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Welcome, I hope you enjoy your visit.
Due to the small amount that I can store on angelfire, I will hopefully be rotating vids. Just email me if you want to see some more or different ones.


Testing the Remote Door Latches before Shaving Just to make sure everything worked before closing up the door handles, the problem at the end of the video was a simple oversight, one that we were glad we caught then... we simply didn't tighten the solenoid up on that door, the bolts were only finger tightened, and got lose, a few simple turns of the wrech and it was fixed as you can see in the second video.

Testing the Remote Door Latches after Shaving If its gonna crack or break out, I want it to break out now.... while it is in the warehouse where I can fix it, not once I get it painted and am driving down the road. As you can see, I show no mercy in testing it, and I'm glad to say it didn't give at all... that was a big relief.

Some Non-truck Shit

A Few Pics of Me, my tattoo's, and my cats.
My CarDomain Site it has more pics of my truck and the custom touches that I have already done and am currently working on.

Other Vids I've Filmed

McCoy Motorsports Turbo V6 4.3ltr S10, he doesn't run the full length, but you can get the idea of how mean it is by the launch

Dodge Stealth AWD Turbo no front bumper, sporting a HUGE intercooler, its definetly a beautiful thing to see. Unfortunatly I didn't get his best run of the day on tape, but he ran a full second faster than the second clip later in the day and said that he could still get more out of it.

Honda Civic HX, 1.6ltr SOHC Vtec-E This car has beaten WS6's without the use of any type of forced induction, no nitrous, no turbo, and no suprcharger. It is a high compression, big bore engine that is built to surprise anyone on the street. Can't wait to see the looks on some faces with the camera.

Geo Prism on hydro's with 4 15inch JL's and an Audiobahn amp.... this thing is UNREAL, would you ever expect a Prism to look THIS GOOD???