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advanced "Physics Of God" modeling for intergalactic space travel, as Affiliated ICCDBB explained it [with some initial illustrations (ICCDBB legally is a charity, A Check Exact is a for profit entity)].

There are many types of vehicle models for many purposes, including whether for robots or for humans, and depending on tasks to be performed.

Yet there is only one Known Universe, that is, there is given from the God Of Physics for this time frame only the Known Universe with given Physics, and these Physics are of key importance as being applicable to any and all that interacts with these given Physics.

Frankly, many go about innovations ass-backwards (bless their souls for trying: thanks, yet there is a better Way in Christ JESUS), even the scientific methodology is of trial and error, for instance concerning the excellent scientist Thomas Edison:

They don't think it through.

A Check Exact does not want to send artificial cities of multitudes of people into space according to trial and error: maybe we will learn how to properly send a giant expensive spaceship full of people so that it won't explode after trying 1,000 times.

A Check Exact has a better idea, actually God already figured out the idea, and we can enter into it (see ICCDBB link above).

For $1,000,000 paid weeks in advance A Check Exact will provide a customer with some days or conditionally some weeks of guidance and illustrations concerning the Holy Physics toward deep space travels, and this would have more to do with certain particulars of what is already out there, than to do with the specific vehicle type to do a specific task.

So if to compare to Edison, this might cut down the 1,000 trials and errors to 100 (10%) though A Check Exact has no actual firm figures under law since not after-the-fact. Aside from the actual figures and percentages A Check Exact assures that the customer would have a much better understanding of how to go about deep space travel.

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