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Trick or
Treating Tips
for Halloween Safety

Before Halloween:
0.43kbPrepare your child's costume with light-colored or reflective clothing.  Add reflective tape to bicycles, skateboards and shoes.
0.43kbAttach emergency identification (name and phone number) inside your child's costume.
0.43kbUse face paint and hats instead of masks for better night vision.
0.43kbFill flashlights with fresh batteries and show your children how they work.
0.43kbReview "stop-drop-roll" with your child in case of fire on costume.
0.43kbPrepare a good meal for the kids before they haunt the neighborhood - discourage them from eating candy until they arrive back home.  Check their candy thoroughly.
0.43kbPlan the route your kids will take.  If it's age appropriate to be without an adult, agree on a specified time for those children to return.
0.43kbSecure dogs and cats in a safe room for the evening.  Check collars and name tags.
0.43kbRemind your children that it they become lost, to stay put  ("hug a tree") and you'll find them.


On Halloween Night:
0.43kbStay on sidewalks and out of the street.
0.43kbCross the street only at corners and look both ways.
0.43kbUse your flashlight wisely. Don't point it in anyone's face.
0.43kbRemember, just because you can see a car, it can't always see you.
0.43kbAlways walk, don't run across the street.
0.43kbBe careful around animals.  They are anxious and fearful this night.
0.43kbStay away from candles and open fires.
0.43kbVisit houses only where the porch light is on.
0.43kbNever enter a stranger's home or car.
0.43kbSave your candy so an adult can check it before you eat.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween
from all of us at Child's Play Family Daycare

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