. Integral to this Covenant is as One, the rights and Joy of the People.

52. Importantly therefore is that this ACT With Addendum 1 is precisely worded

53. (as able,

54. example Victory over 2 Peter 1.20 is that a verse

55. interpreted 200 years ago may or may not be the same as an interpretation 200 years from now into the future,

56. so as a People Live and interpret, the verse value changes

57. and typically grows in value from Above, from the Living JESUS Christ

58. [whether noticed when counting the census or not]

for instance reference example at


60. So with this changing not merely for the better and so rather for the Best, to be Exemplar,

61. so this ACT With Addendum 1 has been precisely worded, including also since it is with lay terms

62. so as not to upset the general public and to rather provide means of better solving long range for their sakes,

63. since like unto Marriage,

64. a name change is a big step for We The People and this nation

65. and the functioning as a whole including governmental and international concerns,

66. and because this is of concern since involving Highest Classified matters,

67. and this ACT With Addendum 1 containing carefully worded technically specific matters

68. the situation is that there should be no casual changes

69. (so including specifics concerning Christian Faith, national security, and public delight)

70. to this original ACT With Addendum 1 are recommended,

71. importantly noting only through the Generosity Of Spirit of former USA Leadership,

72. of all faiths

73. [including secularism (separation gap

74. concerning Church state matters that this ACT With Addendum 1 solves in part with Signing,

75. with the beginning of solving)]

76. though especially Christian Faith

77. (example: John 8.32)

78. (reference samples:

79. and


81. So as with the Christian Eucharist

82. the former nation as if to be under the bondage of laws only,

83. is as chains broken with Signing in order to not break the Faith in Highest Purpose In JESUS Christ

84. with this Advent of this New Covenanting In The Living JESUS Christ.


86. Paperwork Reduction Act Information:

87. approvals are required before collecting information from the public other than if Donated

88. as Christian helps are included with original plans for this JESUS Christ USA ACT

89. as this ACT is needed to Help this nation be more perfect for We the People

90. and so importantly and key for government including keeping the Faith, Loyalty for this nation,

91. optimizing long range planning, protecting Christian Faith

92. while allowing other faiths, religions, opinions, thoughts, thinking and works in general

93. except as much as otherwise modified by government

94. such as against illegal activities;

95. this ACT requires no significant time nor money initially, though is recommended, of two types so in two parts:

96. Type 1. JESUS Christ USA as the name of this nation

97. would include instantly and automatically each and all of this nation as much as for Highest Good Purpose;

98. Type 2. the subset Office could be called the JESUS Christ Office,

99. not to guarantee the JESUS Christ of census of circa 30AD

100. would be in that Office though with a confidence

101. similar to any federal or other legal position holder as much as for Highest Good Purpose.

102. Each above listed Type is further specified below and in Addendum 1.

103. This new Office is to be over the name JESUS Christ USA,

104. and over pertinent Grace as stated above

105. (not always the same as etiquette)

106. and over and for the Benefiting of We The People

107. and more specifically over the Highest including

108. [beyond lawmaking typically]

109. Grace over each current President,

110. in other words the President is over laws

111. like unto how the Office Head is over Grace,

112. so the Head of the JESUS Christ Office can work in the Office not under any current President

113. [though if legally],

114. except if to also work in the Cabinet position then under the President during any such moments,

115. similar to how the Vice President can also be President Of The Senate.

116. So one of the aspects of the JESUS Christ Office is for as though independent objective viewing of the Presidency

117. (and other)

118. for toward private from public Advising

119. whether Advising through texting, in person, memos, or other

120. (save see below "public Official Announcements" criteria

121. which might be an interpretational concern

122. hence already covered by current Presidential Candidate selection,

123. Executive Branch criteria and policy,

124. and/or the current President asking the Head to leave option).

125. For example the Office Head might find a Bible verse for improving the jury system

126. so might indicate such to the current President.

127. Also the current President might have criteria

128. such as allowing certain routine information to flow

129. such as to other Branches without permission each time from the President.

130. The JESUS Christ Office achievements history

131. (or other)

132. might indicate reason for lawmakers to increase or decrease the powers of the JESUS Christ Branch.

133. To cite JESUS Christ Precepting as so applied now,

134. like unto how We The People are with Representative Democracy under laws,

135. the Highest governmental Leadership is with "Representative" Grace under the JESUS Christ Branch.

136. This agrees with how the Judicial Branch is with a linear chain of command

137. (and pyramid system)

138. under laws,

139. while the Appointed JESUS Christ Office Head of the "linear"

140. of the "command" of the current President;

141. after that the Head may arrange the Branch

142. [as legal, and]

143. as Best Loyally for JESUS Christ USA

144. and Faithfully for JESUS Christ Highest Purpose.

145. The JESUS Christ Office should cite sources

146. and Chief among these is to cite Christian sources mostly,

147. and so including Christian Bible verses.

148. The Office would be filled by a person already so involved in pertinence to the Office

149. so normally by a Christian Executive Branch Cabinet Member Appointed of the current President at the time

150. to Head that JESUS Christ USA Office;

151. and not to arduously examine faith,

152. though to examine lack of faith is allowed

153. at least as an indicator,

154. so such examining is allowed though not toward inquisition,

155. therefore minimal examining not toward lengthy repetition from one questioner

156. the current President

157. or the Appointee of the current President,

158. such as to resolve whether the Candidate is against JESUS Christ USA and Executive Branch criteria and policy

159. (answering negatively is an exception option toward law,

160. otherwise is the typical Grace toward enabling answering yes);

161. also this JESUS Christ Office Head Position is with Prayerful considering

162. and is allowed to answer rapidly,

163. though if time allows

164. then time for Graceful Prayerful Highest Contemplation is encouraged

165. to respond thoughtfully of the Heart And Soul In JESUS Christ In Spirit In The Eternal Highest Purpose sense

166. and so the new Branch should be typically granted some time,

167. perhaps a few days,

168. to consider the Best answer to the Best of Given ability

169. (though not necessarily pertinent during the Interview depending on the current President

170. and/or if perhaps a perceived urgent emergency);

171. also of this ACT, since in the name JESUS Christ

172. (JESUS Christ USA)

173. then therefore if a person seems to be a credible Christian then acceptable.

174. Changing other group names to JESUS Christ

175. [name of group]

176. is not required though recommended.

177. If a group is international

178. [as individuals and]

179. groups increasingly are,

180. then renaming

181. (or at least doing business as)

182. in the name JESUS Christ

183. [then name of group]

184. is strongly recommended.

185. The JESUS Christ Office Head would continue in that position

186. until opting to leave that Position,

187. at least days of notice of intent to leave is recommended;

188. or until asked to leave that position by the President

189. and it is recommended the President already be ready with a Worthy replacement in mind prior to asking

190. and days of orientation for the replacement is recommended.

191. This ACT with Addendum 1 shall become in full effect immediately with the Signing of the President Of The United States Of America,

192. also known herein as USA formerly in the archive sense;

193. though Addendum 1 of this ACT Of Law is to be subset and ancillary

194. to the greater part of this ACT in the name JESUS Christ.

195. End Of Paperwork Reduction Act Information.

196. Main Body Of This ACT:

197. This ACT holds none accountable of former ways under laws of former times in the sense of the courts

198. (since formerly without this ACT With Addendum 1),

199. since Given of Highest Grace is the Gift that a person may choose, the Gift to opt,

200. and as in their situations of those parameters so opted;

201. save this new Branch may offer Advice.

202. Any goodly aspects are to be preserved

203. as much as appropriate

204. concerning JESUS Christ USA Highest Purpose

205. while any Anew Good of greater Value per se

206. (including mutual Advantages, Blessings, and Benefit(s))

207. may in whole or in part conditionally supersede previous assumptions,

208. so because of this newness for JESUS Christ USA, for JESUS Christ Highest Good Best Purpose including for all,

209. including for this New Branch with New Office at this time this is highly significant

210. as this New Branch is over formerly ubiquitous subjects that have gone unresolved

211. as not previously Best made Worthy for lifting and ascending along the Faith Path Properly

212. (or otherwise relegated such as concerning special Mission assignments)

213. within precise formulas and calculations generally revered in Highest Agreement(s) as being consistently accurate.

214. So a key aspect is that this is an Enacting of Recognition of One Higher And Highest Grace known in and of the Lord JESUS The Christ

215. of the same "Lord" as stated in the Original Constitution above the Signers.

216. This ACT And Addendum 1 do not enforce the going to Christian Church though recommended

217. even if the selected Christian Church has not been considered an organized religious activity in the legal sense

218. [if of proper Christian Faith (so this may override a credibility aspect stated above for greater credibility with depending on the current President)].

219. Since a name change for the "Lord", then historically similar to the change from tribes to the Chosen People,

220. and in key pertinence specifically and so the timing of this ACT from similar

221. Prophetically In Christian Presidency During Don Trump Leadership,

222. with the United Nations having Officially Recognized Israel

223. [within a Higher Sense over: as with Israel Proclaiming Zion],

224. and in this same Flowing Spirit for Highest Purpose

225. concerning these times for We The Christian Zion People Exemplar via is now this JESUS Christ USA ACT.

226. To Help the We The People understand this ACT With Addendum 1,

227. in lay terms this is not to get rid of USA, similar to how current flying vehicles did not get rid of the car:

228. so to be like unto with an advantage of not only land transportation yet also with aerospace and greater.

229. This ACT is for the protection and greater awareness of JESUS Christ Highest Purpose,

230. with the name JESUS Christ USA,

231. and with the JESUS Christ USA Office over top matters

232. whether public

233. or not yet of key importance is the coming key importance

234. of Executive Branch criteria to be considered prior to public Official Announcements.

235. This ACT is for the providing of advice as stated above, domestically and also importantly internationally

236. as there is far more international activity and cooperation than in the former days of USA Founding Fathers;

237. also there is the new expanding growing leaping complexity for the Executive Branch to consider concerning handling

238. and in the concerns of many groups and individuals of this JESUS Christ USA nation concerning awareness and processing,

239. such as including encountering other civilizations most Gracefully and most perfectingly,

240. and such as considering the JESUS Christ Highest Purpose concerning new DNA encoding,

241. and likewise JESUS Christ Highest Purpose concerning such as mind control over human vessels and groups.

242. This ACT And Addendum 1 is for protection of former USA goodly values

243. and for protection of new JESUS Christ USA as has been required to form a more perfect Union

244. including increasingly including the for protection of Christian Faith Path,

245. and the Right to think and be of various former ways and common laws as they have been called

246. often toward destructive faiths as history has shown repeatedly

247. continues to be allowed and even conditionally promoted via Christian Edifying

248. (as many Christian Churches have Edified over many types of faiths and for greatest proper Enlightening)

249. though since conditionally therefore as much as tolerable (Matthew 19.8) and within parameters

250. (reference agreed safety such as gamma ray with restricted area, and 100mR boundary, and source amounts; and xray on or off)

251. yet according to Highest Grace, as some agreed Grace of great value(s) has not yet been

252. (hardly legally been enabled, such as due to see above temporary stop "gap" measure and involving classified and secure criteria matters)

253. entered into law since not until now with Signing been appropriately allowed by law to so be Advised, for whether to be opted.

254. For clarification this ACT And Addendum 1 is not for the destroying nor the illegal undermining for the undoing of other faiths,

255. including former government ways such as former education schools which taught science, and arts, and physical education, and such of values

256. but did not teach JESUS Christ of great historic fact that changed for better and higher civilizing ideas and faiths and so this civilization.

257. So the former ways and other faiths including secular education, as much as such might continue are of this Law hereby known as secular

258. of the Tree Of Knowledge and logic; and for distinguishing here are two parts:

259. A. including any former ways that were not on the Best Faith Path Of Love

260. (with Miracles following, including things known of the senses), and

261. B. former Knowledge with Miracles known as methodologies;

262. though also such have been known as witchcrafts, magician tricks, evils, sin, and similar

263. and laws may apply as has been in former ways though as much as times with situations allow

264. rather of this ACT With Addendum 1 consideration of the Best Converting Advice.

265. If something is not Christian in the name JESUS Christ, then it is secular;

266. yet there are areas of overlap recognized in Prayer and of the Path and the Highest Will

267. such as for symbolic example a person might want to be secular and yet was created of God: the person is with right to opt their faith if legal.

268. This ACT is for overcoming the stop gap measure that had value at the time, of separation of Church and state;

269. so with this ACT And Addendum 1 is the proper Distinguishing the as much as the Higher levels and Firmaments and the Highest Power And Authority

270. so for government and We Living People in this Given to Best Function toward a more perfect Union and toward the Perfect Perfecting any other.

271. Like unto law the first Commandment is as JESUS Christ explained:

272. You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.

273. And this same Commandment is recommended for each and all to be Best Guided And Empowered Together As One, as a matter of importance in this ACT.

274. So of properly Highest Advice and Grace is therefore included Love, Tenderness, Mercy,

275. and similar such as automating systems for We The People so strength for Good

276. and so with a show of strength accordingly and so an Exemplar Faith being revealed to others for their sakes,

277. so via Addendum 1 toward Giving Eternal Joy in the name JESUS Christ for others that others do likewise so for all;

278. or at least of this ACT initially for We The People of JESUS Christ USA.

279. Laws in former USA already apply against other faiths to a great extent,

280. such as in symbolic example not letting bulls run free in stores that have fine and rare porcelain,

281. and more importantly such as in symbolic example government allowing and often having promoted Old Testament Bible foods

282. such as with vegetables for government worker meals which is also a step toward this same Holy Grace.

283. This ACT recognizes that other faiths, even though with some abominable traits and systems

284. though also because organizations are with some traits and system aspects that are goodly

285. (lest typically unable to organize according to minds at legal liberty to opt better),

286. similar to the right that each is entitled to a fair trial reasonably under law even if abominable

287. (note: whether the accused and/or the court system per se Matthew 27.54).

288. Passage of this ACT binds with this ACT that the JESUS Christ Office and people of the JESUS Christ Office

289. cannot be sued for reasons per se of this ACT And Addendum 1 and of the so functioning,

290. therefore related frivolous lawsuits perpetrated by any person and any group

291. whether in a case or in a patterns of cases,

292. and whether the complainant or the litigation party on behalf of the complainant

293. acts as much as "frivolous", including the litigation prosecutor

294. and the organization if of pattern of such prosecutor(s)

295. (whether a firm or a nation, if a nation then a credibility matter)

296. should be handled more importantly

297. (formerly was the right to sue anyone for any reason, similar to the free speech idea,

298. but it is not alright to yell fire in a theater [nor to so interfere with Exemplar high matters of JESUS Christ USA])

299. (in lay terms a precedent is set for a higher purpose,

300. but for instance one car accident settlement may be $10,000 while another same type might be a multi-million dollar lawsuit),

301. and concerning "patterns", the numbers of frivolous cases needs be typically relative to jurisdiction

302. and the level of importance (concerning properly arranging precept on precept)

303. (see "level of care" at

304. and their impacts need be considered;

305. such becomes in effect in law with Signing without being retroactive.

306. This ACT With Addendum 1 is hardly about comparing such as to pit a faith against another faith,

307. though is for the Right To Love Good, With Highest Purpose Wisdom

308. so including the Tree Of Knowledge Of Good,

309. but also with awareness of other, such as often illegal and/or such as about sin,

310. so for Best Distinguishing for goodly for Best Advising,

311. but the Office not with power to be so doing lest able to opt sin without proper legal checks and balances,

312. including properly representative courts and opinions of government of We The People;

313. as in cliche absolute power corrupts absolutely,

314. therefore another reason for the new Branch to be Advising,

315. and so not writing laws Legislating absolutely, nor with Executive veto power, nor power of the courts

316. (Matthew 20.25 & 26).

317. To further clarify, passage of this ACT binds with this ACT and indemnifies JESUS Christ Office and people

318. similar to how the Legislative Branch has a Right to Convene,

319. as much as We the People applies to this ACT And Addendum 1 concerning security and/or protection against loss or other financial burden,

320. as much as pertinent for the Highest Purpose of this ACT And Addendum 1.

321. Other faiths continue to be with legal rights as normal to the laws of this nation,

322. though other than carlessly and/or illegally destroying

333. and/or illegally undermining for the undoing of other faiths in the former sense

334. as the JESUS Christ Office is for Best Advice including for the Converting of other faiths

335. including the secular as much as any so opt legally and if they are pleased to be finding it is in their Best interest;

336. for better mutually and with agreeing;

337. so Converting the secular and/or faiths is of this ACT With Addendum 1, at least in the a long range plan,

338. this is similar to the reason for founding for examples a faith, or a nation, or a methodology;

339. even if such was without the final results yet revealed in whole.

340. Former USA has had major concerns that involved

341. the military, the homeless,

342. and the wealthy, and the superrich;

343. as the econmists how all might be superrich with owning things

344. and that is of values but was delimited to a balance sheet often

345. so more pertinent to the years of a gold standard,

336. while the more current years are with the credibility standard,

337. even to Sign the JESUS Christ USA Credibility Standard.

338. Credibility is a component of ability to buy things,

339. but in the sense of this ACT and Signing and the Gift of government and We The People

340. credibility is meaningless unless with people,

341. but not people as things as slaves.

342. For Highest Credibility,

343. for Exemplar to be Giving generously to show the Way to other nations,

344. first the name with Signing, JESUS Christ USA,

345. and then the new Branch is to function toward JESUS Christ Highest Wisdom

346. so then Praying, Precepting, and as JESUS Christ Edified And Did.

347. So in this better civilizing sense to Convert if Highest Purpose reason is revealed

348. including Converting the military, the homeless, and the wealthy, into the superrich;

349. if Best to so Do

350. [Heaven on Earth (Matthew 28.18 with Matthew 24.46)

351. including even that Space Force Best represent Earth].

352. In symbolic example, former if there was to be a superrich person and there was only $100

353. then the person would be with $99 and pay $1 for military protection.

354. The example would make the military more valuable than the person

355. in the eyes of the military and the eyes of the people relatively,

356. and so toward being overthrown by the military

357. as repeated in the Old Testament and in other records.

358. A military government "is legal or not under the laws" (wiki).

359. Military does not fit JESUS Christ Highest Purpose (

360. in the former sense,

361. so needs be hardly secularly turned,

362. rather to Best Convert so through JESUS Christ USA (Luke 2.13),

363. that the same apply for Best Converting the homeless and the wealthy,

364. without offending the superrich, reasonably (Matthew 7.12),

365. therefore to arrange Advice for the superrich for even greater:

366. even that all be JESUS Christ One Victory On Victory: Joy

367. so much as therefore to Give

368. but not to rely on the bounty,

369. to rely on the JESUS Christ USA One Faith.

370. A Firmament is a key concern at the top of the lower than human levels,

371. any not recognized by JESUS Christ USA law as human, such as lower level animals,

372. are not for such Converting toward full repentance and Christian Immersion Baptism of this ACT,

373. though such animal level and lower might be Anointed

374. (also reference kosher).

375. Likewise conditionally are other concerns as with modified DNA in computers,

376. so matters of lower level laws, though able to be discussed legally in the new JESUS Christ Branch;

377. similarly matters can be discussed within the new Branch concerning ideas and things whether classified or not,

378. without the new Branch being censored or other action against the new Branch

379. (guided at times such as of Executive Branch criteria and policy)

380. for example the Navy might have thought of ways to destroy USA without acting on such thoughts

381. for instead to protect against such ways.

382. Even so, the new Branch is to be less toward reaction and rather more toward Best Action

383. [to Advise (Philippians 4.8)

384. along with though less about Maintaining lower matters].

385. So with the JESUS Christ Office is automatically of the First And Highest Commandment

386. and with referencing Executive Branch criteria

387. the Best standardizing Advice may be Given for and within the Ongoing Hope Of We the People

388. and the Perfecting, to the Best of the abilities of the People of the JESUS Christ Office

389. though responsible to the Position and according to Given talents, situations, and similar.

390. The JESUS Christ Office is similar to former Quality Assurance

391. though with Signing no longer secular Quality Assurance

392. (even though other individuals and groups are allowed, if legally, to continue to consider secularism

393. as history shows for example many would not know about a new law nor realize what a new law means until much later),

394. that is, new Quality Assurance for instance under JESUS Christ USA would no longer delimited to lower levels of former various loyalties

395. (unless they so opt, according to their awareness and as they so opt, so according to the amounts of their faiths),

396. rather unifying for Best mutual Good for each and all, fairly and invitingly.

397. As was often with former Quality Assurance, also in the new Branch feedback is important.

398. Due to the large amount of data increasingly,

399. this is another supportive reason for the JESUS Christ Office

400. to serve people functioning mainly with the Executive Branch,

401. offering Advice at times.

402. As the Legislative Branch, the Executive Branch, and the Judicial Branch have received advice from sources at times

403. though often importantly through preferred channels typically felt as more reliable,

404. likewise the new Branch prefers the more reliable,

405. including that feedback be rather submitted through such channels.

406. Note that people already having thought they were Baptized into Christianity are of this ACT recognized as so Baptized already,

407. and previous to Baptism the former leaders likewise such as Noah, Abraham, and Moses are considered of the Christian Faith,

408. as were Jewish Chosen People until Baptism became more widely the norm and standard in Christian Faith,

409. and with Signing Immersion Baptism is to recognize a person as Christian according to this ACT,

410. and though perhaps not necessarily perfect though able to be with the name of perfect JESUS Christ,

411. similarly like unto JESUS Christ USA, a name over all the people and aspects of this nation.

412. After acceptance formalities if any,

413. a Head might be Assigned of a current President

414. (the new Office Head is considered Anointed according to previous Immersion Baptism, previous note may apply),

145. the first of this ACT new Office Head should be to Anoint the Office and Branch and JESUS Christ USA.

416. Baptism is recognized of this ACT if a Christian performs the Baptism.

417. Anointing is recognized of this ACT if a Christian performs the Anointing,

418. the Head should start with Anointing.

419. The current President may opt concerning if to be with a current oath for any Member of this New Branch.

420. Additional information not part of this ACT nor Addendum 1 is from origination source material as stated in Sermons

421. that would likely increase in value for the new Branch concerning future details to be extracted from the Sermons

422. being largely the known source:

423. within Writings and within Drawings at JESUS Christ ICCDBB Sermon Series For Christian Leaders

424. leading to this ACT With Addendum 1,

425. including specifics evidently of great value as found at


427. though is planned to become Page 19

428. then is planned to be so linked

429. (see below: "save Best Grace Wisest" parameters with specifics discussion).

430. Note included in this ACT And Addendum 1 is recognition of the previous sentence website Series

431. though while this ACT With Addendum 1 is hardly to motivate to state to recognize nor define

432. the word sinners nor the word hell nor similar though the JESUS Christ Office Head may opt

433. though conditions apply as stated above in this ACT, and as in Addendum 1 of this ACT.

434. Since the alphabet is key to reading such as the Christian Bible and Law, along with subset ideas,

435. such as typically parts of letters

436. (though often such parts are very important, such as when translating)

437. and often in the former groups of words have been subset,

438. yet Best Defining is key,

439. and so then superior Precepting,

440. so with future empowering of Congress in the normal sense as much as Congress might opt would be the greater

441. so Doing option for the new Branch

442. toward Best Standardizing for Quality Lives and products

443. for the Best for We The People:

444. JESUS Christ USA.

445. End Of Main Body Of This ACT.


Addendum 1.



448. Included with this JESUS Christ USA ACT is this Addendum 1 concerning Charity

449. (John 8.31).

450. This ACT With Addendum 1 does not require Charity,

451. since if to require then it would cease to be Charity,

452. yet this ACT With Addendum 1 recommends Charity in two senses,

453. first in the largely traditional sense, normal Giving Charitably,

454. and secondly likewise additional allocating Charity Wisely accordingly after initial results as much as goodly

455. as the opted of the JESUS Christ Office may Advise though this Advising is not counted as Law but of Grace

456. that the Office continue In Grace for JESUS Christ USA Highest Purpose;

457. no person nor group is hereby restricted from Giving Charity in either sense

458. (laws have applies against such as aiding the enemy, and other restrictions have applied

459. and might continue awhile, and the new Office might opt to Advise over such

460. to be rather permanently Converting

461. if time allows,

462. and conditions may apply, such as priorities and situations).

463. As specified at the above stated website of the JESUS Christ USA ACT main body portion of the ACT, Charity,

464. in general, is to be planned for immediate distribution with Signing.

465. The distribution is to be to other than the Giver

466. and to be toward the Highest Purpose of the JESUS Christ USA ACT,

467. such as to Give to Christians in other nations

468. and preferably the nations most contrary to the USA in the former sense

469. (though see above concerning time and conditions),

470. that the Christians utilize such funds for Christians and/or others as much as generally in the Best interest

471. and Highest Charitable Aspect Purpose of this ACT With Addendum 1 and as stated above concerning Executive Branch criteria.

472. In other words, some faiths have been more Charitable than others,

473. and while the amounts of each Charity

474. and amounts of Charitable activities as though itemized alone

475. do not represent the entirety completely

476. of Christianity

477. (largely for JESUS Christ USA evidently)

478. there are other aspects and concerns such as to hope a donation or an allocation of the second

479. (subset like unto the needful first)

480. sense of Charity to Give, yes, yet also directionally, the Best,

481. for instance John 15.13 notes for "friends",

482. likewise for example Congress might opt to allocate for "friends"

483. yet should distinguish for instance not to give that allocation to Congress lest it be not Charity and perhaps illegal,

484. though reference as much as legal and moral pay increases, small gifts, and such.

485. So as a Christian might Give to their own Christian Church for instance, it is with Faithful Hope

486. that it goes to where needful for the Best And Highest Purpose In JESUS Christ.

487. Charity can be time, money, food, talents, or other;

488. but not as excuse such as for instance if to give time to sit in a Christian Church pew instead of having to pay

489. (note many Christian Churches love for a people to come sit in their pews, whether with Charity or without).

490. Charity is for to Give of great value(s)

491. but for instance not such as to give a child, save if through proper laws and Christian Marriage.

492. Concerning each Type of concern over time nor money,

493. Type 1. Charity is in the normal and former outflowing sense

494. especially in the initial sense, from the Federal General Fund and/or We The People

495. in the ongoing peace sense with respect to other nations

496. from JESUS Christ USA

497. as a Sign unto them that this JESUS Christ USA name is not with a plan to destroy other faiths

498. nor the people of such faiths

499. (inclusive of political party faiths)

500. so at least evidently,

501. also in fact not toward enucleation nor genocide in the historic sense;

502. instead with people able to consider whether to opt or not;

503. and likewise a nation opted to be more Graceful than formerly

504. and to be with name JESUS Christ USA.

505. Type 2. Charity is like unto adding elbow room,

506. but with as much as to opt comes greater responsibilities over technicalities;

507. and specifying over such

508. for instance in the sense that the Judicial Branch has often relied on whether a precedent has already been established

509. and often including the entirety of the situation with the specific details of such.

510. So for the Benefiting of the Judicial Branch and others

511. there are concerns over "Type 2. Charity"

512. that there should be "Type 1. Charity" in the plain and simple sense

513. and first, if to be with the second "Type", "Type 2. Charity".

514. Also if to be with "Type 2. Charity" there is a greater risk of temptation

515. to wrongfully turn "Type 2. Charity" too much into

516. such as merely a negotiating chip, or into a payment.

517. "Type 1. Charity" can be to one or more recipients, though is toward the Comprehensive

518. (

519. "Type 2. Charity" can be allocated to target the Highest Purpose Of JESUS Christ.

520. Yet with proper ascending in JESUS Christ name and Doing Grace Will, is toward the already Prioritized

521. even if formerly and/or currently unseen,

522. known as Prioritized Comprehensive Standardization.

523. "Type 2. Charity" is hardly to be a trade deal nor for low level concerns.

524. "Type 2. Charity" can be allocated to Help Guide a specific cause, nation, and/or other

525. if legal and agreed as Best for Highest Purpose.

526. So "Type 1. Charity" might Give like unto a blind person trusting a store workers and the public with cash,

527. and "Type 2. Charity" like unto seeing qualified potential Charity opportunities and then Best opting to Give for that "target".

528. The amount of the Charity is to be treated as an indicator

529. including for other future Charity

530. both international and domestic.

531. The result of the Charities should be recorded by JESUS Christ USA government in general,

532. and such is not the responsibility of the new Branch, currently.

533. Former USA government and public entities are already with tracking and measuring various types of indicators,

534. and with Signing, more such tracking and measuring is invited and recommended for Highest Purpose,

535. in the eyes and opinions and concerns of nations, businesses, and other;

536. though this aspect does not require per se disclosure nor transparency other than legal and normal.

537. Therefore much information to the new Branch might come from the channels of the Executive Branch

538. and the other Branches as much as each opts,

539. and from other sources.

540. Associated with this ACT With Addendum 1 and these two "Types" is a range

541. from the rose-colored-glasses ideal in optimistic perception with strategic positive opinion

542. to a more secure behind-closed-doors aspect;

543. and while the new Branch is recommended to be of or toward the positive opinion for so in Grace Advising,

544. others may opt to be otherwise along the range of the scale

545. such as to be results driven of after-the-fact information tactics.

546. Because of the tactics aspect, no initial powers are recommended for the new Branch

547. for at least a month or so

548. (ancillary to initial Charity, if any, and any noted results, and the first results of "Type 2. Charity")

549. and if the results are favorable,

550. so as not to scare nor intimidate any, reasonably.

551. So the new Branch during Startup would consist of one person, the Head.

552. During Startup the Executive Branch and others may assist the Head independently

553. (not Members of the new Branch)

554. Charitably if so opted, though with consideration for others so as to not inappropriately surprise.

555. After the Startup "results", then any changes may be more appropriate at that time,

556. with known results,

557. yet to Faithfully continue at least a year is exceedingly strongly recommended.

558. The initial Charity is a symbolic amount ranging from hardly significant to very significant,

559. this Addendum 1 recommends very significant Charity

560. as opted by the Signing Party for JESUS Christ USA.

561. This is similar to the liberty to Sign at a particular time and date and of a particular reason.

562. Note the things of this ACT With Addendum 1 are to be Law with Signing,

563. though after Signing the new Branch is only Advising

564. (though see above on "increase or decrease").

565. A primary purpose of this ACT is to Accomplish Exemplar Christian Leadership status

566. in the eyes of all nations such as to be with JESUS Christ United Nations

567. and such as to be able to meet a civilization

568. within the name JESUS Christ And With Wise Highest Purpose ability

569. to state such as for example "Greetings from JESUS Christ Earth",

570. even as currently with new Space Force;

571. though hardly tied to the former rocket sense

572. as with now being reported from very many sources that people are interacting with what have been considered other civilizations

573. (as the Christian Faith and other sources continue to report throughout the ages);

574. and more specifically concerning Ways And Means

575. (options, rather of Grace the JESUS Christ USA Straight And Narrow Faith Path)

576. this ACT With Addendum 1 applies including for such encounters,

577. as enabled with the naming JESUS Christ USA under the JESUS Christ ACT With Office as stated above

578. and as further enhanced via Charity

579. that the Miracle Gifts be with magnified joy for to be likewise Giving to others.

580. This applies even if Gifts are exchanged though rather outpouring (Hebrews 9.22).

581. Whether initial Charity is from the general fund or donations or other,

582. is not key to this Addendum 1 though at least the public should be made aware of this initial Charity symbol recommendation

583. especially if USA government has not prepared for initial Charity from the General Fund,

584. as to make the public with Charity for other nations incentive to so motivate to accomplish

585. as with this Signing event and more than referencing Malachi 3.10 in proving.

586. So with making aware there is money involved

587. though the Highest in JESUS Christ USA is Faith according to proving at least under former laws if any unfaithfulness

588. though as stated in this JESUS Christ ACT With Addendum 1 is not for the destroying nor the illegal undermining for the undoing nor similar

589. as though to undo what Good is accomplished already.

590. This ACT With Addendum 1 encourages no penalty nor similar against any if there is not Signing nor Charity,

591. so this sentence accomplishes Victory in JESUS Christ that people are allowed to choose, and to choose is a Gift from God.

592. Also as specified above is a necessarily more accountable aspect of subsequential Charity

593. more specifically and so less toward generally speaking in lay ideas, also less toward carelessness.

594. The times of subset ancillary Charity might be allocating Charity annually as with the normal national budget planning

595. (also reference such as quarterly, and other time and situation concerns).

596. Note that others might want to Give to JESUS Christ USA and such is acceptable

597. such as in order for JESUS Christ USA to Give and/or put such as into the general fund toward the norm unless otherwise specified and legal,

598. this option should also be made public,

599. as some wonder what to do even after being taught so such internal Charity in this sense

600. is like unto a Charity safety net. In the Giving Charity to government sense, it is as to let

601. those in the know, relatively, to so Do, so toward Grace more than toward laws save responsible accountability toward transparency save Matthew 6.3 also applies

602. hence the value of Highest Guiding Wisdom hence in the Name and Will of JESUS Christ USA.

603. The initial Charity is needful whether from the Federal General Fund or other

604. though ancillary to the key in the name of JESUS Christ USA,

605. and relative to the greater goodly future subsequential Charity.

606. It is a big step to many to become in the name of JESUS Christ USA,

607. and of great value concerning allocating in the future is the initial big step of initial Charity

608. similar to how in the past rockets have been launched,

609. and similar to how a person makes a first impression

610. (one chance to make a first impression of Faithfulness internationally and beyond).

611. So to be United in concerted effort is strongly recommended initially and immediately after Signing.

612. So the Hearing(s) and Planning(s) and Agreeing(s), with appropriate thoroughness, quickly and before the fact is strongly recommended.

613. Since it is a big step to become in the name of JESUS Christ USA,

614. and concerning money dear to so many that so many worked hard to acquire, and that many find direly needful

615. (Mark 12.43)

616. and this is not for to intimidate people, rather to Bless most perfectly as much as Wisely and reasonably able, goodly, and proper;

617. therefore if to lighten the burden, and to be Exemplar, let the Federal General Fund consider and in advance explain plans to Give as stated above;

618. and such as to explain insignificantly to increase the debt yet for future greatly reducing the debt while providing many Benefits

619. such as toward reducing addiction motivators in the more comprehensive sense.

620. Charity requires no JESUS Christ Office legal approval, nor awareness;

621. though providing such awareness if opted should be through appropriate channels for Highest Purpose including reasoning from Highest to lowest

622. in serving this nation and for the greater advantage for We The People.

623. People against people has been with patterns or the JESUS Christ Highest Purpose Faith Path,

624. so governments have been about enabling wars and losses (Ezra 4.15) or

625. with higher goodly purpose in writing, so that people might say "As it is written" and so doing

626. goodly things such as safety, peace, and better.

627. History repeats itself (Ecclesiastes 1.9)

628. therefore put into Law the Highest Good Grace,

629. therefore in the name JESUS Christ USA

630. for the Best

631. or at least Continuous Improvement

632. until the Best, and if Best

633. then to continue within Continuous Improvement via JESUS Christ USA

634. until better is any is become known

635. (possibly JESUS Christ United Nations [if to do as JESUS Christ USA Exemplar])

636. (until Eternal One only JESUS Christ with a New Heaven and a New Earth).

637. Former USA has come close,

638. now is time to do better.

639. The USA Navy for instance has used triadic precepting to forumlate to solve unknowns to gain values.

640. Another though very similar Triadic Precepting exists in Grace, though for the JESUS Christ Highest Purpose.

641. This sentence is symbolic intending no reflection on any government: there is One JESUS Christ And Perfect,

642. but if counted as if absent as the census might have done

643. (example "hid" a child 2 Chronicles 22.11 NAS)

644. it does not constitute a reason to elect a popular class clown.

645. So rather than according to elections, popularity,

646. and not to offend though for clarifying this point in cliche school class clowns have often been most popular at times,

647. and while humor is of value(s),

648. it is hardly the same value(s) as USA Navy triadic precepting;

649. this Grace as stated above is for to "save any goodly aspect(s)" as much as Wise to so Do for JESUS Christ USA Highest Purpose

650. so rather similar Triadic Precepting to Best Distinguish the Highest Purpose first.

651. For example it is illegal to enslave,

652. and a person might opt to say "Let's stop slavery in Springfield", and such is an example of secular attitude(s)

653. often of value(s) though often having little to do in cliche "with the big picture": so out of touch largely.

654. To Best improve civilization in situations it is of value be aware of the pertinent levels Prayerfully serving starting from Highest,

655. yet Best Faith before the fact is beyond after the fact awareness.

656. Worthy of great respect prior to Signing, former legal awareness of knowns of USA Navy triadic precepting

657. can continue for Good or for Best efforts including talents, resources, and knowns such as according to laws including

658. subsequent JESUS Christ USA laws,

659. that is while the new Branch would seek to be of Highest Purpose, it is an ongoing process

660. so the laws might not currently so reveal, even as stated: according to Faith.

661. Previous not citing information source JESUS Christ in reference

662. by the Navy and others becomes automatic with Signing this ACT with JESUS Christ USA Law

663. (see above on JESUS Christ groups)

664. though such Signing would of course be with immediate changes to some entities while hardly any changes to others

665. such as a hammer continues to be a hammer

666. though of Highest Faith a JESUS Christ Hammer is of greater value than otherwise;

667. this applies likewise concerning Charity, as for instance a vessel might or might not be as Charitable as another vessel

668. yet if both are in JESUS Christ USA then both are with JESUS Christ USA Benefiting Enabled

669. including being enabled to be with Highest Precepting of this same Faith

670. while laws also exist, yet more importantly according therefore to this same Christian Faith Path: alway(s) Faithful.

671. So while the USA Navy worked goodly often such as with some triadic precepting,

672. there is also JESUS Christ name according to Law with Signing

673. and in so Signing then to reference: at least with JESUS Christ USA and therefore JESUS Christ Highest Purpose.

674. So from Faith to higher Faith even if evidence has not yet been seen, and even if laws have not yet been written

675. such as to cover proper utilization of a new technology.

676. In a lay example, an electrician is aware of how they installed a light switch,

677. and with their personal safety at risk so to speak, of a faith they turn on the switch the first time

678. (this initial Charity if opted establishes a "first time" type of Faith [to be Healed and greater])

679. so subsequent switching of that light switch are typically considered less risky toward safe.

680. When "safe", [as continually] the new Branch is to seek greater Higher Faith from JESUS Christ Spirit Father One

681. for JESUS Christ USA to continue Faithfully greater.

682. And others are invited in to Unite to so Do Likewise Best.

683. So in lay terms, not simply for Springfield, not merely for a current government; rather for all towns and all governments

684. Uniting in One Highest Name And Purpose.

685. So this JESUS Christ USA Triadic Precepting With The Straight And Narrow starting from JESUS Christ Highest Purpose

686. is similar to how a person might want to transfer funds, so the financial institution

687. (after identifying the person and account [and balance,...])

688. first asks to where the funds are to be transferred. So this Addendum 1 includes first the highest goal, and then the solving.

689. So from Glory to Higher Glory

690. (see "highest sense" in Pulpit Commentary at

691. People are not to put God to the test normally, since it is a matter of Faith typically,

692. though in this Enacting situation overcoming a Firmament is involved.

693. JESUS Christ USA enables God to be tested per se (Malachi 3.10 NAS),

694. and as that test has been accomplished with Signing

695. it Invites God to test the Charitable aspect of JESUS Christ USA.

696. So this is a Grace Standard of a test after test sequence, so a Grace Methodology,

697. Establishing a Timeline for JESUS Christ USA Exemplar Applying over other nations for them to do likewise,

698. so a new Higher level enabling for JESUS Christ USA With Wise Triadic Precepting of the JESUS Christ GodMath Testament

699. (right to left, citing each source in the next line):

700. Love / Witness / God Tests Faithful Charity / JESUS Christ USA Tests God;

701. (2 Nephi 1.15) / (Ether 12.6) / (3 Nephi 26.11) / (Malachi 3.10).

702. So "Love" per se is as though Victory yet much more than "Love" per se,

703. as this same Loving Living Source Guides civilization(s) unto all understanding,

704. hence generally with Best arranging of Highest Purpose Precepting increasing growing leaping knowledge, then Best,

705. so then the Wisest Faith Path awareness increasingly yet also Faithfully, such as exemplified in Leviticus 9.23

706. (though not required as a symbolic sign of this ACT With Addendum 1,

707. God is hardly required to appear for this ACT With Addendum 1 to be proven of greatest value

708. Matthew 9.12, yet reference Matthew 24.46).

709. the witnessing of Love,

710. so preparing to witness

711. along with during and after the fact True witnessing,

712. then Righteous attesting the Best of Given ability, and with recordkeeping likewise.

713. In lay terms, here is some further information about Precepting Faithfully in Highest Purpose concerning the Gift of the Triadic Precepting tool [and methodology]

714. for greater JESUS Christ USA

715. and for Enlightening all:

716. of the former triadic formulas such as involving formulas such as water pressures and flows [and such as electricity volts and currents]

717. there are things that made sense

718. but only up to a level since former ways were often counted by many as if separate from higher than humans

719. (such as in the entire universe as if nothing higher [as was often indicated legally], as if no God,

720. as if not even more advanced UFO aliens, and as if no spirits)

721. yet God Does Exist, and God Gave this Triadic Precept (

722. Faith / Hearing / Word Of God.

723. So: Word Of God = Faith x Hearing.

724. This is similar to: Word Of God = Highest Purpose Agreeing x Hearing.

725. Though the following is also Righteous and so True Faithfully:

726. Faith / Soul / Hearing / Ear / Spoken / Word Of God.

727. So there is an "Ear" for "Hearing" and a "Soul" for Highest Purpose if Faithfully Agreeing And So Doing.

728. But in the former triadic formulas it was not so:

729. the "Ear" is not in the formula "Word Of God = Faith x Hearing". Also the "Ear" does not need to be included: it is optional

730. whether to be included or not;

731. so key is it is with properly ascending up the Christian Faith Path that reveals whether to include (such as "Ear") or not.

732. Former laws for instance did not say whether to include "Ear" in this sentence or not, nor in the Triad or not.

733. So this Addendum 1 Grace Standard seed is starting to grow increasingly with Signing and subsequent gain value Testing God Faithfully

734. and so Magnifying ascending the One True Path Of Righteousness and so Faithfully Giving Charitably

735. enabling, therefore enables the Witnessing of the even more perfect Higher levels above the Firmament.

736. Starting with Signing is the formerly unseen Faith being revealed

337. starting in JESUS Christ USA according to Addendum 1 Faithfulness amidst the nations.

738. This Addendum 1 complies with other key criteria such as

739. "The agreement was signed at the World Bank headquarters

740. and promises to help advance the Centerís efforts

741. to build capacity and foster effective organizations that can help improve performance and transparency and ensure sound use of public funds"

742. ( above: not part of this ACT And Addendum 1 otherwise),

743. and with having complied after the Signing Into Law (and with this Addendum 1 Charity),

744. enabled is the Offering of Higher Strategic Grace in JESUS Christ USA.

745. The annual Charity from JESUS Christ USA should be monitored in the sense of measuring money and other values Faithfully and in the normal sense,

746. such as for instance reference,

747. that such reciprocity perhaps be conditionally opted to indicate future Charity matters as a measure of long range planning

748. though such "conditionally" aspect also be with awareness Charity is not merely about investment for proven gains advantages of after-the-fact track records,

749. rather Charity should be for the JESUS Christ Highest Purpose to Best Guide the new Branch and JESUS Christ USA.

750. JESUS Christ USA in this "Liaison" type of effort as JESUS Christ USA may opt

751. (or have opted and being revealed and known),

752. would of JESUS Christ USA Wisdom likewise opt as to be with Banking and Financial Institutions as much as agreeing

753. (including as much as may be required by regulations such as ibid. "transparency"),

754. to function with JESUS Christ USA government for this ACT With Addendum 1 Highest Purpose

755. to monitor fund flows per se for short to long term planning,

756. while handling the funds per se for the Best Interest Of We The People.

757. So as to not interfere with We The People individual privacy concerning Charity,

758. We The People would be asked whether they would like to volunteer Charity information details if interested,

759. though as toward Paperwork Reduction, automating, and with typical Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

760. those entities so opting to so organize their Charity information gathered might then reveal Charity data

761. perhaps similar to for example the ways some credit card companies reveal transactions according to types of transactions.

762. Evidently many would be anxious to be involved with the JESUS Christ USA Office,

763. though the JESUS Christ USA Office hardly needs be swamped with various ideas,

764. and rather would function with known as reliably improving systems already in place to a large extent,

765. rather than toward guessworks if any,

766. so importantly including reliably improving aspects of the Executive Branch.

767. Those interested in interacting with the JESUS Christ USA Office are of this ACT With Addendum 1

768. are Advised to seek such channels already in place similar to how the general public hardly interacts directly

769. such as with government for the most part and instead through Representative Officials,

770. in lay example for the public, like unto how the public would hardly visit a Senator so get a drivers license since a Senator does not give a drivers license

771. but the public would visit the Department Of Motor Vehicles established for such purpose.

772. The JESUS Christ USA Office in the future may opt to better organize such input and/or feedback channels,

773. (as much as appropriate in the Given situations)

774. as feedback from those that for instance can hardly defend themselves is valuable,

775. and as such also offer valuable information often hardly about their own matters and for Highest Purpose

776. and so then to likewise Charitably Offer Advice for the greater Good of all.

777. This ACT With Addendum 1 does not require the JESUS Christ USA government nor the JESUS Christ USA Office to do anything other than stated herein,

778. save JESUS Christ USA Office is encouraged to Best Help Guide.

779. End Of Addendum 1.


781. Signers:

782. Attached and part of this ACT are any Signers, Co-Signers,

783. and Witnesses opting to so attest.

784. This is at the end of this ACT

785. or may become Addendum 2 if government so opts

786. (within reason, with respect to Executive Privilege).

787. And any in government so opting may Sign a list likewise,

788. (many have social media tweets and followers in the billions,

789. though if to count people in favor of this ACT

790. such should be distinguished from others

791. such as visitors commenting,

792. such as via explaining a one question survey

793. with name and address required for identification)

794. (ibid. in the sense of Church, business, or nation list

795. may be offered [including for their ad benefit]

796. for each group member to consider opting)

797. (see above on feedback value)

798. though the Executive Branch is to determine reasonably

799. list length and attachments criteria

800. (referencing such as petitioning government

801. and/or similar such as concerning the Credibility Standard)

802. and when to end the Signing process in general

803. in order to complete the Final Signing

804. to so Enact into Law.

805. JESUS Christ said "whatsoever ye shall do, ye shall do it in my name".


807. Signed this date ___________ in the month of ________________________ in the year of Our Lord JESUS Christ _________________AD

808. in the name JESUS Christ USA.

809. Signed:






815. _________________________________________________________________________.

816. President Don Trump.




820. End Of Signers Section.



823. End Of Original ACT.

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ACT With Addendum 1 completed

(except for Signers)

and published for Christian Leaders, for We The People, for other nations, and for the general public

June 14, 2019AD

with Giving Thanks and Praise: for JESUS Christ Father Spirit One having Given First the Showing Of The Way.


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