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News :

*** The Black Jackals have made it into history with this discovery of a new-undocumented item, by none other than myself.. So now when other Hibers look up this weapon they will see that the Jackals have an influence in the Kay server.. Check it out here.. you wont be disappointed.

*** Strategy Section is Finally Here!!

Check out the new maps of the frontier and Hibernia dungeons.. horse maps and more!

*** Members List Has Been Updated Again. Please check and see if you are on there and have corrcet details. If anything is missing, (pic, level, class, etc) please send an email.

*** Many Fog Wraiths were killed in this weekends Guild Raid, and you can find out all the happened here.

*** Code Of Coduct has been added to the board. All Jackals are expected to read and then sign (post) on the msgboard under the correct post saying that they have read and agreed to it.