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We believe all children are *beary* special!

My Child Care Philosophy

It is important that children feel they are a welcome part of not only their own family unit, but also of their "extended families" (i.e.  friends, school, daycare, church, etc.)  Today, a child's family may take on many forms, all of which are of equal importance to the child.pearbaw

I believe that family childcare is a very important extension of you and your child's family.  As your child becomes involved in the daily routines they will see the connections between home and family childcare in a friendly and supporting way.  A flexible daily program will respond to the needs and interests of the children, individually, and in group settings.bearpaw

By encouraging children to learn and develop at their own level they will gain the confidence of self-importance. Give them guidance and understanding and they will have the opportunity to explore their world in a safe and controlled environment.pearbaw

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