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The lone sheet on my bed covers only part

of my naked figure as I toss and turn,

Seeing your face everywhere I look.

A ghostly vision appearing out of


Blinding me in the darkness,

And blocking my better judgment.

My hands reach wildly into the night-

Searching desperately for a shred of you

to hold on to,

Trying to pull you into my life.

The bubble of fire suspends me high

over the ground

While flames torch the pit of my stomach

until I am a few ashes blowing away in

the wind.

I wonder why I dream about your touch

as you take my hand and stroke my


You move your fingertips over my mouth

until you are cradling my chin in your


And for a moment, our tongues join us

like the branches the two shrubs forming

a barrier.

Pulling gently, you urge me to follow,

Drawing me closer to the bed with each


You lay me on the firm mattress and I

look into your

dark eyes as you hover

over me-

Grasping your arm, your flesh burns in

my hand as the moment of true



Becoming pure exhilaration to the mind

and body.

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August 11 2001

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