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Fun Things to Do With the
Letter Dd

Activities & Crafts
Songs, Finger Plays, Nursery Rhymes

Activities & Crafts:

"Where Has My Little Dog Gone?" Game
On a felt, magnetic or poster board, attach 10 picture cards of "D" items.  Behind 2 or 3 of the pictures, hide a construction paper dog.  Sing "Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?".  After singing, ask a child to guess where the little dog is by naming the item in a "D" picture.  Sing the song again, until all the little dogs have been found. 

Digging for Delightful D's
In a sandbox, or tub filled with packing material, bury many paper d's and D objects.  Let the children dig for d's, and as each letter is found, have the children glue it to paper to make a collage of Delightful D-designs.

Prints with the Letter "D"
Choose items for the children to use as "stamps" for printing with paint.  Cut fruit(apples, almonds) in various shapes & sizes.  Purchase or make your own sponge shapes in the  animals that begin with the letter "D". 

Recognizing the Letter "D"
Introduce the letter "D" to the children by showing them the written word "dinosaur" and helping them to see that it begins with a "D".  Cut a large dinosaur shape out of paper and write the letter "D" on it.  Have the children tear or cut out magazine pictures beginning with the letter "D" and then glue the pictures on the shape. 

Have the children cut out a circle and glue it to the center of a paper plate. Show them how to cut petals in a variety of colors and glue them around the circle to form a daisy. Add green stems and leaves. 

Felt Fun:
Have pictures with the letter D for children to say and sound out 
Have pictures of the letter D and other letters and the children must match the letter D pictures onto the D-board 

Letter Detective:
Find items that start with the letter D and add to the D table.

Count all the doors in the house.  How many different kind of doors are in the house (doors you can walk thru, doors that close cupboards, doors you can see thru (with windows).

Make Paper Dolls 
Cut out and decorate paper dolls to create a multicultural garland.

Children can draw a picture of dad (or other important make role model).  Have them tell you something about dad to write down on the picture.

Dotted D
Cut out a large letter D and "dot" with bingo dabbers or stick on colored "dots".

Coffee Can Drum
You will need: empty coffee can with plastic lid, construction paper, glue, markers, clear contact paper, drum sticks (chopsticks work great) Cover the outside of the coffee can with construction paper and decorate with markers! Apply clear contact paper around the covered can. Glue the plastic lid on the can. 

Cut out lots and lots of diamond shapes in different sizes and colors and let the children create a design bygluing rthe shapes on a piece of paper.  This activity also works well on a felt board.

Dunkin Donut Shop - Dramatic Play Idea
Set up the dramatic play area with cardboard donut boxes, styrofoam coffee cups, playdough, cookie sheets, spatula, aprons, cash register, play money

Donut Shape
Cut out a large donut shape and let the children glue on all kinds of different collage items to create their favorite donut!

Dream Catchers
small paper plates (strong kind)
string or different colors of embroidery thread
crayons, paint or markers
paper punch

Cut a hole out of the center of the paper plates to create a large ring.  Decorate.  Punch 13 holes around the outside of the plate ring.  Have the kids weave the string (thread) though the holes crossing over the ring to create a pattern.  Adding colored beads to the string as you go.  When done, attach 2 pieces of string (thread) to one of the punched holes.  Add a bead to the end of the string and let dangle.  Hang on a wall or in a window.

Songs, Finger Plays, Nursery Rhymes:


Biscuit Dough Doughnuts
Separate 1 pkg of refrigerator biscuit dough into individual biscuits. Punch a hole in the middle of each biscuit.  Fry in 1" of hot oil for about 1 minute or until lightly browned. (Don't forget the donut holes!!)  Cool.  Shake in a bag of cinnamon/sugar, brown sugar or powdered sugar.

Dirt Cups
Layer pudding and crushed chocolate wafers in a cup.  Add gummy worms.

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