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Wedgie Stories
These stories were taken fromWorld Wide Wedgie

Wedgie Experience The Giver
You and your buddies are waiting in the bushes along the path. You're watching for your victim to come along. You know he comes this way from school to home and you know that swim practice has finished so he should be along in moments. Suddenly you see him coming down the path. He's dressed in shorts and a T-shirt and he's totally unsuspecting. "Now!" you yell as you and your cohorts leap out of the bushes and ambush the athlete. He recognizes you and your friends and knows you're in it for some sort of prank, he just doesn't know which prank. You attempt to wrestle him to the ground and for a couple minutes there's a little bit of doubt as the young athlete almost escapes. But there are three of you and soon you've pinned the victim to the ground. He's face down with one of your friends holding his ankles and you and your other friend pinning his arms and body down. You all take a moment to catch your breaths even while the athlete is yelling to let go. You reach down and slide the back of his T-shirt up. His quizzical expression turns to startled recognition as he feels your hand reach down under his shorts and grab a fistful of underwear. He now knows that the prank is a wedgie. You start to pull and the navy blue fabric emerges from the back of his shorts. You plan to pull slowly but steadily to watch the expressions on the athlete's face as his Jockey shorts slide north. Unfortunately one of your friends reaches over and grabs hold and starts to haul away. Oh be it. You both start to haul up but there's a moment when the wedgie stalls. You're pulling the underwear up but it's not wedging because you and your friend have your grips to far apart. But it's only a problem for a moment because you hear the blue briefs slide across and up the butt as your victim suddenly grunts. You both begin to pull in earnest and easily crank his underwear up the middle of his back. You have to move to get better leverage but with some pulling you actually get the briefs up to his shoulder blades. You pull harder and actually stretch the poor guys underwear to the back of his neck. This is a major wedgie as you can tell my the victims telling and swearing. "You know," you say, "with a little more pulling I think we can take this wedgie atomic. Whattaya think?" Your buddies chime in agreement while the athlete is yelling "No!!" You shift so you're over the victim's head while the other two pin him down. Now you grab with both hands and feet on his shoulders. You pull. You feel the briefs stretching and can hear the fabric popping and creaking. You're probably just going to rip the guy's skivvies off but you're making progress. First the waistband is at the top of his head. Now it's sliding forward over his head. You're now pulling it down the guy's forhead and you get a good view of angry eyes and clenched teeth. Your good view fades as you pull the waistband and the blue fabric moves down over his eyes and nose. You pull harder, your goal to slip the waistband under his chin but the briefs have reached their limit. You hook the Jockey shorts under his nose. You slide your fingers out and yell to your friends to let go. You all jump back and watch. The athlete is actually bowed back a little with his head arched back by his underwear, a blue band connecting head to butt. He grabs his briefs and tries to pry them off his face. It looks like he may be trapped in his own underwear!! There's no slack for him to get himself loose. You and your friends grin at each other. This is a great wedgie prank! Now the athlete reaches back with one hand. To get the needed slack he actually has to wedgie himself further. Apparently it works because now he's prying the waistband back across his mashed face. "Let's go" you yell as you and your friends take off. Looking back you see the young athlete finally get his underwear up off his head. Relief floods across his face. You're gone before he is totally free but you imagine it'll take him a little while to catch his breath, let his balls breathe and get his briefs back where they belong. You'll add this to the book and maybe up the ante for the next prank victim. Hmmmm...maybe a hanging wedgie!

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