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Costume Ideas
for Dramatic Play, Halloween and anytime inbetween!

You will need a big white shirt, dark pants, boots, a bandanna, a wide belt and a little felt and cardboard for accessories. Put the clothes on with the belt around the outside of the shirt and poof out the shirt above the belt. Tie the bandanna around the child's head. You can add some gold chain jewelry and a hoop earring. Make an eye patch with black felt and an elastic. Make a sword from cardboard and cover the "blade" with aluminum foil or paint silver.

Angel or Fairy:
White nightgown or dress (pastel colors are great for a fairy).  Make wings from poster board; gold metallic pipecleaners for halo (angel), antennae (fairy).   Decorate wings with glitter and attach with safety pins or tie on with wide ribbon. Add a wand for the fairy.

Lacey nightgown or dress, tiarra (glue shiny gems onto a headband or make a tiarra from cardboard with lots of glittery gems glued on), gloves.

Black leotard & tights or leggings & turtleneck, pipecleaners for antennae, poster board for wings. Decorate wings in bright colors.

Make a cylinder out of poster board or felt large enough to fit around the child. Sew or glue velcro along the edge to close the cylinder in the back. Cut holes for arms. Make a pointed hat from the same material. Decorate with markers or additional felt to look like a crayon. Dress child in a black leotard or leggings and  turtleneck.

Bunch of Grapes:
Green leotard or leggings and turtleneck. Lots of round purple balloons. Dress child in leotard. Blow up purple balloons and attach to child with safety pins. You could also achieve this with green balloons for green grapes!  You could also tuck in some green leaves made from crepe paper.

Big, colorful full skirt. Lots of jewelry;  Gold hoop earrings.  Bandanna to tie around head.  You could also sew a black long haired wig (or use black wool) inside the bandanna.

Robin Hood:
Green tights, long brown vest, wide leather belt. Make a hat out of green felt and carry a toy bow and arrow or make one from cardboard.

Peter Pan:
You will need a piece of green fabric -  fold in half, cut a hole for the head and cut the bottom jagged. Tie on with a belt made from the same fabric.  Depending on the weather, shorts & green leggings or sweatpants.  Make a hat.

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