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Construction Theme

Crafts & Activities
Songs, Finger Plays & Nursery Rhymes

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Crafts & Activities

Sawdust Pictures
Let the kids get creative with sawdust and a bit of glue!  Using a piece of colored construction paper, let the kids drizzle, paint with a brush, or use their fingers, to create a picture with glue.  Sprinkle the sawdust over the glue before it dries.  Shake off access.  Let dry.

Tool Collage
Cut pictures out of magazines and catalogues (hardward store or department store sale flyers work great too) of tools and other construction equipment.  Make one large or several personal collages.

Shoebox Tool Box
Provide markers, construction paper, paint, stickers magazine/catalogue cutouts of tools, etc. to decorate their tool boxes.  On the side of each box, write the child's name and the words "Tool Box". 

Cardboard Tool Cutouts
Cut out or let the kids cut out, tool shapes from heavy cardboard.  Paint or decorate the cutouts with markers.  Add to their Shoebox Tool box!!

Dramatic Play
Supply plastic tools, hardhats, tool belts, small tape measure, levels, plastic goggles, wallpaper and/or paint sample cards, painters caps (from paint store - free!) etc to the prop box.  Add bulldozers, dump trucks, loaders, shovels, rakes, plastic people, cars, trucks. to the sand box for more creative fun!  Hang yellow & black construction tape around the block area; hang constructions signs: "Construction Zone" "Hardhat Area", etc. 

Popsicle/Craft Stick Fun
Bring out the popsicle or craft sticks and let the kids create.  Use play dough as the "glue" that holds the sticks together.  Allow to dry.  Kids could also paint and decorate their creations!

Hammer & Nails
Supply large styrofoam blocks, golf tees and plastic hammers. 

Make Jewellery
String colored pasta shapes, paper shapes, buttons, beads, straw pieces, etc. on dental floss, string, ribbon or yarn to create interesting necklaces or wrist bands.

Blanket Bonanza
Bring out the blankets and sheets and let the kids create a fort by draping blankets or sheets over a table.

Songs, Finger Plays, Nursery Rhymes

Construction Workers Song
   (to the tune of "London Bridge")
This is the way we hammer nails,
Hammer nails, hammer nails.
This is the way we hammer nails,
So early in the morning.

Continue with:
This is the way we drill a hole
Saw the wood
Turn the screw
Stack the bricks
Paint the walls
Stir the paint, etc.

Snack & Recipe Ideas

Graham Wafer Houses
Using graham wafers, icing and assorted candies, create graham wafer houses and other buildings.

Marshmallow Creations
Using pretzel sticks; mini and/or regular size marshmallows, let the kids get creative and see what they can create!

Cheese Hammers
Cut small blocks of hard cheese; press onto a pretzel.

Cut the top of a slice of bread in a triangle shape to resemble a roof shape.  Spread cream cheese or peanut butter over the bread shape.  Add a cheese slice, cut on the diagonal (triangle), to the roof area of the bread house.  Using more cheese pieces, cucumber slices, thin carrot slices or whatever food item you can think of, add windows, and doors to the house. 

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