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Eyedropper Art

A very different brush!  The eyedropper lets you choose exactly where you want the color to be.

What you will need:

food coloring
paper towels, or flattened paper coffee filters
construction paper
muffin tin, ice cube tray, foam cups or egg carton

Here's How:

Fill a muffin tin (or other container of choice from above) with water and add a few eyedrops of food coloring into each section.  Mix each with a toothpick.

Squeeze the rubber end of the eyedropper and put the other end into the colored water. Stop squeezing to let the eyedropper fill with water.  Squeeze the eyedropper gently to allow drops of water to fall onto the paper towel or coffee filter.  When dry, mount it on a piece of construction paper.

A Suggestion:

When your design is dry, make a butterfly.  Gather the paper/filter in the middle and loop a colorful pipecleaner around it for the body.  Then twist the ends of the pipecleaner to form antennae.

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