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Printing with Paint

Printmaking gives you a way to make a design print over and over again.  There are many ways to make prints using paper, blocks, and even leaves.

Paint, Fold, Print!
Fold your paper in half.  Then open it up and paint your design on one half only.  Fold the paper in half again, press lightly, and open and both sides will be printed with the same design. 

Alphabet Block Prints
Using wood alphabet blocks with raised letters, dip each block into a piepan filled with tempera paint.  Press the block on construction paper, then lift it straight up!  Spell your word in reverse order, and hold up in front of a mirror for a secret message!

Object Printing
Use any small objects, such as combs, glasses, jar lids, containers, cookie cutters, etc.  Dip objects, one at a time into tempera paint.  Press the object onto construction paper, then life it off, straight off.

Leaf Printing
With the leaf on a baking sheet or foam tray, apply an even coat of paint onto the vein side of the leaf.  Paint may be applied with a roller or with brushes.  Place a sheet of paper on top of the painted side of the leaf and rub gently with your fingers.  Remove the paper and allow time for the paint to dry.

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