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Fun Things to Do With the
Letter Ii

Activities & Crafts

Activities & Crafts:

Make Inchworms
Cut a cardboard egg carton in half lengthwise.  Give one half to each child.  Paint the egg carton with green tempera paint and allow to dry.  Cut the sections apart and punch a small hole in the top of the each section; Thread a length of string, yarn or ribbon thru each egg section, knotting before adding the next one.  Leave a couple of inches of string between each section before knotting.  Add pipe cleaner antennae and googly eyes to the front section.  Other decorations may be added using stickers, buttons, felt or tissue or construction paper.

Icicle Game
Have the children pretend to be icicles.  Appoint a child to be the sun.  When she touches an "icicle" the child pretends to "melt" and fall to the floor.  Take turns so that all the children have a turn at being the sun.

Finger Print Insects
Have the children dip their finger in a bit of tempera paint or an ink pad to create insect bodies.  Add features to the insects with markers.

For more Insect fun see:  Bugs n Butterflies Theme


Insect Snacks
2 celery sticks (body)
6 thinly sliced carrot sticks (legs)
2 pieces of thin licorice (antennae)
2 raisins (eyes)

Put insect together using cream cheese or peanut butter as the glue.

Make Ice Cream
See:  Ice Cream Theme for recipe ideas!

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