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The ABC's of Recycled & Found Art Materials

Help children collect, sort, and store these wonderful found art supplies.  Ask daycare parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors to assist in their collection!  Use egg cartons, jewelry gift boxes, margarine tubs, and yogurt containers for storage.  These treasures are an inspiration to the creative spirit as well as a good lesson in recycling and resource conservation.  This is an alphabetical sampling of materials that are easily found!

aluminum foil (washed and dried) newspaper
bendable wire scraps nylon net
buttons old barrettes
cellophane "windows" on pasta packaging old jewelry (especially pin and earring backings)
cardboard boxes packing popcorn
cardboard scraps paper bags
cardboard tubes pasta (uncooked)
cereal boxes pebbles and stones
clothespins pie tins
combs plastic lids
cotton balls popsicle sticks
crepe paper streamers (used) ribbons
dried beans and peas sawdust
dried flowers and grasses scrap fabric
driftwood seashells
egg cartons sea glass
eggshells (washed) socks
fabric trim sponges
feathers stirrer sticks
felt scraps straws
florist's wire
gift wrap paper (used)
styrofoam trays (from fruits or vegetables only)
greeting cards toothpicks
magazines and catalogs wallpaper (scraps and sample books)
margarine tubs wooden beads
milk cartons wood scraps
milk jugs & lids (plastic) yogurt containers

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