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Wedgie Stories
These stories were taken fromWorld Wide Wedgie

One on One with Heine
If you've read the stories of me and my counselor giving wedgies to each other, you know that I like giving wedgies to him, but when he brings in other counselors, I get killed. So, one day, he comes up to me and tells me that he'll give me a chance to go 1 on 1. I agree because even if I lose, it will be fun. We make sure that no one is around and we start. I actually get to wedgie him first. I melvin him right as we start. Then, he grabs me and gives me a bear hug. He lays me on his bed, and then sits on my back. He grabs my boxers and yanks them to my upper back. When he gets off of me, I wedgie him again and get out of his reach before he has a chance to get me. I actually get him again with a melvin, but this time he is able to catch me. He places my head between his thighs and squeezes real hard. He wedgied me and then bent his knees until he was sitting on my head. He pulled the wedgie in farther, and as he was pulling, he farted. I then got off my best wedgie on him, I wedgied him and while he trying to remove the wedgie, I tie his wrists to his bed, and tape his cheeks together. I then grab his dirty laundry and take out all of the boxers. I shove them in his face along with all of his undershirts. He tells me that now he is going to try his hardest now that I've done that to him. I thought that he already was trying his hardest, but I soon found out that he wasn't. I untie him to give him a chance, and as soon as I do, he lays on me. I can't move, he weighs too much. He warns me of his final torture. It is called Heine's Stench Press. He gave me a monster wedgie and tied my cheeks together. He put me on his bed in the corner of the room. He then untaped my cheeks so I could have the full effect of the Heine's Stench Press. He has a hook in the corner of the room above his bed and he hangs my boxers on it. I'm sitting on the hook, and Heine sits on me. This gives me a huge wedgie because it pushes me all the way on the bed with my boxers still hung up. He removes his shirt and his boxers, but leaves on his shorts. He sits on me again, but this time I have his sweaty, hairy arm pits in my face. This was enough stench for me. He let out some gas, "to get in the mood." He continued to torture me by sittin on me in all different ways, and continuing to wedgie me farther. He once again sat on me and grabbed his laundry from where he was sitting. He grabbed the bag as well, and put me in it. He put all of his dirty clothes in it except for the boxers he had just taken off. My head was still outside the bag and he placed the boxers over my head. HE cuts 2 holes in the bottom for my legs. He hangs it on his bedpost and it is giving me a wedgie because of the leg holes going up my butt. He leaves me like this for 10 minutes until he removes the boxers that are in my face. He gives himself a self-wedgie and I had to laugh. He actually gets it so there is only an orange line up and down his crack. I soon found out that this was to torture me. He leans against the post I am on to press himself against me. He leans against the bed post harder to press my face in farther into his wedgie. He rips one last fart and this was the worst one yet. He says that that was the end of the Heine Stench Press. He shoves my whole body in the laundry bag and ties it shuts for an hour. He finally lets me go and tells me that we could do it again if I want.

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