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Welcome to the Construction Center

A Construction Center provides the opportunity for the child to build buildings, bridges, forts, roads, towns, houses, and creating forms of transportation (buses, trains, cars, boats) using cardboard boxes, lumber, tires, large blocks and other easily and safely moved, arranged and/or stacked objects.

  • pasting and gluing things together, shoe boxes, milk cartons, creamers -- to make trucks, boats, dollhouses and innumerable other items as conceived by the child
  • landscaping, terrain's of sand, mud, dirt, snow -- with grass, twigs, sticks, water, in sandbox or open area
  • creating jewelry and headbands, macaroni, beads, paper shapes, wood, fabric, buttons, yarn, styrofoam chips
  • creating textured collages - fabric, corrugated cardboard, buttons, corduroy, satin, fur, wool, newspaper, yarn, string, cotton balls
  • carpentry with real tools, lumber, nails, glue, screws
  • pencil line

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