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Fun Things to Do With the
Letter Jj

Activities & Crafts
Songs, Finger Plays, Nursery Rhymes

Activities & Crafts:

Finger Painting with the Letter "J"
Choose items for the children to use as "paint" such as jello, jam, jelly.    

Painting with the Letter "J"
Purchase or make your own sponge shapes in animals or other objects that begin with the letter "J". (jaguar, jelly beans, jar,)

Recognizing the Letter "J"
Introduce the letter "J" to the children by showing them the written word "jar" and helping them to see that it begins with a "J".  Cut a large jar shape out of paper and write the letter "J" on it.  Have the children tear or cut out magazine pictures beginning with the letter "J" and then glue the pictures on the shape. 

Jumping can be fun!  Bring out the jump ropes; do jumping jacks; jump over an object and sing "Jack Be Nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the "??""  Practice jumping on one foot, two feet, feet together, feet apart, jumping high, jumping slow, jumping fast, jumping slow....Have jumping races! Jump like grasshoppers, rabbits, frogs, jumping beans.

Jack in the Box:  Decorate a large box (large enough to hold a small child inside) with an attached lid.  Let the children help!  When decorated, allow the children turns being "Jack" as the others sing :

"Jack in the Box, Jack in the Box
 Curl up small.
 Jack in the Box, Jack in the Box
 Jump up tall!"

Make jewellery.  String all kinds of objects on string or dental floss; beads, dyed paste, lifesavers, etc.

Sensory Activity:  Make clear gelatin (add food coloring, if desired) or jello; put it in a large tub and let the children touch & smell.

Paint with Juice:  Cut out the letter J and let the children paint it with grape juice!


Songs, Finger Plays, Nursery Rhymes:

Do you have "J" song to share with us?  Please send us an email!


Jelly Jam
This is a good one for little ones.  Place 1 tsp of honey, 2-3 drops of lemon juice, and one cup of thrawed & drained frozen berries in a large ziplock bag.  Let the children take turns mashing and kneading the bag. When thickened, spread on crackers or bread.

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