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Wedgie Stories
These stories were taken fromWorld Wide Wedgie

An Unpickable Wedgie
I have big trouble with bullies, jocks, 2 older brothers, girlfriend's brothers, and even sometimes my sister giving me wedgies until my undies rip every day. My older brothers hanging wedgie me about 3 times every week, jocks at lunch wedgie me until my boxers rip every day, bullies are basically jocks but some other kids wedgie me even more. On a daily basis I would say I get about 10 wedgies a day. The Jocks just make it one long wedgie and hold me in the air until my boxers rip, bouncing me a couple times and dropping me then lifting me back up, and my brothers hanging wedgie me on a hook in my room that I haven't escaped once in about 100 hanging wedgies. Well about my sister today she was watching me my second oldest brother Nick, and my 2 little brothers Cody and Devon. I was watching T.V. in my room when my little brother Cody came in and snuck behind me and flicked my ears from the back. When I was chasing him I accidentally ran into my sister when she was carrying a drink it went all over her. She got so pissed she didn't know what to do and when I was smaller she and my two brother's Nick and Julian would get around me spaced out and at the same time they would lift me off the ground by a wedgie. Well since I am bigger than she is and she can't lift me, my three brothers and her taped my legs and hands together. Then she stood up on a chair and had to do the same. She took me and hung me on a coat hook in the living room. Then she took the chair from under me and I was suspended by a wedgie. I had received this a hundred times from Julian and Nick, but what made it so embarrassing is that my friend Vince came over and saw hanging so he said he would come back later as he left I heard him crack up. When I fell, my two big brothers and sister wouldn't untape me. I sat there for 25 minutes with the wedgie still up my ass, until they decided it was enough.

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