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Handy Craft Cupboard Supply List

Hmmm....Can't decide what should be in your craft cupboard??  Here is a list of a few items I keep on a few extra to inspire you!

paper plates/bowls/cups (all sizes), paper lunch bags (white & brown), construction paper, shredded paper, glitter, cotton balls, cotton swabs, finger paint, powdered tempera paint, poster paint, fabric paint, face paint, glue, glitter glue, scissors (straight ones, zigzag ones, curvy ones - you get the idea!) feathers, string, ribbon, lace, wallpaper, wrapping paper, paint brushes (all sizes), stamps, stamp pads (all colors), sponges (all shapes & sizes), toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes, egg cartons, tongue depressors, felt markers, yarn, pipe cleaners, sequins, crepe paper, tin foil, shoe boxes, crayons, pencil crayons, yogurt containers, margarine containers, envelopes, stickers, shells, paper grocery bags, buttons, beads, bottle caps, rubber bands, wiggle eyes, scrap fur fabric, coffee grounds, shaving cream, springless clothes pins, popcorn, pasta (all shapes & sizes), pompoms, magnets, tin pop cans, felt pieces, hole punch, stapler, clear contact paper for laminating, chenille stems, balloons, rice, dried beans, peas, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, tissue paper, masking tape, scotch tape, kleenex tissue, styrofoam balls, polystyrene trays (from meat dept.), art smocks or old shirts, white reinforcements, newspaper, plastic foam packing shapes, dried flowers, silk flowers, leaves, paper doilies, pine cones, butcher paper, modeling clay, straws, corks, bubble wrap, metallic stars, tracing paper, paper towel, food coloring, corrugated cardboard, cellophane, strawberry baskets (from supermarket),  socks (to make puppets), popsicle sticks, pastry brushes, baby food jars (for a multitude of purposes), chalk (inside and outside varieties), cookie cutters, molds, different sized combs (for making designs with finger paints!), clean/dry sand, magic sand (recipe), puzzle pieces (you know..the ones that are missing a few!), dried cereal - cheerios, honeycomb, alphabets, to name a few!), wooden thread spools, plastic lids, paper muffin cups, paper coffee filters, milk jug lids (make great wheels for shoe box vehicles), poster board, large black markers, old catalogs and magazines, pics from old calendars, waxed paper, old greeting cards, fun foam, poly fill, pantyhose (nylon), shelf paper, egg shell pieces (can be colored with food coloring), plastic knives for cutting play dough, plastic play dough cutters, small plastic or wooden (1" doweling works great - cut length to fit small hands) rolling pins.....................

Click here for a printable copy of this list!

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