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Animal Number Challenge Board
How to play:  Match the animals with the corresponding number.

Print large animal squares on heavy card stock.  (Laminate/apply clear contact paper to each individual square or to the entire board.)  Glue a small square of velcro (rough nylon side) in the middle of each dotted square inside the animal square.  Glue to poster board as per pattern shown.

Print on heavy card stock, laminate and cut out each small numbered square.  Glue a small square of velcro (soft fuzzy side) to the back of each numbered square (in the middle). 

In the center of the board, glue 10 small pieces of velcro (rough nylon side) where indicated,  to store the numbered squares when they are not in use. 

Click here to print  Numbers 1-5; Numbers 6-10

Animal Number Challenge Board Pattern:

Click on each animal square for a full size printable page.

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10


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