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Child's Play Home | Provider's Corner | First Aid Kit?

What Should I put in my First Aid Kit?

Here is a list of items that are in my kit:
antiseptic towelettes (12) cleansing wipes (30)
band-aids of varying sizes (2 cm & 2.5 cm) gauze pads (6 - 10 cm X 10 cm)
abdominal pads (2 - 20 cm X 25 cm) triangular bandages (for slings, etc.)
pair of scissors splinter forceps (1 - long nose tweezers with pointed end)
cotton tipped applicators (6 - q-tips) adhesive tape (1/2" & 1")
tensor bandage (7.5 cm) CPR Mask with valve (1)
latex gloves (6 pairs) safety pins (a couple different sizes)
hydrogen peroxide  cotton balls (10)
antibiotic ointment (1 tube) List of Emergency/Contact Numbers

I store each of these items, seperately, in a ziploc bag for sterility.  I purchased my first aid kit from St. John Ambulance.  But, you can purchase these items at any local pharmacy and make up your own kit.  A plastic container with a sealable lid, a small suitcase, or a nylon tote make great kit holders.  Keep your first aid kit up to date and replace items as they are used. 

I find these items handy for non-emergency situations, too!  Additional items you may want to add to your kit:

roll of quarters (for phone calls) ziploc bags (for waste)
small sewing kit (for quick fixes away from home) pen & paper & envelopes
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