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Crafts & Activities
Songs, Finger Plays & Nursery Rhymes

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tulip/daffodil line
Crafts & Activities

Create Coloured Flowers
A great science experiment!  You will need - 4 clear containers of water, each 1/4 filled. 4 white daisies, carnations or Queen Anne's Lace, Food colouring.

Add enough food colouring to turn the water in each glass a different colour (about 5 drops depending on the size of the container.) Cut the stem of each flower. Place flower in the container - making sure that the stem reaches the colored water. . See how long it takes for the flower to turn the colour of the water.

Paper Plate Sun Flowers
Paper plates, yellow paint, brushes, glue, sunflower seeds, green paper

Have the children paint their paper plates yellow to make 'flowers'. When plate is dry put glue on plate and glue sunflower seeds on the middle of their plates. Attach them to green paper stems to create a sunflower garden.

Tongue Depressor Flowers
Tongue depressors, a variety of coloured construction paper. 

Colour or paint tongue depressors green. Cut petal shapes from construction paper and have the children glue the petals to the top of the tongue depressors. Cut leaf shapes from green construction paper and attach a few to the stem. Display on your bulletin board.

Handprint Flowers
Glue a construction paper circle in the middle of the paper, then place hand prints all around it as the petals.

Sensory Table
Add child sized watering cans and pails of water, mud/dirt, wet sand and sand molds, plastic plants & flowers, empty seed packets, a basket (to gather flowers!), gardening gloves, tongue depressor plant sticks (with a flower and name of flower drawn on with markers), trowels, plastic pots, 

Sweet Smelly Flowers 
Paper, Cupcake Liners, Glue, Markers, Crayons or Paint, Perfume 

Glue paper cupcake liners on paper. Add stems. Spray some flowery perfume on the flowers.

Wheelbarrow Pot
Laundry Detergent Scoop, Milk Jug Lids, Potting soil, Seeds

Glue a milk jug lid on either side of the scoop to make a little wheelbarrow. Add potting soil and let the kids plant seeds in it.

Magic Bean
At the bottom of a white piece of paper - glue on a lima bean. Then ask children to draw what they would like to grow from the bean. Some of my children drew dinosaurs, toys, houses, babies, and of course flowers. It is a great project to use the imagination!

Cupcake liners, Popsicle stick or pipecleaner
Give each child a yellow and a white cupcake liner. Have them flatten one of   their liners and spread glue on the center portion. Place their other liner upright on top of the glue to make daffodil flowers. Attach a Popsicle stick or pipe cleaner for the stem.

Popcorn Blossoms
Popcorn, Tissue Paper, Construction paper

Cut a tree shape out of brown construction paper. Pop the popcorn and shake in a baggie with a bit of red dry tempera to make pink flower blossoms. Cut green tissue paper into squares. Scrunch the tissue paper and glue on tree for leaf buds and glue the popcorn on the tree for blossoms.

Pressed Flower Cards
Collect flowers, snip off their stems. Place flowers between many absorbent sheets of paper. Weigh down the paper (heavy books work well). Place in a dry place. Wait at least 4 weeks before you check the flowers. Make cards! Use    some cover weight card stock for the card. Handle flowers carefully while arranging them onto the card. Glue and cover with contact paper.

Pop Bottle Flower Prints
2 litre pop bottle, paint, paper

Dip the bottom of the bottle in paint and press onto paper. These make great flower prints, add a stem and leaves if you wish.

Spring Tulips
To make one tulip, use tempera paint to paint a cardboard roll green. For each tulip color, mix 3 teaspoons water and 1/2 teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent into a cup of tempera paint. Cut one section of a styrofoam egg carton to resemble a tulip; then paint it. When the paint is dry, glue paper leaves onto the side of the cardboard roll. Glue a colored cotton ball into the center of the tulip.

Observing Seeds and Bulbs
Place several types of seeds, leaves and buds on the science table along with magnifying glasses. Allow the children to use the magnifying glasses to observe the small details of the seeds, leaves 
and buds. Ask them to describe the details they see. 

In The Sand Box
Outdoors provide buckets, watering cans,empty seed packages, shovels, hoes etc. The children can pretend to plant their own garden. 

Science Fun
~ Collect flower bulbs of all shapes and sizes to put in the science center. Encourage the kids to find the similarities and differences. Add a balance scale so they weigh them. 

~ Place a variety of flowers on the science table. Encourage the kids to compare the color, shape, size and smell of each flower. 

Make a Seed Plaque
Collect a wide variety of seeds in different sizes, shapes and colors; dried weeds; leaves; branches; acorns, buds, etc. Have the children arrange and glue on chipboard, plywood or heavy cardboard. 

You may wish to apply a coat of clear varnish to protect their creations. Attach a hanger to the back for hanging.

Flower Paint Brushes
Give each child some flower blossoms and a piece of white paper. Set out small dishes of tempera paint. Let the children use their flowers as paint brushes to dab the paint on their papers.

Dandelions work great for this activity!

An Indoor Garden 
You will need: Bean and pea seeds, soil, planting containers, spoons 

et the children spoon soil into the divided planting tray or a portable planting box. Each child can plant a few seeds. make sure to label the row or container with a small picture of the vegetable so the children will better understand what plant is growing. Moisten the soil after planting and place in a sunny windowsill. The children can take turns watering the plants daily  and observe the growth and changes. When plants are big enough and the weather is suitable, plant the young vegetables outdoors. Before transplanting acclimate the young plants to outdoor weather by placing them outdoors in the shade 1-2 hours a day. Gradually increase the daily amount for about five days. Harvest and enjoy the vegetables at snacks and meals.

tulip line
Song, Finger Plays & Nursery Rhymes

Flower Song
   (Sing a Song of Sixpence)

Sing a song of flowers, flowers all around
Flowers that are growing, growing in the ground
Flowers of each color make a prety view
Red and orange and yellow
And blue and purple too!

Will My Flowers Bloom?
   (sung to Wheels on the Bus)

The seeds from the pack go in the ground,
In the ground, in the ground,
The seeds from the pack go in the ground,
Will our flowers bloom?

The rain from the sky goes drip, drop, drip,
Drip, drop, drip; drip, drop, drip,
The rain from the sky goes drip, drop, drip,
Will our flowers bloom?

The sun above is bright and hot,
Bright and hot, bright and hot,
The sun above is bright and hot,
Will our flowers bloom?

Our little seeds are sprouting fast,
Sprouting fast, sprouting fast,
Our little seeds are sprouting fast,
Look! Our flowers bloomed!

Flowers are Blooming
   (sung to Frere Jacques)

Flowers are blooming,
Flowers are blooming,
All around, all around,
See the pretty colors,
See the pretty colors,
On the ground, on the ground.

Let's go see them,
Let's go see them,
Blooming bright, blooming bright,
Use your nose to smell them,
Use your eyes to see them,
What a sight! What a sight!

Up Pops the Flower
   (Tune of: Pop! Goes the Weasel)

We plant some seeds in the dirt.
The rain falls in a shower.
The sun comes out, and what do you know?
Up! Pops a flower!

My Garden
This is my garden, I'll plant it with care,
Here are the seeds I'll plant in there,
The sun will shine,
The rain will fall,
The seeds will sprout and grow up tall.

The Little Plant

In the heart of a seed,
Buried deep so deep,
A tiny plant
Lay fast asleep.
"Wake," said the sunshine,
"And creep to the light."
"Wake," said the voice
Of the raindrops bright.
The little plant heard
And it rose to see,
What the wonderful,
Outside world might be.

Little Brown Seeds

Little brown seeds so small and round,
Are sleeping quietly under ground.
Down come the raindrops
sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle.
Out comes the rainbow,
twinkle, twinkle, twinkle.
Little brown seeds way down below,
Up through the earth they grow, grow, grow.
Little green leaves come one by one.
They hold up their heads and look at the sun.

Five Little Seeds
Five little seeds,
Five little seeds.
Three will make flowers,
And two will make weeds.

Under the leaves,
And under the snow,
Five little seeds are
Waiting to grow.

Out comes the sun,
Down comes a shower.
And up come the three,
Pretty pink flowers.

Out comes the sun,
That every plant needs,
And up come two,
Funny old weeds.

Five Little Peas

Five little peas in a pea-pod pressed,
One grew , two grew, and so did all the rest;
They grew...and grew...and did not stop,
Until one day the pod went...POP!

A little seed for me to sow
A little earth to make it grow
A little hole, a little pat,
A little wish, and that is that,
A little sun, a little shower.
A little while -
And then, a flower!

The Gardener Plants the Seeds
     (Farmer in the Dell)

The gardener plants the seeds.
The gardener plants the seeds.
High ho the derry oh,
The gardener plants the seeds.
2nd verse: The rain falls on the ground.
3rd verse: The sun shines bright and warm.
4th verse: The seeds begin to grow.
5th verse: Flowers grow everywhere.

Seeds are funny, funny things,
Some have stickers
Some have wings
Some are big
Some are small
Some round and flat
Some like a ball.
Some are hidden inside of fruit
Some in pods or underground roots.
Some seeds are foods
And good to eat,
Like corn or beans
Or nuts for a treat.

A Daffodil
A little yellow cup,
A little yellow frill,
A little yellow star,
And that's a daffodil.

Sunflower, sunflower, standing straight and tall,
Sunflower, sunflower, you're the tallest flower of them all!
Sunflower, sunflower, when your seeds fall to the ground,
Sunflower, sunflower, by the squirrels they'll be found!

"I'm a Little Flower Pot" 
   (I'm a Little Teapot)

I'm a little flower pot mom put out (point to self) 
If you take care of me, I will sprout. (nod head, point to self) 
When you water me, I will grow (make sprinkling motions w/ right hand)
Into a pretty flower, don't you know! (raise left hand slowly up from floor, make wide circle with hands or arms)

Five Little Flowers
Five little flowers standing in the sun (hold up five fingers) 
See their heads nodding, bowing one by one? (bend fingers several times) 
Down, down, down comes the gentle rain (raise hands, wiggle fingers and lower arms to simulate falling rain) 
And the five little flowers lift their heads up again!  (hold up five fingers) 
Little seed in the ground below (form your bodies into balls) 
Felt the heat of the warm sun's glow (rub hands over arms) 
Heard the raindrops pitter patter (place hand behind ear) 
Wondered why the birds did chatter (place hand on head as if pondering) 
So the seed began to grow (begin to rise) 
And poked it's head up very slow (lift head) 
What it saw was such a sight (rub eyes) 
The plant was in a garden bright! (throw arms apart)

Four Little Flowers
For a flannel board - Cut 4 flower shapes out of felt and place them on a flannel board. Let the children take turns removing the flowers as you recite the following poem: 

Four little flowers I did see. 
I picked one, then there were three. 
Three little flowers, pretty and new. 
I picked another, then there were two. 
Two little flowers out in the sun.
I picked one more, then there was one. 
One little flower left in the sun. 
I picked it too, then there were none.

(you could easily add verses to include all the children - 5 little flowers, 7 little flowers, etc._


I'm a sunflower, I'm a sunflower. 
I stand in the sun all day. 
I sway in the gentle breezes, 
And I face  the sun always.

When the sun comes up each morning, 
My head lifts to face the light.
I keep looking at the sunshine, 
Til I go to sleep at night.

tulip/daffodil line

Sunflower Crackers
Spread cream cheese that has been tinted yellow onto a round cracker.  Sprinkle shelled sunflower seeds atop the cream cheese. Place triangular cheese crackers around the edge of the cracker to resemble petals.

tulip line

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