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Wedgie Stories
These stories were taken fromWorld Wide Wedgie

The Start of the 8th Grade
I found your site a while ago, and have been meaning to write this up for several months. It is rather long, but describes the worst week of my life (and the following year, one of the funniest weeks). I remember the first day clearly, and certain things from the rest of the week. Not all of it is wedgies, but there were a lot. Prior to the school year, I had maybe gotten 2 or 3 wedgies total and they really didn't hurt. Just that strange, weird, uncomfortable feeling that you got if you had never had one before. 8th grade changed that. In our area, 8th and 9th were middle school in a separate building from all other grades. My friends and I were a little scared, because we had heard that the 9th graders got to beat up on the 8th graders all year and the teachers wouldn't stop them. Some of the stories going around was that half the 8th graders ended up in the hospital sometime during the year from being beaten up, they would strip you and make you run naked through the halls or throw you nude into the girls bathroom. These (and most of the stories) of course turned out to be false. It was probably just told by the older kids to scare the incoming 8th graders. But it had us worried. As it turned out, some of them were true, which made the first week difficult. It started the first day. I got off the bus and was on my way to my homeroom when I saw a kid I recognized being chased by two older kids. Another kid near homeroom was getting some major noogies. I hurried into homeroom. After homeroom, I was on my way to 1st period. I saw two kids getting wedgies. I was just about to my 1st period class when I felt someone step on the back of my shoe. Someone had just given me a flat. As I knelt down to untie my shoe to put it back on, in less than a second, my shirt was pulled up, my underwear grabbed, and yanked as high as it would go. I was so confused/stunned, which by the time I looked at him, he was past me, walking down the hall. I never found out who gave me that first one. Being young (and apparently stupid), I went to the bathroom to unwedgie myself. When I walked in, there was a half dozen other kids in the bathroom. I could see the underwear halfway up the back on a couple of them. One of the three by the door looked at me, said something like Hey, another kid to wedgie, and grabbed me. I said that's no fair, I already got one. He glanced at his friends, smiled and said So you did and let me go. So I went into a stall and fixed it. When I came out, he asked me if I had gotten wedgies before this, and did I like it. I said yes, a couple, but I didn't like it because this one actually hurt a little. He said It hurt a little. Then it was done wrong. They grabbed me spun me around, and gave me a much more painful wedgie. I was up on my toes as I was passed from the first one to the second one to the third. They kept giving major tugs while I pleaded to be let go. They finally let me go and one of them said You think you only get one wedgie? You're going to get a bunch. I guess I looked surprised or scared, because then one of the others added sort of ominously, "or more." I didn't say anything and started to go back into the stall when one of them said Where you going? I said back in to fix it. He said, "You come out of there without a wedgie, and you're going to get another." At that point, I ran for the door as they laughed. I found my class and went to the back of the room and stood by the wall while I picked it out the best I could trying to make sure no one knew what I was doing. Talking to some of the other guys, several had gotten wedgies already also. The breaks before 2nd and 3rd period I hurried through the halls without incident. Before 4th period though, I had to go to my locker to dump the books I had gotten. I was almost to my locker when I was grabbed by the neck, pushed to the wall and given another wedgie. I went to my locker where I met my friend Bill. Somehow, he had not gotten a wedgie yet (which annoyed me a little). He couldn't believe that I had gotten wedgied by 5 different people. I got through 4th and 5th period without a problem and then went to lunch. At our table (I think there was 8 or 10), Bill was the only one to not have gotten a wedgie (he was one of the bigger kids in our grade). A kid named Eric had the dubious honor of having gotten 9. Eric was small, wore glasses, was whinny, was dorky - a natural target - so none of us was that surprised. We saw at least half a dozen more wedgies given during lunch period and I saw 3 more kids being wedgied on the way to 6th. On the way to 7th, I was a little confused where I was going for my next class. It was health, which was by the gym, but you couldn't get to those rooms through the gym and I was on the wrong side. I probably looked lost because a kid came up and said You look lost. I said I was trying to find (whatever the heck room it was). He said that was near where he was going, he could show me. I said great. We walked to class, he said his name was Troy, asked me mine, how was my first day. I told him, and complained about the wedgies. He laughed and said that was not as bad as some others, and last year he had gotten some his first day, and that since I was walking with him, I would probably be safe. We got to the right hallway and he pointed out the room. I said thanks, and see you later. He said, Whoa, I just showed you where your class is-That isn't a free service. I asked something like, You mean you charge for this? He said, yeah, but not money. He grabbed my shoulders, turned me around, and I got wedgie number 6. This one was sharp and hurt, my feet came off the ground for a second or two. He tucked my shirt back into my pants and said I better not let him see me take it out. I went directly into class. I saw one of my friends, went over to him, and complained that this was stupid and I had just gotten another. We agreed that 9th graders were jerks. Nothing happened on the way to 8th (last) period, or on the way to the bus. On the way home, it was about the only subject being discussed. Here is where disaster (or justice) struck for Bill. Bill was laughing at some of the other guys that had gotten wedgies, as he had made it through the day without one. He laughed and boasted about it a little too loud, because some of the 9th graders in the back of the bus heard him. Two of them came up grabbed him and gave him a major wedgie. The one had him lifted completely off the floor. They then pulled his underwear up at both sides. The second one then grabbed his underwear at the front. The one in back let go, allowing Bill to fall, until the front caught. Bill had just received a major melvin as well (I had been told what one was; but had never seen one, nor had I seen someone lifted and held off the ground like that). The rest of us were dead quiet (afraid we'd be next-but also feeling Bill deserved it for laughing at us). After they let him down one of them looked at us and said I think his friends want some more. We didn't say a word. They asked each of us how many wedgies we had gotten. In our little group, the lowest was 3. They said Bill needed to catch up, so the gave him 2 more hanging wedgies and Melvins. That was then end of the first day. The second day was much quieter, although it got off to a rough start. One of the 9th graders on the bus said something to Bill about the wedgies he got. Bill called him an ass, which resulted in Bill getting another hanging wedgie. I think it finally occurred to Bill to shut up and stop antagonizing them. I got one wedgie in the morning (when I fell for the tennis shoe flat trick again), one going to lunch, and also got noogied a couple times. On my way to 7th period, I saw Troy again. We walked to class and he asked if I got through yesterday OK, I told him his was the last I had gotten, and what had happened on the bus, and that I had only gotten two so far. We got to class. I said later, he stopped me again. I said I didn't need your help to find the class today. He said we still walked together which kept me safe and which required the normal fee. He gave me another wedgie. I said that I'd rather walk to class by myself from now on. The third day started off quiet. I didn't get a wedgie until lunch. When I was heading for 7th period, I was happy to not see Troy. I was almost there, passing a bathroom when two guys grabbed me and pulled me into the bathroom. There were about 10 guys in there. I then got a wedgie from 9 of them. After each wedgie, they made me unwedgie myself. After the last one, the 10th guy had me take my belt off. He put it back on me, but backwards so the buckle was in back, and fastened it about two spots too tight. That hurt a little by itself. He then gave me another wedgie, pulling my underwear as high as it could go. He did the same on both sides, and then in the front giving me a melvin. He then pulled my shirt down and said You go to class now. We'll be back here after class. If you don't come back, or that wedgie or belt aren't in the same position, you will think this is fun compared with what will happen next. That was the most uncomfortable class I ever sat through. I told and showed one of my friends in class what they did. He laughed and thought it was funny. After class, I headed back to the bathroom. On the way, I ran into Troy. He asked, So was it safer walking to class without me? It was only then that I realized that this wasn't just a random attack; he had set it up. So I said no, I had gotten 10 wedgies and they made me sit through class like this. I lifted my shirt and showed him. He looked a little surprised, laughed and walked away and said see you tomorrow. I'm sure he set it up, but I don't think he knew about the belt thing. I headed back to the bathroom. None of the guys were there. I waited for a couple minutes and then tried to take it off. I couldn't pull on it hard enough with it behind my back to get it off. I explained what had happened to two guys who were there and asked them to unbuckle the belt. Neither would, saying that if they did, they might get it next. So, I had to sit through 8th period like that as well. Bill had to unbuckle it for me on the bus on the way home. I heard that some other people had had this done to them also. Two things happened Thursday that I remember(I'm sure a got wedgied and noogied during the day, I just don't remember). First, on my way to 7th period, I met Troy. He asked Do you want to walk class with me, or by yourself. I thought fine, one wedgie was better that what happened yesterday. We walked towards class. When we got to the bathroom, I said, hey could you give me the wedgie now, so I could go in the bathroom and fix it before going into the classroom. He said OK. He gave me the wedgie, and I went into the bathroom, unwedgied myself, and came back out. He looked at me and said, That was too easy. So, he gave me a 2nd one. The other thing was all day 9th graders kept saying remember, tomorrow is "Exactly Friday." All day, we kept asking each other, what the heck does that mean. We found out the next morning. We got off the bus and were walking to our lockers. There was I think seven of us, and the 9th graders from the bus walking behind us. We were herded into a bathroom. It became quickly apparent that "Exactly Friday" was actually "Eggsactly Friday." They had all brought eggs with them. One by one, they were taking an egg, cracking it slightly, dropping it down the front of your underwear, and then hitting it to break it open. When they got to me and Bill, I pleaded for them not to do it. Bill called the one guy a fag. His response-Drop two down his, and his friend too. So, Bill and I got double. If you've never had this done to you, it's a very weird feeling. The egg is cold, and slimy, oozes down into the bottom of your underwear, and then starts dripping down you legs. The seven of us were just standing there saying this is gross as the 9th graders left laughing. On the way out, one told us that the easiest thing to do is to go the gym and shower it off. We dropped our stuff off at our lockers, and headed for the gym. But the time we got there, there was probably already 40-50 other guys-in the shower, drying off, or trying to dry their underwear. There were no hair dryers, so the best you could do was towel dry your underwear. Sitting though 2 or 3 periods with damp underwear is not pleasant. On the other hand, some guys just tried to clean it up in the bathroom with toilet paper and didn't go to the locker room. I had gotten a couple wedgies that day, but figured I'd be getting at least one more from Troy. He said that Friday was the last day-a special day; so just a wedgie wouldn't do it. We went into the bathroom. He gave me a hanging wedgie, kept me in the air for 20 or 30 seconds. He then gave me a hanging melvin. As I was hanging there, another 9th grader walked in, looked at me and started laughing. Troy said Do you want a turn. The other kid says sure, comes up behind me, and grabs the back of my underwear. Troy lets go, and I'm getting another hanging wedgie. Another kid walks in (8th grader, but I didn't know him), Troy says Its a party, grabs the other kid, and gives him a hanging wedgie. As were both hanging there, they're talking about how long they can hold us up. Finally, Troy said, We'd better let them down and get to class. The let us down and left, while we unwedgied ourselves. The other kid said something like boy that hurt. I said you didn't get it nearly as bad as me-you got lucky they ran out of time, that was my second-Troy had already given me a wedgie and melvin before the other guy came in. The only other thing that happened was on the bus ride home. They got Bill again with a hanging wedgie(ripping his underwear) and were about to give him another melvin. I finally asked them to take it easy on him that he had enough. They said fine and let Bill go and then jumped on me and gave wedgies and melvins until my underwear was in shreds. That was it for the week. The 9th graders that Bill started problems with gave us occasional trouble through the rest of the year, but nothing like that first week. Troy gave me a few more wedgies over the course of the year and some other minor stuff. The next year when we were 9th graders I'll admit we gave it to the 8th graders (but I don't think nearly as bad as we got it). I got to admit that doing it to someone else was a lot of fun.

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