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Welcome to the Parent's Parlor!

Welcome to the Parent's Parlor

Welcome!  This area is filled with ideas, helpful suggestions, information and resources for parenting.  I hope you find this helpful!   More great information in 
Provider's Corner

Resources & Links
For Providers, Parents and Kids!
Is a Home Child Care Business For Me?
A series of articles to help you get started.
FAQ for Parents
Most frequently asked questions from a parent to a provider!
Lunch Ideas to Go
For school lunches or going to the office.
baby boybaby blocksbaby boy
Choosing Quality Childcare
Tips to help you get started.
A Checklist for Choosing the Best Family Daycare Home
Information, interview questions, parent responsibility
Is Your Refrigerator Crowded?
Ideas to save and display children's artwork.
Helpful Tips
Projects, ideas, money and time saving tips.

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